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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Undergraduate Dean's List

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Graduate Programs Dean's List

In order for students to make the College of Business Undergraduate Dean's List, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Completed 12 or more graded credit hours for that semester (P/NP hours do not count)
  2. A minimum 3.6 grade point average for the semester

An asterisk (*) after the last name indicates students who had a 4.0 for the semester.

Students must log in with their MyRED credentials to create a personalized PDF of their Dean's List Certificate. If you have any questions contact

Spring 2023

Abbas, Maria ALincoln, NESRFinance
Abbas, Tasneem Lincoln, NESRFinance
Acosta, Jaki Dorchester, NEJRMarketing, Management
Adams, Nicole MBlack Hawk, COJRManagement
Ailes, Tyler JLincoln, NESREconomics
Al Harthy*, Majid Muscat, -JRSupply Chain Management
Al Harthy, Maathir Hilal Saif Muscat, MASOManagement
Al Subeihi, Saleh Masoud Saleh Rehen Lincoln, NESOSupply Chain Management
Al Tobi, Mohamed Younis Sulaiman Muscat, MASOEconomics
Alarcon, Danny Madison, NESRManagement
Aldrich, Carter JNorth Sioux City, SDSOFinance
Aldridge*, Zoey Cairo, NESOManagement
Aleknavicius, Kate Grafton, WIJRManagement
Alexander, Jack DPlattsmouth, NEJRBusiness Administration
Algarin*, Matthias NPierz, MNSRManagement
Algeo, Mikayla LGering, NESRMarketing
Al-Gharib, Shatha FLincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Aliwa, Zacharaia Riyadh, -FRActuarial Science
Allgood, Spencer Lincoln, NESRFinance
Allmand, Sydney TLincoln, NESOMarketing
Ambusaidi, Wiam Salim Abdullah Muscat, MASOSupply Chain Management
Amin, Mourad HGiza, -JRFinance
Andersen, Jacob Omaha, NESRSupply Chain Management
Anderson*, Mitchell Lincoln, NESRFinance, Economics
Anderson, Brylie Ames, IAFRAccounting
Anderson, Jordynn RSioux Falls, SDFRBusiness Administration
Anderson, Marcus TLincoln, NESOFinance
Anderson, Max Eomaha, NEJRManagement
Androff, Chase Lakeville, MNFRBusiness Administration
Angeles-Ayala*, Britney Omaha, NEJRManagement
Anglim, Garrett JLavista, NEJRManagement
Argue, Joshua BLincoln, NEJRManagement
Au, Duong Lincoln, NESRFinance
Auch, Alayna Papillion, NESRMarketing
Auer*, Tyler JNaperville, ILFRFinance
Auer, Ryan JNaperville, ILJRSupply Chain Management
Axe, Cooper Fort Collins, COJRMarketing
Azurduy Castellanos, Mariano Lincoln, NEJRFinance, Economics
Badowski, Mason Lenexa, KSSRActuarial Science
Bailey, Carli Ansley, NEFRAccounting
Bailey, Nora Waconia, MNFRInternational Business
Baker*, Shelby JGretna, NESRManagement
Baldwin, Macy Cairo, NESRActuarial Science, Finance
Ballard, Caden SOmaha, NEJRManagement
Ballou, Meredith Platte City, MOFRSupply Chain Management
Bangs, Johnathan KGrand Island, NEJRFinance
Banken, Chase Minnetonka, MNJRMarketing
Barnwell*, Bethany Phoenix, AZSRBusiness Administration
Barraza, Carolina Courtland, KSSOAccounting
Barrett*, Michael Omaha, NEFRFinance
Barrett, Peyton Weeping Water, NEJRManagement
Barry*, Parker Raymond, NEJRFinance
Barton, Emily NBrandon, SDSRActuarial Science
Bass, Jennifer AHuntersville, NCSRActuarial Science, Finance
Bassett, Leah Lincoln, NESRMarketing
Bauer, Blake Lincoln, NESOFinance
Baumann, Taelin Norfolk, NESOBusiness Administration
Bausback, Ben Omaha, NEJRAccounting
Bay*, Dylan TElkhorn, NESRAccounting, Finance
Beck*, Dylan GLincoln, NEJRBusiness Administration
Beck, Sydney AFairway, KSFRManagement
Bedient, Kaiden MLincoln, NEJRFinance
Begley*, Danny Omaha, NEJRBusiness Administration
Bell, Lydia FLincoln, NEJRMarketing, Management
Belt, Grady Shelby, NESOBusiness Administration
Berg, Dylan Blair, NESOFinance
Bergt, Cayden ALincoln, NESRFinance
Berrett, Cole DOmaha, NEJRFinance, Marketing
Bertucci*, Gage Omaha, NEJRFinance
Best, Chloe AHinton, IAJRAccounting
Bigaouette, Hailey Waconia, MNFRMarketing, Management
Birkett, Luke Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
Birkhead, Bella Geneva, ILSOMarketing
Birkholtz, Bailey NPapillion, NESRActuarial Science
Bizzarri, Alyssa LOmaha, NESRManagement
Bluhm, Cayden CBennington, NEFRBusiness Administration
Boese, Irene FCannon Falls, MNJRSupply Chain Management
Boesiger, Kyra Lincoln, NEJRMarketing
Bonta, Olivia MLincoln, NEJRMarketing, Management
Book, Justin Greenwood, NESRAccounting
Boonshaft*, Jeremy Chesterfield, MOFRBusiness and Law
Booth*, Tori Sioux Falls, SDFRActuarial Science
Boothe, Maddie Lincoln, NEJRBusiness Administration
Borchers, Drew Papillion, NESRActuarial Science
Boring, Nick Omaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Bortnem*, Max WChanhassen, MNSRAccounting
Bortnem, Sabren JSioux Falls, SDSOFinance
Boslaugh*, Andrea Bellevue, NESOBusiness and Law
Boslaugh, Rachael Bellevue, NESOMarketing
Bott*, Drake Elkhorn, NESOBusiness Administration
Boulay, Joe TOmaha, NESRFinance, Accounting
Bowman, Ella Peoria, AZFRMarketing
Brandt, Ben Glen Ellyn, ILSRAccounting
Branek, Madison APawnee City, NEJRMarketing
Brass, Kenton Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Bream, Brooke EPhoenix, AZJREconomics
Bredael, Seth Excelsior, MNJRActuarial Science
Britten*, Jack Woodbury, MNJRAccounting
Brockmeier*, Charlie Kearney, NEJRFinance, Accounting
Brodecky, Hannah Lincoln, NESOMarketing
Brokaw*, Seth ROmaha, NESRFinance
Brokaw, Nick Omaha, NESOFinance
Brown*, Jessica LScales Mound, ILSRSupply Chain Management
Brown, Alexa Lincoln, NEFRBusiness and Law
