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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Make Friends and Make a Difference

Experience Community, Not Cutthroat

Most business schools are ruthlessly competitive, but at Nebraska, the only competition that matters is you versus you. Our industry-leading faculty and programs will challenge you to become the best at what you want to do. You’ll find professors who care about you, peers you can rely on, and people you can work with to create great things – before you even graduate. Best of all, you can make friends and prepare for your future career at the same time.

Future Undergraduates

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Find Community Within Nebraska Business

At the College of Business, you can challenge yourself and make meaningful connections along the way. Join a learning community, a cohort program like Clifton Builders for entrepreneurs, or a business student organization. In fact, there are more than 25 business-related clubs where you can make new friends, have fun and advance your career skills.

Make a Difference Through Business

Prepare to make a difference by first learning about your strengths, discover your natural talents and determine how you can build them for success. When you’re at your best, you can create positive change, combining hard work with ingenuity and collaboration.

We're Here to Help You Shape Your Future
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Get Involved and Build Your Community

At Nebraska, we believe we can do big things together. Choosing a club or program to join based on your interests, you’ll get the chance to bond with people who have different perspectives and backgrounds, giving you insight and helping you develop the skills that employers demand.

Study Abroad and Experience Another Culture

Prepare for your future in a globalized economy by studying or interning in another country. Whether you want to change the world through social entrepreneurship or gain a deeper understanding of a different culture, there’s a study abroad program for you. From finding the right program to helping you find scholarships, our Business Abroad coordinator will help you through it every step of the way.

We're Here to Help You Shape Your Future
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Expand Your Network With Internships and Experiences

Nearly all Nebraska Business students see internships as must-have experience because they help you develop professional skills through mentorship and learning by doing. Your professional development expands beyond the traditional internship at Nebraska and includes interning abroad, coaching peers and meaningful service learning opportunities.

Live and Learn With Your Peers

Making the transition from high school to college is easier when you’re surrounded by peers who share similar interests and goals. Join other students interested in business in the Business Leaders learning community where you’ll live in the same residence hall and are mentored by an upperclassman.


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