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Power of Community Puts Newburn on Path for Success

Business Student Grows Through Experiences
Power of Community Puts Newburn on Path for Success
Caleb Newburn, a management major from Lincoln, Nebraska, graduates this August after a part-time job helped him focus on academics. Additionally, he found a way to give back and learn more about his community through the Strive to Thrive Lincoln, Leading People and Projects (MNGT 411) course.

A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Caleb Newburn grew even more fond of his capitol city when studying management at the College of Business. As he prepares to graduate from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln on Saturday, he is especially appreciative for the supportive network he found within his college and hometown.

“The best thing about being a Husker is the sense of community. It’s bittersweet to graduate, but the opportunity to close out my time at Nebraska is a great feeling,” said Newburn.

Newburn’s outlook on college shifted in a positive way after he started a part-time position as a program technician at Haberfeld Associates in Lincoln. With a new mindset for college, he decided to enroll in a course that allowed him to get involved and give back to Lincoln.

Caleb Newburn in cap and gown standing outside of Howard L. Hawks Hall
During his time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Newburn found a new focus on academics after he began working part-time as a program technician at Haberfeld Associates. Now he plans to stay in Lincoln and continue a full-time career at the company.

The course, Strive to Thrive Lincoln, Leading People and Projects (MNGT 411), provided a fresh insight into his community. It also allowed him to create solutions for rising challenges seen by nonprofits in Lincoln. 

“Strive to Thrive gave me the opportunity to become a part of the solution and acted as a call to action for a group of students getting ready to enter post-college life. It not only made me more aware of the issues that many people in the community face, but also the different organizations working to help overcome them,” he said.

In the course, Newburn was able to apply the tools and skills he learned at the College of Business in a real-world setting to create tangible impact. Newburn said the Strive to Thrive course meant more work than a traditional class required, but the outcomes were worth the work.

“It changed the way I interact with my community on a daily basis, and it provided me the resources to become a part of the solution. Without this course, I’m not sure I’d be saying that. It’s a truly valuable opportunity that I'm happy I was able to be a part of,” he said.

Now, the community Newburn spent his life in will continue to be home as the graduate begins a full-time career with Haberfeld. As a Lincolnite, he will live in one of the best cities for young professionals as named by Smart Asset  in 2020.

“As someone who was born and raised in Lincoln, it’s a really wonderful feeling to graduate from Nebraska. I know I’m better prepared as a result of the past four years I’ve spent here,” he said.

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Published: August 10, 2021