Brown, Chadwick MMinnetonka, MNSRManagement
Brown, Gavin Valley, NESOActuarial Science
Browning, Josephine SOmaha, NESOActuarial Science
Bruggeman, Dylan Omaha, NESRManagement
Brumbaugh*, Baden EBellevue, NEJREconomics
Brumbaugh, Cayden Edmond, OKSOManagement
Buckman, Christian Wellington, KSJRFinance
Buettner*, Luke CLincoln, NESRActuarial Science
Bui, Vy Bien Hoa, 39JRSupply Chain Management
Burd, Jessica Omaha, NESREconomics
Buresh, Jake Lincoln, NEFRFinance
Burger*, Luke Woodbury, MNFRManagement
Burgers, Ben Sioux Falls, SDFRAccounting, Finance
Burlington*, Emily MKansas City, MOSOFinance, Accounting
Burt, Charlie Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Buscher, Aidan LChesterfield, MOJRSupply Chain Management
Buschini, Kellie Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
Butler, Andrew Elkhorn, NESREconomics
Buttler*, Graesyn North Platte, NESOAccounting
Cabela, Hailey Lincoln, NESOMarketing
Callahan, Nathan Salina, KSSOActuarial Science
Camenzind, Zachary Omaha, NEJRAccounting
Campbell*, Kaylee Tracy, MNSRActuarial Science
Canavan, Kellie Littleton, COSRAccounting
Caneda, Katelyn Cerritos, CAFRBusiness Administration
Carlos, Jason CElkhorn, NESRBusiness Administration
Carlson*, Addie Papillion, NEJRBusiness Administration
Carney, Kellen PNorfolk, NEJRManagement
Carpenter, Christopher DHastings, NESRAccounting
Cate, Logan MValentine, NESRSupply Chain Management
Caulder*, Kayleigh Lincoln, NESOBusiness Administration
Cavazos, Angel OGrand Island, NESOFinance
Caverzagie*, Trevin APapillion, NEFRFinance
Chaffey*, Megan EMinneapolis, MNSRActuarial Science, Finance
Chambers, Nicholas SOmaha, NEJRAccounting
Chang, Chi Chun New Taipei City, -SRMarketing
Cheatum, Avery CPage, NEJRAccounting
Chen*, Jessica LLincoln, NESREconomics
Chillson, Renae ABrookfield, WIJRAgribusiness
Chramosta, Hannah RLincoln, NESRAccounting
Christensen, Samuel DSioux Falls, SDJRFinance
Christopulos, Taylor TLayton, UTJRAgribusiness
Clarke, Colton ELincoln, NEJRManagement
Clasen, Jackson Cudahy, WISOEconomics
Classen, Brady MLincoln, NESRAccounting
Claussen*, Haley GLincoln, NESRAccounting
Clemens, Isabelle TChanhassen, MNJRManagement
Coleman, Bruce WWylie, TXJRManagement
Collier, Andrew Savannah, MOSOBusiness Administration
Colling, Andrew JLincoln, NESRBusiness Administration
Collins, Grant EPleasant Plains, ILJRFinance
Comin*, Martina Torri di Quartesolo, -JRBusiness Administration
Conant*, Mari Hastings, NESOMarketing
Connealy*, Logan Valley, NESRAccounting
Cook, David Omaha, NESRManagement
Cooper, Drew Omaha, NESOAccounting
Cooper, Lily Aurora, ILSOSupply Chain Management
Cope, Grant MOmaha, NESREconomics
Coppotelli*, Joseph MDowners Grove, ILJRMarketing
Cornelius, Makena Kansas City, MOJRSupply Chain Management
Cosaert, Maddy Pleasant Dale, NESOBusiness Administration
Cota*, Abby Omaha, NESRManagement
Coudeyras, Jaiden Burchard, NESOMarketing
Coulter, Payton LOmaha, NESOBusiness and Law
Courneya, Montana SMound, MNFRMarketing
Cox, Alexa Nelson, NEJRManagement
Craft*, Madelyn Wentzville, MOJRActuarial Science
Cramer, Austin Plymouth, MNSOFinance
Crone, Owen Omaha, NEJREconomics
Cruise, Haley KOverland Park, KSSRSupply Chain Management
Crumley, Kyle Elkhorn, NEFRFinance
Crump*, Gavin Lincoln, NEFRAccounting
Cullor, Tyler Leawood, KSSOBusiness Administration
Cummins*, Keira Lincoln, NESOActuarial Science
Currie, Makena Saint Louis, MOJRMarketing
Curto, Jackson TFort Riley, KSJRAccounting
Cutler, Daniel Plattsmouth, NESOAccounting
Cyboron, Alyssa Lincoln, NESRAccounting
Dahl, Elli MFremont, NESOFinance
Damle*, Radhika NRochester, MNJRActuarial Science
Daniell, Sadye Lincoln, NESOFinance
Dannenbring*, Liliana BYankton, SDSRMarketing
Danner*, Raymond JDubai, -SOBusiness and Law
Daup*, Seth AGothenburg, NEJRFinance
Davids, Chase Leawood, KSJRMarketing
Davis, Caden CPierre, SDJRFinance
Davis, Carlie AScottsdale, AZJRManagement
Davis, Charlie Omaha, NEFRAccounting
Day, Michael BOmaha, NEJRAccounting, Finance
DeBoer, Tagg Beatrice, NESOBusiness Administration
DeBoer, Trevor TWayne, NESRAccounting
DeJonge, Paige ESterling, ILJRBusiness Administration, Management
DeLancey, Chase ALincoln, NEJRFinance, Economics
Delmore, Andrew MEdwardsville, ILJRMarketing
Delos Reyes*, Alexis MLa Vista, NESRActuarial Science
Demuth*, Carter Fremont, NESOActuarial Science
Denholm, Alysa Rapid City, SDJRMarketing
Denker, Sophie Papillion, NEJRMarketing
Denkert*, Molly NNaperville, ILSRBusiness Administration
Denkert, Miranda LNaperville, ILSRBusiness Administration
Derowitsch, Jenna Lincoln, NEJRAccounting, Finance
Deschamp, Alyssa Downers Grove, ILFRAccounting
Dettmer*, Tyson Lincoln, NESOFinance
Devereaux, Sam Omaha, NESOFinance
DeVries*, Ryanna MOgallala, NESRAccounting
DeyErmand, Logan Omaha, NEJRBusiness and Law
DeZube*, Samuel JStilwell, KSSRFinance
Diersen*, Victoria JBrookings, SDSREconomics
Dieterich, Jutta Lincoln, NEJRManagement
Dietzenbach*, Isaac ACanton, SDJRActuarial Science
Dinslage, Claire ELenexa, KSSOFinance
Discoe, Porter Columbus, NEJRMarketing
Divelbiss*, Gabe Leawood, KSSOBusiness and Law, Accounting
Do, Kim Lincoln, NESRManagement
Doan, Zoey MHelotes, TXSRInternational Business
Dolezal, Matt Columbus, NESOBusiness Administration
Domsch, Ethan AOmaha, NESRFinance
Donahue, Gabriela AOviedo, FLSRMarketing, Management
Dongmo, Marcelle Lincoln, NE Accounting
Donnelly, Tommy Westerville, OHFRManagement
Donovan, Drew Naperville, ILSOAccounting
