International Students at Back to School Bash
International Students

Admission Requirements

Course admission requirements for all majors within the College of Business are the same as those for University Admission as noted under Nebraska General Admission Requirements:

Note: Transfer students are directly admitted to the College of Business if they have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at their previous institution.

Transfer Credit

Nebraska has various tools that you can use to see how your past coursework will transfer:

International Students at Back to School Bash

College of Business Transfer Credit Rules

The transfer credit policy for the College of Business contains several rules that transfer students will want to note. Questions regarding specific situations should be directed to a College of Business academic advisor.

  • Maximum 60 hours of transfer credit allowed from community colleges and international institutions
  • Maximum 15 hours of transfer credits allowed for business requirements
    • Only 100/200 level business courses allowed to transfer from community college or international institutions.
    • 300/400 level business courses are allowed to transfer from domestic four-year institutions.
    • Further restrictions regarding the number of 300/400 level business courses allowed to count for certain degree requirements may apply. Visit with a College of Business academic advisor for details.
  • Only courses with grades of C or better will transfer
  • Visit the Business Undergraduate Bulletin for further College of Business transfer credit policies.

Transfer Credit Process

Students can use the Transfer Equivalency Guide Transfer Equivalency Guide to determine if direct equivalencies have already been established for their previous institution.

New international students transferring from institutions in which Nebraska does not have a partnership established may need to have their transfer credit evaluated in order for the credit to count for a specific degree requirement.

Evaluation means that some courses taken at international institutions require an evaluator (professor) to review the course syllabus. If no course syllabus is available, some professors might accept a course description, but a course syllabus is always preferred. All Accounting courses needing evaluation should also include a copy of the table of contents of the textbook used in the course along with a course syllabus. If approved, students may receive credit for their course. If a course is not approved, a student may or may not receive credit. Not all courses need to be evaluated; only courses that may apply to a Nebraska degree should be evaluated. This process could take a total of 1-2 months.

To get an international transfer course evaluated, please follow these steps:

  1. Collect copies of a course syllabus and/or course description (and a textbook table of contents for accounting courses), written in English, for each class you would like to have evaluated. This may involve contacting your previous institution for a copy of the syllabus and/or course description.
  2. Bring course syllabi, course descriptions, and a textbook table of contents for accounting courses, with you to Nebraska.
  3. Meet with a College of Business Academic Advisor to begin the transfer credit evaluation process during the second or third week of your first semester at Nebraska.
  4. Submit your course evaluation materials to the appropriate departmental evaluators.
  5. Wait to hear from the academic department by e-mail for the results of the evaluation process.

More information regarding the transfer credit evaluation process can be learned by reading the Transfer Credit Evaluation Process Handout.

International Student Resources

The International Student and Scholar Office helps international students maintain their immigration status and comply with U.S. employment regulations.

The First-Year Experience and Transition Office offers various resources and workshops for international students to make a smooth transition process. Meet with an academic success coach who is passionate about international student success and transition to U.S. culture. The office also offers free academic tutoring.

University Housing offers additional services to international students including activities planned by the Residential International Student Coordinator.

You can also enroll in CYAF 121 U.S. Education in the Age of Globalization (3 credit hours) your first semester to learn about the U.S. education system and participate in conversation partners.

International Students at Back to School Bash

Scholarship Support

When international students come to the College of Business they have the opportunity to compete for the International Student Scholar Award and a variety of scholarships from the College of Business.

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