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The international business major combines a solid business foundation with international study. You’ll learn about the culture and management methods that differ around the globe, study the business practices of other nations and discover how international trade laws affect the world economy. Our innovative program uses a four-prong approach involving coursework, global immersion, language study and an internship or practicum to prepare you to purposefully and effectively serve businesses as a global citizen.

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As an international business major, you’ll earn 12 credit hours of international business courses and 15 credit hours of business courses selected from one of six areas.

View the list of courses in our Catalog and Four Year Plan.

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Global Immersion

In this major, you’ll deepen your knowledge of a region or culture and study abroad for a total of one semester (13 weeks). Make sure to fill out the BSAD 070 form below.


Language Study

You’ll also earn at least eight credit hours of foreign language to expand your international expertise. Options for completing this requirement can be found in the BSAD 071 form.


Internship or Practicum

Before graduation, you’ll complete an internationally-focused internship or practicum either domestically or internationally. Prior to gaining this real-world experience, you’ll need to fill out a BSAD 072 form for director approval. Our award-winning Business Career Center can help you uncover opportunities.

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Special Programs

Medallion Program

The International Business Medallion Program (IBMP) is designed for all business students who wish to enhance their international education by cultivating their understanding of global diversity, deepening their perspective on world issues, and preparing themselves for an entrepreneurial or organizational career in international business. The Medallion Program focuses on well-rounded engagement by earning points in three areas: Career Building, Global Citizenship, and Well-Being.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level Medallions are determined by the points earned in each area. No academic credit is awarded in the Medallion Program. However, the skills and experiences developed by full participation are worth noting on a resume.

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Conversation and Culture Pals

Conversation and Culture Pals is a open to all business majors who are interested in meeting a new friend. We match domestic or native English speaking students with international students who would like to improve their English. You can sign-up to match with a language or culture partner.

This is a flexible program! There are no mandatory group meetings, you simply meet with your Conversation and Culture Pal on your own time to exchange language and culture or simply to make a new friend! We try to match partners with similar interests and majors and will take your availability into consideration.

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Employment Readiness Certificate

The International Student Employment Readiness Certificate (ERC) is an eight-week intensive career preparation program international students in the College of Business to discover and develop skills to seek opportunities upon graduation. Upon completion of this résumé enhancing program, you will receive an Employment Readiness Certificate from the International Business Programs.

In the Certificate program, you will participate in career development workshops, individual coaching appointments, civic engagement activities, as well as in-depth conversations on success skills and cultural competency.

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Chart Your Own Course
As a freshman, you can apply to the Allan Noddle International Business Distinguished Scholars program. In this cohort-based experience, you’ll get matched with a professional mentor, obtain valuable experience and study abroad with fellow scholars over winter break. You’ll also gain access to research opportunities and scholarships. To qualify, you must be an international business major with a 3.5 GPA or above.



Become a leader while learning about global cultures and issues.
The global leadership minor is available to both business and non-business Nebraska students, except international business majors. To earn this minor, you’ll take four courses and study abroad for at least three credit hours. We encourage international business majors to supplement your degree with a minor in a different area of interest. Make an appointment in MyPlan to meet with an academic advisor and declare your minor.

Expand Your International Horizons
Join the International Business Club or the Business International Student Association to meet other students and business professionals with international expertise. Through activities, you’ll explore the traditions and customs of different cultural groups. You can also join other student organizations to further develop your network and gain a variety of experience.


Program Support
Our international business majors have the support of our advisory board, a group of global-minded professionals who help shape our curriculum, and our faculty fellows, who accompany students on global immersion trips and have practical experience teaching students from a world viewpoint.


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