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At Nebraska, you’ll leverage your strengths and forge your own path to a rewarding career. No matter your professional goals, you’ll have support through interactive classes taught by Big Ten faculty who are devoted to your success and distinctive programs enabling you to pursue your passions and collaborate with students and faculty alike. You’ll find opportunities through a business community that connects you with advisors, career coaches, alumni and employers. Take the next step and check out our programs in the tab below.

Undergraduate Majors


Are you good with numbers and enjoy working with people? Knowledgeable and ethical accounting professionals lead in today’s competitive marketplace as valued critical thinkers and problem solvers. With your accounting knowledge, you provide essential services to individuals, small businesses and organizations and influence company leaders and stockholders. Nebraska prepares you to understand and communicate a wide range of accounting concepts necessary for success in the profession. You gain hands-on experience through our one-of-a-kind internship program and opportunities to prepare tax returns for those in need.

You can also choose to minor in accounting if you are a business major.

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Are you looking for a career to challenge and enable you to use your math skills? Actuaries find ways to manage risk and financial consequences through strong analytical skills and knowledge of economics, finance, mathematics and statistics. Key players in insurance companies, hospitals, banks and more, actuaries consistently enjoy a top-ranked job in salary, job security and satisfaction. In this close-knit program, you prepare to take the first five professional actuarial examinations and get reimbursed for those you pass. Named one of only 17 programs in the U.S. as a Center for Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries, the Nebraska Actuarial Science program provides you with a competitive edge.

You can also choose to earn a minor in actuarial science with a business or arts and science major.

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As demand builds on the world’s food supply, are you interested in helping produce, finance and market the food, fiber and energy products we need? Agribusiness involves one in every four jobs in Nebraska and one in every five in the nation, including careers in finance, lending, renewable fuels trading, management, farm management, international trade, government and sales. The program emphasizes decision-making, management and strategic skills, and the technical aspects of agriculture and food systems required in today’s global marketplace. Tailor your coursework and build expertise for your specific career interests.

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Do you want to use multiple areas of business to solve the most challenging problems facing society? Are you interested in gaining a broad foundation of business knowledge applicable to a wide variety of careers? With the business administration major, you co-create your own degree. Develop your general business knowledge and skills – from the basics of accounting to the principles of management – and open the door to flexible career opportunities.

You can also choose to minor in business administration if you are a business major.

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Meet the high demand of employers who need professionals who develop business solutions from a legal and interdisciplinary perspective. With a business and law major, you’ll be able to solve critical challenges by understanding the fundamentals of law in the context of business. Many jobs need your knowledge of both business and legal concepts but don't require a juris doctor. Impact the future of business by applying your skills in contract negotiations, financial services, real estate development, human resources, corporate social responsibility or corporate governance.

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Do you look at current trends and issues and wonder what’s behind them? Are you interested in people, business or society and how to improve the world? Economics teaches you how to think, make informed decisions and apply your analytical ability to issues facing individuals, businesses, governments or entire nations. As an economics major at Nebraska, you concentrate on one or two of 12 specialized areas. Economics students find careers in banking, insurance, brokerage, financial services, corporate consulting and government. Students planning to enter professional and graduate programs, particularly in law, foreign service, labor relations or business administration also choose to major in economics.

You can also choose to minor in economics if you are a business major.

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Do you want to learn more about money, investments and the markets that affect the economy? Financial professionals analyze and improve the financial health of businesses, organizations and individuals. Finance majors gain experience measuring risk, solving problems, managing money, and analyzing investments and financial statements. Choose one of three finance major options: banking and risk management, investments or general finance. In the investments option, you study in one of the few CFA University Affiliated Programs, prepare for the Level I CFA exam and take a year-long portfolio management course in which you manage the Cornhusker Fund, a real multimillion-dollar investment fund.

You can also choose to minor in finance if you are a business major.

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Do you want to travel or do business in other countries? International business offers exciting possibilities for employment in the U.S. and all over the world in various sectors, from banking to manufacturing. At Nebraska, this major combines academic studies in international business and a solid base in an area of business with language study and international experience. You learn about the culture and management methods that differ around the globe. Choose one of six major specializations: economics, finance, management, marketing, supply chain management or general international business. Beyond diverse career opportunities, you prepare to purposefully and effectively serve businesses and organizations – and ultimately, the world – as a global citizen.