Dostal, Abby KPapillion, NEJRMarketing
Douglas, Regan Lincoln, NEJRManagement
Doyle, Ryan Omaha, NESRFinance, Marketing
Dubas, Grant Omaha, NESOAccounting
Dubisar*, Harrison Sioux Falls, SDSOAccounting, Finance
Dudash*, Alexander JCranberry Township, PASRActuarial Science
Dudek, Kaydin Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Duensing, Jenna MLincoln, NESOBusiness Administration
Duero*, Katelyn Oconomowoc, WISOMarketing
Dugger, Jacob RLincoln, NESRFinance
Dunbar, Robbie Lone Tree, COSOFinance
Dykstra, Ashlyn RColumbus, NEJRMarketing
Dzingle, Raya AGretna, NESOManagement
Eades, Carter Elkhorn, NESRFinance
Eads, Kylie Elkhorn, NEFRMarketing
Eakin, Jayden COmaha, NESRActuarial Science
Ebel, Eli Saint Joseph, MNJRFinance, Accounting
Eberhart, Saylor Columbus, NESOManagement
Ebrahim, Aaron ALincoln, NEJRAccounting
Eckert, Audrey Lincoln, NEJRMarketing
Edelman, Emma KOmaha, NEFRMarketing
Edins, Jake Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
Edstrand, Sam Lincoln, NESREconomics, Accounting, Finance
Efaw, Riley Omaha, NESRMarketing
Efferson*, Sayra Leesville, LASOAccounting
Eicher, Sarah Alincoln, NESRFinance
Einspahr, Reilley Arapahoe, NEJRFinance
Eisaman, Elena Nashville, TNSOEconomics
Eischens, Jake Webster, MNSOFinance
Elbracht, Maddie Lincoln, NESRMarketing, Management
Elfatih, Amin Omaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Ellingson*, Ethan Goddard, KSJRAccounting, Finance
Embree, Ashton Omaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Engelbert*, Zoe KOmaha, NESRActuarial Science
Eno, Olivia Omaha, NESRAccounting
Ensz, Jacob DOmaha, NESRManagement
Epp, Maddie Elkhorn, NESOMarketing
Erickson, Jade ECentral City, NEJRManagement
Erickson, Mariah Lincoln, NEFRManagement
Erks, Preston ILincoln, NESRManagement
Esch, Gavin MOmaha, NESOAccounting
Eschenbrenner*, Brooke MKearney, NESRActuarial Science
Estudillo*, Elise Fremont, NESOAccounting
Evans, Caroline MStillwater, MNSRMarketing
Everts*, Bethany Lincoln, NESOMarketing
Fago, Paul Juniata, NESOAccounting
Falk, Joey Omaha, NEJRFinance
Falkinburg, Colin NPapillion, NESOAccounting
Faltin, Nova Papillion, NESOAccounting
Faltys, Emily Norfolk, NEJRManagement
Feldmann, Matt Papillion, NEJRMarketing
Ferraiolo, Nicky Lincoln, NESRAccounting
Ferrara, Nina Omaha, NESRMarketing, Management
Fettig, Grace Bellevue, NESOFinance
Filbert*, Luke Lincoln, NEFRAccounting
Filter, Morgan Fremont, NESRAccounting
Firley, Nolan Omaha, NEFRActuarial Science
Fischer, Benjamin CLincoln, NEJRAccounting
Fishback, Cris Lincoln, NESRActuarial Science, Finance
Fitzgerald, Hannah Omaha, NEJRBusiness Administration
Fjeldheim, Hannah Doniphan, NEJRMarketing
Fjell, Bailey Papillion, NEJRMarketing
Fjelstad*, Alyssa Bellevue, NEJRAccounting
Flaugh, Abby Omaha, NEJRAccounting
Flodman, Elijah WGrand Island, NESOFinance
Flores, Reece LPapillion, NEJRMarketing, Management
Folda, Kyle Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Foley, Andrew MLincoln, NESOFinance
Folsom, Alec DOmaha, NEJRManagement
Ford, Jacob BPlymouth, MISRActuarial Science
Fosheim, Joey Omaha, NESOFinance
Fosheim, Michael Lincoln, NESRFinance, Economics
Fox, Levi JElk River, MNFRBusiness Administration
Foxworthy, Nick Omaha, NESOFinance
Frank, Lincoln Scottsbluff, NEJRBusiness Administration
Fraser, Kate LHarrisburg, PAFRInternational Business
Freeze*, Emma Alliance, NEFRBusiness Administration
Frey*, Kimberly LTilden, NESRAccounting
Fricke, Elise Omaha, NESRAccounting, Finance
Fries, Meghan COverland Park, KSFRFinance
Friesen, Christian JLincoln, NESRAccounting
Friesen, Grey Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Frohloff, Audrey Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Frye*, Cole Ashland, NESRAccounting
Fuehrer*, Madison MDouglas, NEJRAccounting
Fuentes, Carlos ADenver, COSRActuarial Science
Funke, Will RNebraska City, NEFRBusiness and Law
Gabel, Jack NOlathe, KSSRMarketing, Finance
Gaertig*, Avery Beatrice, NESOBusiness and Law
Gaeth, Mikaela LOmaha, NESRAccounting
Gagnon, Sophie Lakewood, COFRAccounting
Gantt, J.R. Lincoln, NESRManagement
Gates, Andrew Lincoln, NESOMarketing
Gaughan*, Nathan QWilmington, DEJRFinance
Gaynor, Colin FOdessa, FLSRActuarial Science
Geary, Will Jefferson, SDJRFinance
Germonprez, Margaret SOmaha, NESRFinance
Giacomo, Madison Highlands Ranch, COJRMarketing
Gifford, Isaac DLincoln, NEJRManagement
Gifford, Sam Lincoln, NESOFinance
Gilbert*, Sam Honeoye Falls, NYSRActuarial Science, Finance
Gillespie, Jill Holdrege, NESRBusiness Administration
Glad, Bennett AMaple Grove, MNFRFinance
Glomstad, Ellen Lakeville, MNSOMarketing
Goff, Carter Kearney, NESOFinance
Golden*, Brock Parker, COJRBusiness Administration
Goldenstein, Deric AKenesaw, NESOEconomics
Goldsmith*, David Omaha, NESOFinance
Gordon, Ian TLenexa, KSJRMarketing
Gorley, Caroline Leawood, KSJRMarketing
Gorter, Carly Shakopee, MNJRFinance, Management
Gottula, Gunnar Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Grabill, Maris Omaha, NEJRBusiness and Law
Graham*, Stockton Plattsmouth, NESOEconomics, Finance
Grambart, Jackson TPanora, IASOAccounting
Grant, Leah KAuburn, NEFRBusiness Administration
Grant, Rachel Goddard, KSJRManagement
Gray*, Sydney NTucson, AZJRFinance
Green, Bailey ECarpentersville, ILFRBusiness Administration
Grennan*, Kray Omaha, NESOActuarial Science
Greufe, Rachel MElkhorn, NESRMarketing
Greunke, Samantha RWaverly, NEFRBusiness Administration
Griffin, Kelly PBartlett, ILJRBusiness Administration
Grindey, John FChandler, AZJREconomics
