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Faculty and staff work to make Nebraska Business a place of ongoing personal discovery for all. From undergraduate and graduate students to our faculty, you’ll find a dedicated and energetic community of scholars continually striving for research excellence.

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Accounting Faculty Among Best In Research Output

2020 BYU Accounting Research Productivity Ranking

Nebraska's School of Accountancy is No. 2 in Big Ten in the latest ranking, placing it in the top 15 percent for faculty research among over 600 national and international institutions measured. Nebraska earned the recognition based on the total research output of the school's faculty in the top 12 peer-reviewed accounting journals. The rankings are broken down into three distinct time periods—the past six years, the past 12 years and all publications since 1990—so that each year’s ranking builds on the previous year’s number.


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Recent Research Awards

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. Andre Maciel, assistant professor of marketing, tied for first place in the Faculty Research and Creative Activity Slam. Maciel discussed his research into stories of David versus Goliath in marketing. That includes the producer side, where access to capital can differ widely between large firms and small and medium firms, and the consumer side, where racial minorities are sometimes treated as potential criminals.

“Within this landscape of inequality, I researched the little guy — the challenger, the marginalized” — and how they can contest inequality. “In other words, I studied David-versus-Goliath kinds of situations as they happen in the marketplace.”

Maciel cited two projects. In one, he studied the craft brewing industry and how smaller companies could thrive by creating networks to promote themselves to consumers, media and lawmakers. Maciel also researched how members of minority groups are made to feel unwelcome in stores. It’s not enough for businesses to label themselves as welcoming or safe places. They must commit to providing jobs to people from marginalized groups, he said.

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Dr. Yingchao Lan
Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics

Dr. Yingchao Lan, assistant professor of supply chain management and analytics, was named a finalist for the Chan Han Best Paper Award at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Division for her article, "Which Supplier to Select for Product Development? A Node, Dyad, And Network Level Investigation." Leveraging a unique developer-publisher product development dataset from the Electronic Video Game industry, Lan and her co-authors addressed a research gap and explored the factors that drive partner selection decisions when developing a new product. They found that a developer with high structural equivalence to the publisher is more likely to be selected as the final partner, demonstrating the importance of going beyond node- and dyad-level factors to consider a supplier’s relative network-level position when predicting supplier selection for innovation decisions.

Dr. Thomas Dotzel
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. Thomas Dotzel, assistant professor of marketing, and his co-author Dr. Venkatesh Shankar of Texas A&M University won the Best Services Article Award 2019 by the American Marketing Association Service Special Interest Group (SERVSIG) for their Journal of Marketing paper, “The Relative Effects of Business-to-Business (vs. Business-to-Business Consumer) Service Innovations on Firm Value and Firm Risk: An Empirical Analysis.” This award recognizes the best article in the services literature – across journals and disciplines.

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Dr. Jenna Pieper
Associate Professor of Management

Dr. Jenna Pieper, associate professor of management, won the International HRM Scholarly Research Award for her paper, “Perceived Workplace Gender Discrimination and Employee Consequences: A Meta-analysis and Complementary Studies Considering Country Context” published in the Journal of Management. The award, which is presented to the author of the most significant article in IHRM, is sponsored by the Human Resource Division of the Academy of Management.

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Dr. Jennifer Ryan
Department Chair and Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics
Ron and Carol Cope College Professor

Dr. Jennifer Ryan, Ryan and Carol Cope Professor of Supply Chain Management and department chair, was named in Decision Sciences as a leading author in operations management (OM) research. She is one of the top 50 authors in the journal Production and Operations Management. The study, "OM Research: Leading Authors and Institutions", focused on the research productivity of authors and institutions over the 15-year period of 2001-2015 in a set of four premier journals, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, and Management Science.

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Graduate Research

Graduate students collaborate with faculty to produce innovative research that expands knowledge in the disciplines and influences professional practice.

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Undergraduate Research

At Nebraska, undergraduate students engage in and learn from classroom-based research through partnerships between the College of Business and private companies, while others pursue their own research passions through the Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) Program. Students also challenge themselves in case competitions near and far and in projects with our research centers and institutes.


Research Centers and Institutes

Our centers and institutes serve as intellectual hubs for students, faculty and business partners. Through cutting-edge research, we’re able to make discoveries about the world around us, as well as ourselves.