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Career Accelerator

The Nebraska College of Business Career Center and Clifton Strengths Institute’s Career Accelerator is an immersive and flexible program designed for students to advance their career development and gain targeted skills and experience. Students who complete the program will have an edge over their competition in their future internship or job search process. The program takes place over the winter and summer breaks.

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Join us for the Winter Career Accelerator Showcase on Friday, February 5, 1-1:45 p.m. CST as
we celebrate and learn from selected participants from this winter’s Career Accelerator.



The accelerator was designed for students to BUILD their own experience by picking one or multiple tracks based on their career development goals. The tracks are guides to help participants determine what area of career development they need to grow in and establish an action plan that follows suit.

Required Tasks & Time Commitment

3 Coaching Sessions

4-6 Accomplishments based on Accelerator Tracks

1 Final Project

Total hours: roughly 25-30 hours

Accelerator Tracks

Perfect for those who are still deciding on a major, feel that they don’t know what they want to do with their major, or unsure how to start an internship or job search process.

Gain Experience

Great for those who feel they need more experience or skills to make themselves stand out.

Promote Your Brand

Awesome for those who are ready to market their brand and strengthen their connections using the power of networking.

Accomplishment Choices

Within each accelerator track, there are a multitude of accomplishments to select from. Students work with a coach to decide 4-6 accomplishments based on one or more tracks selected.

  • Readings: Books/Articles
  • Informational Interview
  • Conferences/Webinars
  • Career Research
  • Graduate School Research
  • Job Search Research Outside of U.S.
  • Internship/Job Search Plan
  • Career Assessments
  • 360 Evaluation
  • CliftonStrengths Coaching Session
Gain Experience

Transferable Skills

  • Conferences
  • Job Crafting/Part-Time Work
  • Volunteering
  • Research
  • Micro-internship
  • Independent Project

Technical Skills

  • Online Training Courses
  • Online Certificate Programs
  • Job Crafting/Part-Time Work
  • Research
  • Micro-internship
  • Independent Project

Advanced Transferable Skills

  • Inventories & Reflection
  • Conferences/Webinars
  • Research
  • Volunteering
  • Readings: Books/Articles
  • Independent Project
Promote Your Brand
  • Networking Action Plan
  • Informational Interviews
  • LinkedIn posts or articles
  • Update/Tailor Resume
  • Update/Tailor LinkedIn
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Personal Website/Blog
  • Podcast


The Career Accelerator Program will be back Summer 2021. Please check back on April 1 for application information.

Since this program is immersive and independently driven, participants must have at least 25 hours of time (4-6 hours weekly) to dedicate and be individuals who are able to take initiative, embrace ambiguity, and plan and manage time effectively.

Final Projects

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Ali Steger Project
Ali Steger

Career Accelerator - Racial Justice
Ali created a website for her final project to document what happened this summer regarding racial justice and how it sparked learning, growth and change.

View Project

Ali Steger Project
Cindy Valladares

Cindy's Blog
Cindy made a blog to showcase what she accomplished during the program. This blog includes a network action plan, interview experiences and more.

View Project

Zach S Project
Zachary Scamehorn

Zach's Video Presentation
Zach created video for his final project to display how he updated his portfolio, took classes through LinkedIn Learning and more.

View Project

Bhabishya's Project
Bhabishya Neupane

Bhabishya's Slide Presentation
Bhabishaya built a presentation in RStudio to show the things he worked on during the program, including how he learned a new programming language.

View Project

Student Success Stories

“I thought this would be a great opportunity for self-development that would lend itself well toward helping me secure an internship in the future. Networking, reading books on leadership, and improving my resume and LinkedIn profile are all things that I can do on my own, but they tend to be tasks that I put off. Having this program held me accountable, as well as having a coach to help guide me, challenged me to do more. Networking was something I’d always said I would get around to, but this program has pushed me to actually commit to it."

Tori Pedersen, business minor pursuing opportunities in HR

Tori Pedersen

“It was an interesting summer with the pandemic, and we didn’t necessarily have all the options that we normally have when it comes to internships and research experiences. In my last year at the university, I was looking for a little clarity in my future. This program allowed me to develop professionally while looking at potential careers in my field. With an interest in public policy and administration, I thoroughly researched all my options with the help of this program, so I now have a better idea as to what I'm going to do after I graduate. This program guides you in the right direction to achieve your future goals, or if you don’t know what they are, it can help you narrow it down by creating a plan of action to succeed."

José Villa, economics and Spanish major from Lincoln, Nebraska

“I signed up for the Summer Career Accelerator Program to gain internship experience, strengthen my resume, and build technical skills in the business field. This has been a great opportunity for me to grow professionally and develop more self-motivation. This was my first experience creating my own project and having the freedom to complete it how I choose. I decided to focus on racial justice, both educating myself, others, and volunteering in the Minneapolis community. This summer, I collected donations for toiletry items and groceries for Minneapolis residents who were impacted by rioting. A local church distributes them to around 550 residents who often line up hours before the distribution begins each day."

Ali Steger, management major from Eagan, Minnesota

Ali Stege

“I saw the program as a way to improve myself while gaining new skills. You receive three coaching sessions, which means most of the time you're the one managing your achievements. This is a great program to work on time management, efficiency, new skills, and if you choose the informational interviews, you meet awesome professionals in the career path of your interest. I intentionally spent time working on skills I knew were favorable to future employers, had the time to read more about personal finance, and shared through LinkedIn about the incredible work I'm a part of as a student worker for the Center of Entrepreneurship. At the end of the program, I can say I'm proud of taking the opportunity to be part of it!"

Cindy Valladares, finance major from San Pedro Sula, Honduras


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