Groff, Jacob Garland, NEJRAccounting
Gronewold, Eva Lincoln, NESOMarketing
Grube*, Ainsley Evanston, ILFRBusiness and Law
Gubbels, Grant Lincoln, NESRAccounting
Gude, Sam Lincoln, NESRAccounting
Guetterman, Ryan TOmaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Guetterman, Tyler JOmaha, NEJRMarketing
Gustafson, Sam Omaha, NEJRAccounting
Guszak, Jamie ELittleton, COSRMarketing, Accounting
Gutz, Emmett KSalisbury, MOSRMarketing
Gutzwiller, Lane EElm Creek, NEJRFinance
Haan, Ashley Minnetrista, MNJRMarketing
Haar, Matthew Sioux Falls, SDSOMarketing
Haarala, Pyper AOmaha, NESRActuarial Science
Haas, Alexis San Luis Obispo, CAJRManagement
Hakim*, Ryan AOlathe, KSSRSupply Chain Management
Hall, Joshua Lincoln, NESOAccounting
Hanke*, Tea LOmaha, NESOFinance
Hansen, Jacob RLone Tree, COSRFinance, Accounting
Hansen, Kyle Omaha, NESOFinance
Hansen, Trinity LStapleton, NEJRAccounting
Hanson, Amber Temecula, CASREconomics, Finance
Hanson, Cooper Omaha, NEJRBusiness Administration
Hanus*, Simon Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Hargrove*, John Ames, IAJRFinance, Economics
Harrington, Montana Omaha, NESRMarketing, Management
Harris*, Colin ALincoln, NESOEconomics
Harris, Jecory Long Beach, CASOMarketing
Harris, Kaden Waverly, NEFRBusiness Administration
Harris, Kyron Papillion, NEJRFinance
Harris, Nicolas Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Harris, Nolan JOmaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Harter, Logan Kearney, NESRManagement
Hartman, Lauren GWaverly, NEJRManagement
Harz, Sydney MFreiburg, -FRBusiness and Law
Hassenstab, Emmett WElkhorn, NESOFinance
Hassert, Lena Sophie Kreuzau, -JRBusiness Administration
Hatfield, Ben Lincoln, NESRAccounting, Finance
Hauser, Joshua JOmaha, NESOAccounting, Finance
Hawk, Katie Ewing, NESRAccounting
Hazel, Matthew Omaha, NEJRFinance
Heiberg, Bobby Eden Prairie, MNFRFinance
Heier, Samuel Sioux Falls, SDSOAccounting, Finance
Hein, Josiah JLincoln, NESRFinance
Heinemann, Ethan Bennington, NEJRAccounting
Heiss, Emry GPierre, SDJRManagement
Held*, Makenna Leigh, NESOAccounting
Heller, Chloe ALincoln, NEJRManagement
Heng, Emma Nebraska City, NEJRMarketing
Henning, Hunter Lincoln, NESOEconomics, Accounting
Henning, Makenna Kearney, NEJRManagement
Herchenbach*, Madi Omaha, NESRActuarial Science
Herchenbach, Carter Omaha, NESRAccounting
Hernandez, Logan Scottsbluff, NESRAccounting
Herr, Zach Omaha, NESOAccounting
Herridge*, Stephanie Lincoln, NESRSupply Chain Management
Herro, Livia MDousman, WIFRMarketing
Herzberg, Jameson Aurora, NEJRFinance
Hester*, Brooke ALa Vista, NESOAccounting
Hestermann, Colson DFirth, NESRActuarial Science
Hiatt, Hadley LNorth Bend, NESRFinance
Hibbs, Blake TWayzata, MNSOEconomics
Hicks, Shannon RLincoln, NESRSupply Chain Management
Higgins, Emma MPrior Lake, MNSOSupply Chain Management
Hill, Daniel Chicago, ILSOAccounting
Hill, Sophia LGretna, NESRManagement
Hirstein, Daniel Lowell, INJRActuarial Science
HN, Asila HMuscat, MAJRSupply Chain Management
Hodge*, Karissa AEustis, NESOMarketing
Hodge, Amanda Lincoln, NEJRMarketing
Hodges, Emily Omaha, NESRMarketing
Hoesing, Nate Omaha, NESOFinance
Hoffman*, Cassidy Leigh, NEJRAccounting, Management
Hoffman, Matthew JFort Calhoun, NEJRAccounting
Hoffschneider, Rachel EUtica, NEJRMarketing
Holland*, Gretchen Bloomington, MNSOFinance, Business and Law
Hollenbeck, Nathan DOmaha, NEJRMarketing
Holmes, Braden JBackus, MNSRFinance
Holtmeier, Sebastian MPapillion, NEJRFinance
Holtzen, Jennifer Davenport, NESRFinance
Homan, Rita Omaha, NESRManagement
Homecillo, Lauren La Vista, NESOManagement
Hood, Caitlyn Clay Center, KSSOMarketing
Hopkins, Hannah Thornton, COJRFinance
Hoppe, Josh Fremont, NESOFinance
Hott, Jared WLincoln, NEJRBusiness Administration
Hubbard, Lucy Omaha, NEFRBusiness and Law
Huberty*, Allison RPrior Lake, MNSRFinance
Huck, Delaney Bellevue, NEFRBusiness and Law
Hudak*, Gabe Lincoln, NEFRAccounting
Hudson, Jack TGreensboro, GAFRFinance
Hueners, Harry Sioux Falls, SDJRAccounting, Finance
Hughes, Jack Omaha, NEFRMarketing
Hunt*, Guy LOmaha, NEJRFinance
Huntley, Billy Bennington, NEJRMarketing
Hurst, Ellie Sioux Center, IAJRActuarial Science
Hurt, Hannah Firth, NESOManagement
Huss*, Derek Spencer, IAJRAccounting
Hyde, Jacob Lincoln, NEJRManagement
Hymanson, Jack MMinnetonka, MNSRManagement
Iske, Caiden Lincoln, NESOAccounting
Iverson, Elizabeth RSpringfield, NESRMarketing
J*, Niki Lincoln, NESRAccounting
Jackson, Brady Norfolk, NEJRBusiness Administration
Jacob*, Eric MParker, COSOBusiness and Law
Jacobsma, Cayden CBrookings, SDJRFinance
Jacques, Georgia Chanhassen, MNFRBusiness Administration
James, Brooklyn MOmaha, NEJRMarketing
Janak, Matt David City, NEJRAccounting
Janak, Michael David City, NEFRManagement
Janousek, Hailee Elkhorn, NEJRActuarial Science, Finance
Janousek, Madalynn Papillion, NEFREconomics, Accounting
Janssen, Carly RHoldrege, NEJRMarketing
Janssen, Jacob LHoldrege, NESOBusiness and Law
Jardee*, Elizabeth JFranktown, COSRBusiness Administration
Jarrell, Derek RVernon Hills, ILSRFinance
Jeffryes, Alexis Columbus, NESREconomics, Business and Law
Jensen*, Katelyn Eden Prairie, MNFRInternational Business
Jensen*, Reis Lincoln, NEJRAccounting, Finance
Jensen, Josh Omaha, NEFRAccounting
Jessen, Luke Elkhorn, NEJRFinance, Accounting
Jindra, Sally Papillion, NESRMarketing
Jirovsky, Lauren EOmaha, NESRAccounting
Johnson*, Jack Omaha, NEJRAccounting
Johnson, Nolan MOmaha, NESREconomics
