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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The following policies apply to international business (IB) majors and global leadership (GL) minors (global immersion requirement only) who are graduating in 2022 through May 2023.

International Business Major

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Two students marking their hometown on a world map.

Change the World Through International Business

At Nebraska, you can combine enriching coursework, study abroad programs, language studies, and international internships or practicums to become a fully-prepared global business leader.

Do you want to do business in other countries or work with global teams? International business offers exciting possibilities for careers in the U.S. and around the world. This major combines business studies, foreign languages and international experiences. You’ll learn about culture and management methods from across the globe and be prepared for a variety of diverse career opportunities. Most importantly, you’ll find your voice as a global citizen.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

What You'll Learn

  • The international business major combines a solid business foundation with international study. You’ll learn about culture and management methods that differ around the globe, study business practices of other nations and discover how international trade laws affect the world economy. Our innovative program uses a four-prong approach involving coursework, study abroad, language study and an internship or practicum to prepare you to purposefully and effectively serve businesses and organizations as a global citizen.

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate how innovation and change can provide new solutions to the many challenges humanity faces.
  • Examine emerging competitive strategies used by multinational companies and strategic issues in international company expansions.
  • Learn how to launch an international venture or project while developing cultural competency.

Career Connections

  • Use your knowledge of your chosen area of business (economics, finance, management, marketing or supply chain management) to advance in your career.
  • Gain global competency and perspective that’s valuable in an ever-changing economic landscape.
  • Make an impact by learning interpersonal and leadership skills to confront situations and problems in any role, whether you’re advocating for humanitarian issues to helping develop local entrepreneurship in other countries.

How You’ll Learn

Hands-On Learning Experiences

  • Expand your knowledge of another region or culture by studying abroad for a semester.
  • Gain real-world experience by participating in an internationally focused internship.
  • Compete in the university’s Global Case Competition and help solve a real problem for a business.

Transferable Career Skills

  • Set yourself apart from your monolingual peers through pursuing competency in another language by taking at least eight credit hours of a foreign language.
  • Pursue expertise in a specific area of business such as supply chain management or marketing.
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills through opportunities like a case competition or the Global Issues course (BSAD 320) so you can turn obstacles into opportunities.

Social Connections

  • Join clubs like the International Business Club or Business International Student Association to connect with students passionate about the world.
  • Meet monthly with a mentor through the IB Connect program.
  • Hang out with other students going to cultural events for the IB Medallion Program, where you earn medallions for your activities.

Making a Difference

  • Choose a study abroad program with a service-learning component, like working with a coffee co-op in Costa Rica.
  • Connect with international students from around the world by serving as a Conversation and Culture Pal.
  • Serve as a peer mentor in the Employment Readiness Certificate program, which prepares international students for U.S. employment.

Core Academics

  • Pursue proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Complete an internationally focused internship.
  • Study abroad for a semester.

Research / Grad School Prep

Program Features

Research and Academic Opportunities

Study Abroad Opportunities

Grappa Itally

Learn Business in Barcelona

Enjoy a summer or semester in Spain learning about international management among other business courses at the Institute for American Universities (IAU), while you take in the architecture, cuisine and history of Barcelona. Internships are also available.

Students pose in front of sea in Sicily

Explore Business and Culture in Japan

Learn about Japanese culture and business at Senshu University in the heart of Tokyo. You’ll explore Japanese business concepts and methods of operation while also enjoying cultural activities like visiting a samurai village, going to Tokyo Skytree or participating in a fireworks festival.

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Student Organizations

Two of the 25+ business related student organization focus on building a global mindset. These clubs provide a great opportunity to grow as a leader, gain experience and make meaningful connections.

International Business Club

Aims to enhance and complement topics related to international business by providing opportunities for students to work with peers, as well as an array of business professionals. Expands members’ cultural horizons through a multidisciplinary approach and reinforces essential values such as critical thinking, a strong work ethic and entrepreneurship.

Business International Student Association

Welcomes international and domestic students from all business majors. Offers students the opportunity to learn about other cultures, to network and to make meaningful connections with students and professionals from around the world.

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Recent International Business Student Placements


  • Dominican League Intern, Kansas City Royals
  • Intern, AGP Glassco
  • International Sales Intern, Guocera Marketing
  • English Instructor, Senshu Matsudo Junior High School Program
  • Intern, U.S. Department of Homeland Security


  • International Manager Trainee, Sixt
  • English Teacher, Adventure Teaching
  • Fashion Marketing Specialist, AGP Glassco
  • Student Travel Expert/Marketing & Promotions Specialist, EuroAdventures
  • Amazon Associate Channel Manager, Spreetail

Graduate Schools

  • Juris Doctor, Harvard Law School - Cambridge, MA
  • Master of Arts in Art History, Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
  • Master of Urban Planning, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Juris Doctor, University of Virginia - Charlottesville VA

4-Year Plan and Notable Courses

Explore our curriculum through the 4-year plan. To earn your bachelor’s degree in international business, you’ll take 120 credit hours of classes. That’s four to five classes a semester, on average.

4-Year Plan

Global Leadership and the Culture Map (BSAD 420)

Explore business strategies with global and cultural contexts in theory and practice. Examine emerging competitive strategies used by multinational companies and strategic issues in international company expansions and international venture launches.

Global Issues (BSAD 320)

Dive into complex global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective by investigating how change and innovation are continuously transforming human endeavors such as technology, business, politics, laws, culture and arts.

International Finance (ECON 422)

Gain an understanding of the international monetary system and markets. Topics include exchange rates, international payments, inflation, unemployment, national income and interest rates in an open economy.

Global Sourcing and Distribution (SCMA 439)

Expand strategies, concepts and tools in supply chain management on a global scale as you examine supply chains in the context of international trade. 

International Marketing (MRKT 453)

Learn how to tackle challenges in marketing products and services internationally. Explore how to best navigate the influence of international institutions, culture, stage of development, and geography as well as figure out needed research, pricing and other things to start marketing operations abroad.

International Management (MNGT 414)

Understand major management issues that companies face when doing business internationally. Prepare how to deal with a wide array of cultural, economic, legal and technological differences.


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