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Do you see yourself as a decision maker? Are you energized by turning ideas into action or by helping people be at their best? Through this major, you learn the skills necessary to effectively manage people and resources. You’ll study theories, explore strategies and acquire tools so you can lead the future of business. Choose between four major options: entrepreneurship and innovation, human resource management, general management or Clifton Builders management, in which you need to apply for the Clifton Builders Program and get selected to declare this option.

You can also choose to minor in management if you are a business major.

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Do you ever wonder why companies made their ads a certain way? Do you enjoy figuring out the best way to pitch an idea or product? From product creation to price, placement and promotion, marketing professionals see the big picture to ensure their product or service reaches its target audience. In a marketing career, you earn a seat at the table to represent the needs of the customer. Whether you prefer to build your creative or analytical talents, develop your marketing skills to work in industries such as retail, e-commerce, manufacturing or nonprofits. As a marketing major, you gain relevant, hands-on experience needed to launch your career through courses, competitions and more.

You can also choose to minor in marketing if you are a business major.

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Ever wonder how items like the clothing you wear or the phone you use are produced and then delivered to you? It happens through a rapidly growing field called supply chain management. Supply chain management professionals work in all aspects of business to create and deliver the best products and services, providing companies with an edge over their competition. Designed in close collaboration with employers, our supply chain management program prepares you to confidently pursue a challenging yet rewarding career in a variety of areas.

You can also choose to minor in supply chain management if you are a business major.

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Co-Create Your Experience Through These Options


Available to: undergraduate non-business majors across the university

The business minor delivers an overview of accounting, economics, business law, finance, management and marketing. Taking classes either online and on-campus, you earn a valuable skill set for the professional world that sets you apart from your peers.

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Available to: undergraduate business majors

The business analytics minor provides an edge in today’s competitive job market. Designed to have broad appeal for employers, this minor cultivates your critical thinking skills. You learn how to analyze data to develop solutions for specific business problems. The methods and tools introduced in the business analytics coursework apply to any industry for which interpreting and applying data are important.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major who apply and are accepted into Clifton Builders program

Offered for students selected into the Clifton Builders Program, this minor enables you to pursue a blend of management and entrepreneurship courses. You gain the confidence and tools to help develop your strengths and leadership skills. Three possible tracks – business builders, team builders and community builders – allow you to tailor your minor to the type of impact you prefer to achieve.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major

Creatively strategize and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start your own business, work at a startup or lead growth for an established company. Two available tracks allow you to tailor your minor according to your experience in business coursework. The track for business majors emphasizes core entrepreneurship courses, and the track for non-business majors covers basic business courses with an entrepreneurship core.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major except those majoring in international business

Become a global citizen prepared to lead in a culturally complex world. You can impact your future employer by identifying global opportunities to create, expand or re-energize organizations and initiatives. The minor offers specialized coursework and hands-on experience through participation in an approved study abroad program.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major

Taught by College of Law professors at the College of Business, the law and business minor prepares you for jobs requiring some knowledge of the law. These include the growing fields including human resources, accounting, procurement, technology consulting, policy analysis, financial services, environmental regulation, health care and real estate. The courses also allow you to explore a possible career in law while an undergraduate.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major can apply to program

Learn how to sell yourself to anyone, pitch your ideas and influence others. The coursework enables you to be more productive and influential, no matter what career path you choose. You will hone the skills employers seek, such as the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, make decisions and influence others. With the certificate in professional selling on your résumé indicates you’re a strong candidate for jobs and helps you sell yourself when applying for jobs or starting a business as an entrepreneur.

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Nebraska Business Honors Academy

Available to: students selected through an application process

The Nebraska Business Honors Academy is a four-year, cohort-based, enhanced business curriculum for high-ability students who have the potential and desire to become the next generation of business leaders. You complete most of your foundation and core business courses together as a cohort using an action-based learning style focused on the development of critical thinking, technical and communication skills. These classes allow students to discuss and develop solutions for real-world business problems and create the social and intellectual bonds necessary to ready yourself for the ever-changing business world. If you are a goal-oriented student with an interest in an enhanced academic experience and a willingness to challenge your leadership potential, then the Nebraska Business Academy will be right for you.