Johnson, Tyler RWoodbury, MNSRBusiness Administration
Jones*, Colin Lincoln, NESOActuarial Science
Jordan, Jenna AAurora, COSRFinance
Jorgenson, Gerald ECouncil Bluffs, IASRMarketing
June*, Cassidy LDorchester, NESOBusiness and Law
Kaewwisit, Ken Central City, NEFRActuarial Science
Kahrer, Cassie EWoodbury, MNSRManagement
Kalvoda, Allison RGrand Island, NEJRMarketing, Management
Kalvoda, Avery Grand Island, NEJRMarketing, Management
Karmazin, Christopher SLincoln, NESRManagement
Karpov, John Raymond, NEJRBusiness Administration
Karrels*, Natalie Brookfield, WIJRSupply Chain Management
Katt, Tenley Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Kauth-Fisher, Brendan JOmaha, NESRBusiness Administration
Kavanaugh*, Chase Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
Kaw, Jermaine Yin Mun Kuala Lumpur, 14SRMarketing
Kaw, Veanne Yin Lum Kuala Lumpur, 14SOInternational Business
Keatts, Katie Bennington, NESRFinance
Keatts, Michael Bennington, NESRActuarial Science, Finance
Kee, Maggie Omaha, NESOEconomics
Keim*, Lily Lincoln, NESOAccounting
Keim, Evan Lincoln, NESOFinance
Kelley, William ALeawood, KSSREconomics
Kelly, Egan JLenexa, KSFRBusiness Administration
Kenes, Elizabeth AOrland Park, ILSRActuarial Science
Kenney*, Ryan WOmaha, NESRMarketing
Kern, Morgan KOverland Park, KSSRFinance, Economics
Khalaf, Lenda Lincoln, NESOInternational Business
Killgore, Gracie Omaha, NESRAccounting
Kincaid, Anna Nebraska City, NESOEconomics
Kincanon*, Nick Valley, NESRFinance
King, Abby Lenexa, KSSOManagement
Kingston, Grant Omaha, NEJRActuarial Science
Kinkaid, Hannah MOmaha, NESRBusiness Administration
Kinney*, Jack Omaha, NESRBusiness and Law
Kishore, Diya Omaha, NEFRManagement
Kishore, Isha AOmaha, NESRFinance, Management
Klein*, Brett Inver Grove Heights, MNSOAccounting
Kluthe, Dylan Lincoln, NESOInternational Business
Knips, Sara JMagnolia, MNSRManagement
Knudtson*, Kyler Topeka, KSSOActuarial Science, Finance
Koch*, Noah Platte Center, NESOAccounting, Finance
Koehler, Jadyn Omaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Koenig, Aubrey ROverland Park, KSSRAccounting
Kohn, Langdon CLouisville, NESRManagement
Kokes, Blake Grand Island, NEJRFinance, Accounting
Kollipara, Brighton NLincoln, NESRAccounting
Kolterman, Cecilia GOmaha, NESRManagement
Komarova, Barbora Czech Republic, -FREconomics
Koppelman*, Rebecca SDelaware, OHSREconomics, Supply Chain Management
Korte*, Audra JOlathe, KSSRAccounting
Korte, Adair AOlathe, KSSRAccounting, Finance
Korthals, Jack MFoothill Ranch, CAJRManagement
Kotrous*, Andi Lincoln, NEFRAccounting
Krafka*, Jadyn Lincoln, NESRFinance, Accounting
Kramer, Ryan Albion, NEJRBusiness Administration
Kratky, Brynn Omaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Krause, Andrew DLouisburg, KSSRAccounting
Krause, Carter Kearney, NESOAgribusiness
Krieger, Audrey Lincoln, NESOMarketing
Krieger, Theodore JArlington, TXSRManagement
Krishna, Neha Sugar Land, TXSOSupply Chain Management
Kroeger, Chase Omaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Kubik, Ian Chaska, MNJRFinance
Kudron*, Sam Omaha, NEJRAccounting
Kudron, Jake Omaha, NESRAccounting
Kunz*, Cole Central City, NESOBusiness Administration
Kurian, Kelsey Sugar Land, TXJRManagement
Kuryla, Nathan JLincoln, NESRAccounting
Lacasse, Raphaelle pierrefonds, QCJRFinance
Laflen, Grace ALincoln, NESRManagement
Lake, Mason MFremont, NEJRManagement
LaMaster*, Hannah Rochester, MNFRActuarial Science
Lambe, Regan Lincoln, NEFRMarketing
Lammers*, Serena Omaha, NESRAccounting
Lamprecht, Brooke Wilsonville, ORSOFinance
Landgren*, Ben Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Landgren*, Luke Hastings, NESOFinance
Lange*, Mikaylah GLincoln, NESRBusiness Administration
Larsen, Grace Papillion, NEFRBusiness Administration
Lashley, Maggie GNorth Platte, NESRMarketing
Lauver*, Nick Papillion, NESRActuarial Science, Finance
Lawrence*, Taya Sioux Falls, SDFRFinance
Lazalde*, Adrian Grand Island, NESOFinance
Le*, Kyana HLincoln, NEJRActuarial Science
Le, Ngoc Bao Da Nang, 60FRFinance
Le, Tyler Lincoln, NESRAccounting
Leach, Sarah LMedina, OHJRMarketing
Lee, Jieun Changwon, 48SOSupply Chain Management
LeGrande, Trevor WLincoln, NESRManagement
Lenaghan, Alison MElkhorn, NESOActuarial Science
Lenz*, Elliott Omaha, NEJRFinance
Lenz, Danny Blair, NEJRBusiness Administration
Lenz, Katie Elkhorn, NEJRMarketing, Management
Lesiak, Isabella RLincoln, NESRBusiness Administration
Lesoing*, Julia CLincoln, NEJRAccounting
Levick, Emily Oshkosh, NEFRBusiness Administration
Levtsenyuk, Anthony JLincoln, NEJRAccounting
Lewandowski, Doug ROmaha, NEJRBusiness Administration
Lewis*, Ryan Omaha, NESOFinance
Lewis, Hayden JYutan, NESOBusiness Administration
Lewis, Lauren Omaha, NESRMarketing
Liddick, Braden EGlenwood, IASRAccounting, Business Administration
Ligeski*, Matthew KNaperville, ILFRAccounting, Finance
Lindau, Zach Blair, NEFRManagement
Linden*, Andrew QWayzata, MNSRBusiness Administration
Lindenmeyer*, Luke CLincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Lindstedt*, Sydney Cozad, NESRFinance, Accounting
Link*, Ryan JPlainfield, ILJRActuarial Science, Finance
Liong*, Esther Lincoln, NESOSupply Chain Management
Liske, Rachel CBennington, NESRBusiness Administration
Lockard*, Trent JEagle, NESRFinance
Lockard, Gabrielle Grand Island, NESRMarketing
Loewen, Aubrey NOverland Park, KSSRFinance
Logan*, Jonathan Lincoln, NESRAccounting
Logan, Natalie Omaha, NEFRMarketing
Lollar*, Justus ALawrence, KSFRBusiness Administration
