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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Prepare for Your Career

Huskers Get Hired

Prepare for your career by diving deep to explore new concepts while discovering how you can form the future. From day one, you have access to a career coach and potential employers at Hawks Hall. Your career development features hands-on learning experiences like a resume review, networking and a practice interview with an employer. These opportunities are part of the Professional Enhancement Program, which is unique to Nebraska Business.

Learn More About PrEP Future Undergraduates

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Points of Pride

#38 Public Undergraduate Business Program

U.S. News & World Report (2023)

100%of Business Students Have a Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and a Practice Interview

100+Employers in Residence

Each Year

Learn to Solve Real-World Problems

At Nebraska Business, you won’t just sit in a classroom being lectured. You’ll have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and learn business by doing business. You’ll learn by doing projects for actual clients, case studies, simulations, in-class activities, role-playing and interacting with guest speakers.

Develop Critical Career Skills

Nebraska will support you every step of the way on your path to your dream job. You’ll get the opportunity to grow and develop skills like leadership and effective communication to set yourself up for success after graduation. Developing your skillset isn’t limited to the classroom – you’ll level up while working alongside peers in case competitions, clubs and special programs.

We're Here to Help You Shape Your Future
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Outside the Classroom Experiences

There’s no need to wait or fill out additional applications to be part of Nebraska’s business school. We’re unique among other Big Ten schools in the fact that once you’re enrolled, you can start taking business classes immediately. There’s also many opportunities through clubs and competitions where you can also gain relevant experience for your future career.

Learn on the Job With Internships

Internships are important experiences for pursuing a potential career, or discovering if you’re on the right path to get there.

We're Here to Help You Shape Your Future
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Get 1-to-1 Career Guidance

Huskers get hired. Employers report that 99% of our students are career ready. That’s in part because of the college’s Professional Enhancement Program, where you learn how to find an internship or a full-time job but also how to succeed in your career and personal life after college. Career coaches in the Business Career Center will support you every step of the way to securing your first job.


Connect Experiences to Career

As a business student, you’ll have several opportunities to get the most out of college, develop skills and experience, and prepare for your future career. Beyond your classes, you’ve got 35+ College of Business cohort-based programs and competitions to co-create your experience here. With more than 25 business-related clubs and 500+ student organizations at the university to choose from, you are bound to find a support group of other students with similar goals and gain experience toward your career.


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