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Prepare For Success From Day One

The Professional Enhancement Program (PrEP) is unique to the College of Business. It includes four, one-credit-hour courses focused on your career and professional development. The innovative curriculum prepares you to not only land an internship or full-time job, but also succeed in your career and personal life after college.

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Maya Mercer

Mercer Brushes Up Her Marketing Skills

Maya Mercer wanted to delve deep into the marketing field and find her place. To do so, she needed hands-on experience to bring her future to fruition.

“While earning an MBA was important for me professionally, it was critical schoolwork wouldn’t interfere with my role as a father and husband,” said Buechel. “The program’s design allowed me to tailor my course load based on upcoming family or work commitments. Furthermore, the opportunity to work ahead in most classes was pivotal for me to maintain an effective balance between family, work and school.”

“I had no idea what to expect from the course. I knew I wanted to be in a position where I frequently could be creative, come up with new ideas and present. This class ended up aligning perfectly,” explained the junior from Nebraska City, Nebraska.

In the course, students worked together in teams to act as consultants for Ameritas Life Insurance in Lincoln, Nebraska. They also met with top management from Ameritas, including Josh Everett, vice president of strategic partnerships and innovation, and Brent Korte, chief marketing officer. The groups examined specific business projects the insurance company analyzed and then presented solutions to panels of senior leadership based off research conducted by the students.

“I had never been in a position before where I'm analyzing a business, creating solutions and new products. This class was the first time I had ever done that. So learning and understanding all the different facets you have to cover to propose a solution was not only cool, but gave me the ability to be creative with that too,” said Mercer.

Mercer stretched her creative thinking during the course and ended up presenting an idea Ameritas took to the next level of consideration. She suggested the implementation of a toothbrush that tracks data from brushing sessions to increase revenue from dental plans. The company found a potential use for her idea and to Mercer’s surprise, allowed her to test out the toothbrush for the insurance company.

“I spent time informing Maya’s team on the well-being efforts at Ameritas. From there, the team really took the effort forward to find, discuss and engage in a conversation around the digital and tech-enabled toothbrush,” said Everett.

Working with the groups frequently, Everett witnessed several benefits for Ameritas by engaging in real-world projects with college students. The amount of research and understanding the students achieved within a short time period impressed Everett.

“We had some very bright minds in that class. The opportunities they connected and brought together were very interesting in several cases. It helped solidify my idea that it is not about a point solution but an eco-system of solutions,” said Everett. “We gained several great ideas and opportunities that were not in our per-view prior to this class. The teams helped build on our overall wellness strategy and were able to provide insights, information and discussion from others outside of the Ameritas network. And that is a really valuable tool.”

Mercer credited Everett for her growth due to his critical feedback during each project. As she progressed in the course, her analytical and presentation skills continued to advance.

“Josh’s feedback was so thorough. Every little thing we did, he would tell us what we could improve and how we did. It was cool to see that perspective because you don't always get a business world perspective when it comes to academics. Whenever we had an idea, we shared it with him and he would tell us what direction to take it to make it actually work. He just kept pushing us through and gave us advice on how to make our projects as good as they could be,” stated Mercer.

With current ambitions of working in the marketing field as a business or data analyst, Mercer believes this course helped her take that next step towards achieving her goals, wherever they may land her.

“The course helped heighten my analytic skills and look at the big picture of a company. I was in a marketing role last summer and I only saw marketing, nothing else. But with this course, I was able to see all the areas I would be affecting by making certain decisions,” she said.

My experiences at Nebraska have given me a great foundation, which is important in a lot of things. Through all my classes and internship, I can now see how what I have learned directly relates to the business world and my career. I’ve been able to spread my roots and expand in things here, and that gives me confidence to move forward in my life.

Maddie Balfany, ’19
Recruiter at Ameritas in Lincoln, Nebraska

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