Long, Jenna MBrandon, SDSRBusiness Administration
Loos, Jared MLawrence, KSSOAccounting
Loy, Lucy EFishers, INJRAccounting
Luedke, Devin LCentennial, COSRAccounting
Luedtke, Jackson Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Luu*, Tran Bao HO CHI MINH CITY, 65FRBusiness Administration
Lyle, Gage Beresford, SDSOFinance, Accounting
Lyman, Ellie Lincoln, NESOAccounting
Lynch, David PSouth Elgin, ILSOFinance
Lynch, Kirk Oregon, WISOFinance, Accounting
Lyon, Jack Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Lyons, Claire EElkhorn, NESRManagement, Marketing
Maas*, Tanner MOmaha, NESOActuarial Science, Finance
Maassen, Meredith Neola, IASOMarketing
Mac Duff, Cody Naperville, ILSOFinance
Mack, Kaitlin AAlbuquerque, NMJRFinance
MacKenna, Parker Chicago, ILSRAccounting, Finance
MacLeod*, Aidan Omaha, NEFRBusiness and Law
Madej, Maggie LOmaha, NESRFinance
Madsen, Cole AShawnee, KSSOActuarial Science
Magnusson, Ellen Oakland, NESOBusiness Administration
Maguire, Conor PFort Collins, COJRManagement
Mahdi, Mark Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
MAI, Anna Lincoln, NESOFinance
Mai, Doan Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
Mailahn, Tristan Kearney, NEFRBusiness Administration
Makinson, Nathan Lincoln, NESOEconomics
Malec, Michael Plainfield, ILSOMarketing, Finance
Malec, Patrick JPlainfield, ILSRFinance, Management
Malecha, McKinley Lakeville, MNSOMarketing, Management
Malesker, Zoie ALa Vista, NEJRMarketing, Management
Malick, Sam Omaha, NESOAccounting, Finance
Mallisee, Colin ROmaha, NESRMarketing
Malueg, Avery MJohnsburg, ILFRAccounting
Mancio, Nikolas Bento Gonçalves, -SOBusiness Administration, Finance
Mann*, Carter Burwell, NEFREconomics, Finance
Mann, Colter Alliance, NESRManagement
Mannur*, Ashwin Roselle, ILJREconomics
Marotz, Jace ASleepy Eye, MNJRFinance
Marroquin, Damian ALincoln, NEFRAccounting, Economics
Marsden, Colby DStilwell, KSSRFinance
Marsh, Taylor Nlincoln, NESRManagement
Martin, Carter Omaha, NEJRFinance
Martin, Grant Cold Spring, MNSOAccounting
Martin, Nathan PCold Spring, MNSRManagement, Marketing
Martinez, Francisco JLincoln, NESRManagement
Martis, Jacob Fort Collins, COJRActuarial Science
Mason, Josie GGretna, NEJRMarketing
Mathison*, Kate MElkhorn, NESRMarketing
Mauk, Nolan ROlathe, KSSREconomics, Finance
Mayer*, Garrett LSioux Falls, SDSRActuarial Science
McArtor, Sam Grant, NEJRMarketing
McClatchey, Taylor Plattsmouth, NEJRBusiness Administration
McClure, Braeden TKansas City, MOJRManagement
McConnell, Lucy EFarmington, MNJRFinance
McCormack, Cole POmaha, NESRManagement
McCracken*, Sam Scottsdale, AZJRManagement
McDonald, Brooke Bellevue, NESOBusiness Administration
McDonald, Kylie IBerthoud, COJRMarketing
McGargill, Jenna MLavista, NEFRBusiness Administration
McGill, Lynn Elkhorn, NESOFinance
McHenry, Reed Salina, KSJRMarketing
McKeever*, Grant Olathe, KSSOBusiness Administration
McLeay, John FOmaha, NEJRFinance
McLey*, Ike Leawood, KSJRFinance
McMillen, Samuel BSioux Falls, SDFRBusiness and Law
McMullin, Dylan Lavista, NESOFinance
McNeill, Dillon JPapillion, NEJRMarketing
McNulla*, Matthew GAurora, COSRFinance, Economics
McPhail, Brayden Lincoln, NESOAccounting, Finance
McQuay, Grant DAlma, NESOBusiness Administration
McRae*, Ashley MBolingbrook, ILSRActuarial Science
Meade, Jacob MOmaha, NESRBusiness Administration
Meath, Joseph TWaconia, MNSOBusiness Administration
Meier, Garret JPierce, NEJRAgribusiness
Meininger, Alaina LLincoln, NESOBusiness Administration
Meisgeier*, Adam JOmaha, NESOSupply Chain Management
Melchior, Evan JLenexa, KSSRFinance
Melton*, Elizabeth KSaint Charles, ILFRManagement
Mikuska, Morgan LTea, SDFRMarketing
Miller, Alexander JOrland Park, ILSRActuarial Science
Miller, Ellie ROmaha, NEJRMarketing, Finance
Miller, Faith MSaint Joseph, MOSRFinance, Management
Miller, Grace Lincoln, NEJRManagement
Miller, Maria Lincoln, NESRMarketing
Miller, Megan DSuperior, NESRFinance
Mills, Hayden JStilwell, KSFRAccounting
Minchow, Mason RLincoln, NEJRMarketing
Mir, Noah Omaha, NESOManagement
Mitchell, Molly Kearney, NEJRSupply Chain Management
Moberly, Henry Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Mogensen, Madelyn ASergeant Bluff, IASRFinance
Mohamed, Tawfik Lincoln, NESOInternational Business
Monie, Colin Omaha, NESOFinance
Montalbano, Sara Parkville, MOJRMarketing
Mooney, Barrett GOmaha, NESOFinance
Moore*, Cooper Plattsmouth, NESRFinance
Moore, Justin TLincoln, NESRFinance
Morales, Angel Walton, NEFRFinance
Morales, William BDakota Dunes, SDSRMarketing
Morrissey, Aaron MOmaha, NESOBusiness and Law, Economics
Morrissey, Connor TOverland Park, KSSRAccounting
Mostello, Luke New Lenox, ILJRActuarial Science
Mowery, Will Parker, COSRSupply Chain Management
Moy*, Megan Omaha, NESOFinance
Moylan, Kyle Shawnee, KSSOAccounting, Finance
Mozingo, Tessa Olathe, KSSRMarketing
Much, Ian Schaumburg, ILSOActuarial Science
Mueller*, Moritz Bad Nauheim, -SRBusiness Administration
Muff, Donald JWheaton, ILJRAccounting
Muinov, Allan TLa Vista, NEJRFinance, Economics
Muir, Kevin DCedar Park, TXJRActuarial Science
Mulder, Lucy JLincoln, NEJRManagement
Mullin, Jackson RElkhorn, NESRAccounting
Mullinax, Katelyn KNaperville, ILSRMarketing, Management
Mumford*, Morgan Waterloo, NESRSupply Chain Management
Munson*, Cydne DBrookings, SDSRActuarial Science
Munson*, Reese EOmaha, NESREconomics
Munson, Brandt EOmaha, NEFRManagement
Muthersbaugh, Andrew JLincoln, NESRMarketing
