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Middle and High School Outreach

Middle and High
School Outreach

Nebraska College of Business High School Programs

Unlocking the Potential of the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Nebraska Business offers various events and workshops designed to spark curiosity and ignite a passion for business. Through hands-on workshops and on-campus programs, we work to inspire the next generation of business leaders. Our initiatives enable students to explore the different industries in business while gaining invaluable skills and insights.

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Entrepreneurship Workshop

If the idea of building and organizing a business excites you, entrepreneurship might be an area to consider. We love incorporating that “startup” mindset in classrooms to stimulate a new interest in business. In this workshop, students explore established businesses and identify the problem, solution, target market, competition, financial projects and “the ask.”

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Discover Accounting
Supply Chain Workshop

An often overlooked field that affects our everyday lives is supply chain management. This is the management process that pushes products and services from raw materials to the market. This area requires an optimization of efficiency and effectiveness. In this workshop, students explore the process of transferring products from company to customer.

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Discover Actuarial Science
CliftonStrengths Workshop

As a strengths-based business school, we help students develop their natural talents through leadership development using the application of strengths-based sciences. In this workshop, students can recognize their individual talents and potential, develop an understanding as to why they make certain choices, find fulfillment in specific tasks and learn more about how they influence others.

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Actuarial Science
Actuarial Science Workshop

An actuary manages risk for insurance companies, hospitals, banks and more. Students who enjoy mathematics, statistics and collaboration often find great satisfaction in this line of work. In this workshop, students assess the risk of automobile insurance policies through a hands-on activity.

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Discover Accounting
Accounting Workshop

Warren Buffett, class of 1951, once said, “accounting is the language of business.” This workshop gives students a holistic understanding of accounting significance in life and business and enables them to think like a CEO. Utilizing interactive activities, career insights and practical demonstrations, students get a taste of why the famous Nebraskan investor and business leader is correct.

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Discover Actuarial Science
Business and Law Workshop

One of the fastest-growing majors in the College of Business is business and law. Business employers often need professionals who can identify programs and develop solutions that make both financial and legal sense. In this workshop, students get a firsthand look at how skills developed through this major apply to their lives and why there is such demand within this field.

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Free High School Programs



The DREAMBIG Academy provides diverse, upcoming high school seniors the chance to develop business and leadership skills while learning about college life and career opportunities. The summer academy emphasizes leadership, networking skills and success in the business world.

Discover Accounting

The Discover Accounting program offers rising and current high school seniors an overview of career opportunities in the accountancy profession and a brief introduction to the world of modern business. Learn about accounting, the language of business, along with a brief introduction to the business world.

Discover Accounting
Discover Actuarial Science

Discover Actuarial Science

Are you a current high school sophomore or junior who enjoys math, solving problems and helping people make good decisions? Take the first step toward finding your future career and apply for the free Discover Actuarial Science high school program. No prior coursework in actuarial science or business necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dual enrollment or AP courses would you recommend to a high school junior or senior? If a student has the capacity to take AP or dual enrollment courses in high school, it would be advantageous to select courses that are equivalent to the college’s writing and math requirements as these are prerequisites to many other courses. Business students are asked to complete ENGL 150 or ENGL 151 for their first writing requirement and MATH 104 or MATH 106 for their math requirement (Actuarial science majors will need to take MATH 106). AP examination credit transfer rules can be viewed here. Prior to enrolling in dual enrollment courses, it is recommended that a student check to see how the course will transfer to the university through the Course Equivalency List. If you have plans to take courses beyond writing and math, it is beneficial to contact the Enrollment Management Team at in order to talk about what other classes may be helpful to transfer into the university.
What math should I take my senior year? All College of Business students take at least one calculus-based course at Nebraska. Actuarial science majors take up through Calculus III, while all other business majors are asked to take either Applied Calculus (MATH 104) or Calculus I (MATH). It is recommended students take precalculus or calculus during their senior year in order to prepare for these collegiate math courses.
What constitutes an elective course? An elective course is a course that does not complete a specific degree requirement.
What if I don’t know my major coming into the College of Business? A great place to start is by majoring in business administration! It enables you to study from all areas of business so you can explore what interests you. Its curriculum is built on the same foundational business course classes as any of our business majors, so you do not lose time in finding out what area of business you like most.
How do I apply for College of Business scholarships? To be considered for any College of Business scholarship, you must first apply and be admitted to one of the college’s 11 business majors. After being admitted to the university, students have from October 1 to February 1 to submit a scholarship application through their MyRed account. Applications will be reviewed by the college’s selection committee, and scholarship recipients will be notified on or after February 1. For questions or issues accessing this portal, you can contact the Husker Hub.


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