Naik*, Aaryan Elkhorn, NESREconomics
Napolitano, Mario EAmes, IAJRActuarial Science
Narasimhan*, Naren Omaha, NESRMarketing
Nau*, Emily Fremont, NEJRActuarial Science
Navin, Nolan JElkhorn, NESOEconomics
Neemann, Claire NLincoln, NESRFinance
Nelsen, Katie ALincoln, NESRManagement
Nelson, Laurel Lincoln, NESRManagement
Nelson, Logan Omaha, NEJRMarketing
Nelson, Morgan KJackson, NEJRAccounting
Nelson, Sam Columbus, NESRAccounting
Neuhaus, Ingrid Omaha, NESOAccounting
Ngo, Tram BCrete, NEJRMarketing
Nguyen*, Linh Lincoln, NEFRFinance
Nguyen, Alex TLincoln, NEJRMarketing
Nguyen, Anh QLincoln, NEJRAccounting
Nguyen, Binh DLincoln, NESOFinance
Nguyen, Hoa Ha Long City, QNISOActuarial Science
Nguyen, Linh Hanoi, -JRFinance
Nguyen, Mina Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Nguyen, Quyen Trang Bom Distrtict, 39SOFinance, Economics
Nguyen, Stacey Grand Island, NESOMarketing
Nielsen*, Jacob MHong Kong, -SRInternational Business
Nierman*, Ashley RHarvard, NEJRSupply Chain Management
Nodes, Sam Omaha, NEJRFinance
Nordstrom, Leah Elkhorn, NESOMarketing, Management
Nore*, Jacee Kearney, NEJRMarketing, Management
Obermueller, Brecken Lincoln, KSJRFinance
Obert, Emily Wahoo, NESRManagement
O'Connor, Fagan CChesterfield, MOJRBusiness Administration
Odbert, Chloe Columbus, NESRMarketing
O'Doherty, Connor POmaha, NESRFinance
O'Doherty, Grant Omaha, NEJRFinance
O'Grady, Jocelyn AFalls City, NESOManagement
O'Halleran*, Micaela Round Lake, ILSOBusiness Administration
OKief, Ryan Valentine, NEJRFinance
OLeary*, James EElkhorn, NEFRAccounting, Finance
Olejniczak, Taylor Mukwonago, WISRFinance, Accounting
Olsen, Grace Omaha, NEJRManagement, Finance
Olsen, Grayce Omaha, NEFRBusiness Administration
Olsen, Lexxi Omaha, NESOFinance
Olson, Hunter MLincoln, NESRManagement
Olson, Luke Atkinson, NESOAccounting
Olson, Sam Waconia, MNFRFinance
Olson, Soffi Lincoln, NESRManagement, Business and Law
Oltman*, Ashley MPickrell, NESRMarketing
Orchard*, Ian Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Orth*, Evan Lincoln, NESRAccounting
O'Shea*, Nicholas RLincoln, NESREconomics, Finance
Ostrom, Jace Burwell, NESOAccounting
Ott*, Gunner MValley, NESREconomics, Finance
Owen, Celia Geneva, ILSOMarketing
Palka, Sebastian Marengo, ILJRSupply Chain Management
Pallesen*, Michael COmaha, NESRFinance, Accounting
Palmesano, Michael Omaha, NEFREconomics
Parker-Timms, Reed DLawrence, KSFRMarketing
Paskach, Gabriela JDelano, MNSRMarketing
Patidar*, Kevin Lincoln, NESRFinance
Patire, Madysen Waverly, NESOBusiness Administration
Patterson*, Madelyn RLenexa, KSSRManagement, Marketing
Patton, Jonathan Lawrence, KSJRAccounting
Patton, Paige EOmaha, NESRMarketing
Patzner, Jack La Vista, NESRManagement
Paul, Brenna FSaint Charles, ILSRAccounting
Pauley, Michael VOverland Park, KSFRMarketing
Pavlik, Kira Rising City, NEJRAccounting, Management
Payne, Michael AOverland Park, KSJRFinance
Peck, Jenna LProsper, TXSRMarketing
Pedersen, Kyle Lawton, IASOInternational Business
Pederson, Nathan Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Pelen, Ella MLemont, ILJRMarketing, Management
Pelster, Sydney MWallace, NESRAgribusiness
Peng, Charlie LOmaha, NESRActuarial Science, Finance
Penner*, Ben Chicago, ILFRFinance
Perchal*, Chase DWaterloo, NEJRManagement
Perkins, Sierra Sergeant Bluff, IASOAccounting
Perlinger*, Bennett GPaxton, NESRManagement
Perlinger, Aidon GPaxton, NESRMarketing
Perrin*, Ryan MPhoenix, AZSOAccounting, Finance
Pesek*, Ella Omaha, NEFRMarketing
Peters*, Makenna SKearney, NESRBusiness Administration
Petersen, Arthur Hornbaek, 85JRManagement
Petersen, Blake CFairbury, NEFRBusiness Administration
Peterson*, Scott HLincoln, NESRAccounting
Peterson, Lucas Papillion, NEJRMarketing
Peterson, Max Omaha, NESOAccounting
Peterson, Peyton RRockford, MNSOManagement, Marketing
Petrovic, Andjelija Papillion, NESOAccounting
Pfeiffer, Caitlyn MLincoln, NEJRMarketing
Pham, Bao Chan Dong Nai, 39FRActuarial Science
Phan*, Tan Lincoln, NEJRManagement
Phan*, Vinh QNebraska City, NESREconomics
Pheak, Moni Penh Lincoln, NESOAccounting
Philavanh, Naree Lincoln, NESOMarketing, Management
Phillipp, Morgan Elburn, ILSOMarketing
Pichler, Reese TOmaha, NESRMarketing
Pieper, Jackson BLincoln, NEJRMarketing
Pilakowski, Nate Lawrence, KSJRAccounting
Pillai*, Isabel Bloomington, MNSOActuarial Science
Pillard, Conor Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Pillard, Joshua Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Pilsl*, Ally Kansas City, MOJRManagement
Pirak*, Brett Gayville, SDSOFinance
Pistillo*, Averie EUrbandale, IASOMarketing
Plessel*, Avery Beatrice, NEJRMarketing
Pokorny, Gavin Weston, NESOFinance
Ponnatha, Niheala Omaha, NESRFinance
Poppert, Brooke Holdrege, NESRAccounting
Post, Abby CNorth Bend, NESRMarketing
Potratz, Kyle RSpearfish, SDJRActuarial Science
Pribyl, Halle AWestern, NESRAccounting
Ptak, Kyle South Elgin, ILSOActuarial Science
Pullum, Alex Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Puls*, Alex Lincoln, NESOFinance
Quinn, Cilla Elkhorn, NEFRFinance
Ragusa*, Nicolas Joliet, ILSOMarketing
Rahn, Lincoln JSioux City, IASRAccounting
Rainforth, Lane Papillion, NEJRBusiness Administration
Ramesh*, Arjun Omaha, NEJRManagement
Randby*, JoJo Omaha, NEJRManagement
Rapper*, Blake DEmerson, NEJRBusiness Administration
Rathbone, Jason SSeward, NESRFinance
Rathe*, Nathan Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Ray*, Nathan Elkhorn, NEJRSupply Chain Management
Ray, Leo Omaha, NESRFinance
Real, Anna GGretna, NEJRFinance
Reilly, Bergen Sioux Falls, SDFRBusiness and Law
Reinecke, Morgan VElkhorn, NESRAccounting
Reiser, Jennifer AWaverly, NEJRMarketing
Rennolds, Matthew JGrayslake, ILSRBusiness Administration
Reno, Leavitt Grand Island, NESRBusiness Administration
Rerucha, Allison MDavid City, NESRBusiness Administration
Retzlaff*, Bailey APanama, NESOBusiness Administration
Rezac, Aaron JOmaha, NESRMarketing
Richards, Emily Papillion, NESRAccounting
Richards, Sadie Papillion, NESRManagement
Richardson, Suellin JLincoln, NESRAccounting
Richter, Eva WOmaha, NEJRManagement
Rickers*, Lindsay Waverly, NEJRMarketing
Riley, Shayla MColumbus, NESRMarketing
Risch, Ava Saint Louis, MOJRMarketing
Ristich, Alison Frankfort, ILJRBusiness Administration
Robbins, Jadyn RSioux Falls, SDSOMarketing
Roberts, Kris ROmaha, NESOInternational Business
Robinson, Anna ALincoln, NESRAccounting
Robinson, Bailey York, NESRManagement
Rocha*, Jayden MOmaha, NESRMarketing
Rogers, Jason PLincoln, NESRMarketing
Rohrig, Caden Elkhorn, NESOBusiness Administration
Rokusek, Cody Sioux Falls, SDSRAccounting
Rolland, Audrey Blair, NEJRBusiness Administration
Roop, Hailey JBennington, NEJRInternational Business
Ropte, Courtney Highlands Ranch, COFRMarketing, Management
Rosberg, Kendra Norfolk, NEJRMarketing
Rosenfels, Ava Omaha, NESOMarketing
Rossman, Josh Lincoln, NESOManagement
Roth, Brandon Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Roth, Chaden TPierce, NESOFinance
Rouse, Thomas PPlainfield, ILSRAccounting
Roy*, Atirath Deb NOIDA, UPSOBusiness Administration
Roy, Xavier Elkhorn, NEFRAccounting
Roza, Luke SOmaha, NEFRFinance
Ruedinger, Ethan Winneconne, WIFRAccounting
Ruisinger, Riley RBennet, NEJRAccounting
Runnels, Tyler Omaha, NEJRFinance
Rush, Ben Hurst, TXSOFinance
Ryan, Meghan Waukesha, WIJRManagement
Sadlouskos, Mia CLithia, FLFRMarketing
Sandberg*, Vivien Lincoln, NESRBusiness Administration
Saunders, Ian MFargo, NDSOAccounting
Saydo, Halima Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Sayers, Blake ALincoln, NEJRManagement
Schaardt*, Ellie Steinauer, NESOAccounting
Schaefer, Grace APapillion, NEFRSupply Chain Management
Schainost, Eric Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
Schaulis, Chloe NNebraska City, NESOFinance
Scherb, Carly KValley Springs, SDSRMarketing
Scherrer, Morgan AHighlands Ranch, COSRInternational Business
Schilken, Michael FOmaha, NESRAccounting, Finance
Schmidt*, Isabelle AElkhorn, NESREconomics
Schmidt, Miles Elkhorn, NESOFinance
Schmitz, Nick Sioux Falls, SDSOBusiness Administration
Schmunk, Nicole Bridgeport, NESRManagement
Schneider*, Ava Lincoln, NEFRFinance
Schneider*, Gina NRockford, ILSRMarketing
Schoenfelder, Katherine LBatavia, ILSRAccounting
Scholl, Colby Lincoln, NEJREconomics
Schram, Dawson Tekamah, NESOBusiness Administration
Schrick, Holden Blair, NESOManagement
Schroeder, Ethan Papillion, NEFRFinance
Schultes, Danika LCreston, IASRAgribusiness, Accounting
Schumacher, Simon MColumbus, NESOBusiness Administration
Schuster, Ryan Volga, SDSRFinance
Schwarz*, Abbey Bennington, NEJRMarketing
Schweitzer, Cami Broken Bow, NEJRAccounting, Finance
Schwisow, Whitney EBeatrice, NESRActuarial Science
Scott, Carson WOmaha, NESRBusiness Administration
Scribner, Morgan Kansas City, MOJRAccounting
Seagren*, Alex Omaha, NESOAccounting
Seashore*, Brooke Clive, IAJRBusiness Administration
Sedlacek, Trenton Bennington, NESREconomics
Seifert, Lauren Parker, COSOBusiness Administration
Seiler, Quinn AOmaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Selzer*, Jay Overland Park, KSJREconomics
Semin, Bret KLincoln, NESRMarketing
Sengstock, William Omaha, NESOBusiness Administration
Serfass, Chloe Ashland, NEJRMarketing
Sgourakis, Sophia Omaha, NEJRManagement
Shafer, Drew ROmaha, NESOFinance, Marketing
Shanks*, Brendan Minneapolis, KSJRActuarial Science
Shanno, Jack ROmaha, NESRBusiness Administration
Sharp, McKenzie Bennington, NEJRMarketing
Shewmon, Peyton BGreeley, COSREconomics, Management
Sicilia Ayala, Eduardo ABenito Juarez, QROOJRManagement, Marketing
Siefken, Caiden WLakeville, MNSRFinance
Siefkes, Justin Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Sievenpiper*, Maxwell FYorktown, VASOSupply Chain Management
Silgen, Jay FEagan, MNSRAccounting
Siner*, Mia JLeawood, KSSOAccounting
Skahan, Rowen Shawnee, KSFRBusiness and Law
Skerston, Raquel Omaha, NEFRManagement
Skouse, Abby Spring Hill, KSFRInternational Business
Slaughter*, Maddie Allen, TXJRBusiness and Law, Business Administration
Smallhouse, Hannah San Manuel, AZJRInternational Business
Smentek, Brandon LPlainfield, ILJRAccounting
Smereczynski, Mia Cary, ILJRBusiness Administration
Smiley, Jack Omaha, NEJRFinance
Smith, Garrett Lees Summit, MOJRAccounting, Management
Smith, Sean Omaha, NESRFinance
Smith, Sierra St. Paul, NESRAccounting
Smolsky, Adella MOmaha, NESRManagement
Snook, Noah Omaha, NESOMarketing
Sobansky, Claire Lincoln, NESOManagement
Soderbeck, Jayme ESussex, WISRMarketing
Sojka, Thomas Lake Quivira, KSSOFinance
Solis*, Casandra RElkhorn, NEJRManagement
Soucie, Lillian JLincoln, NESRManagement
Soukup, Lexi Norwalk, IASRAccounting, Finance
Spann, Izak JWymore, NESOFinance
Spiegel, Cameron LOmaha, NESOAccounting
Spivey, Nathaniel Irving, TXJRManagement
Squier, Abbie Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Stahl, Mason Columbus, NESRAccounting
Standage, Claire Ravenna, NESOManagement
Standridge*, Rhyen LSaint Charles, MOJRAccounting
Stanley, Erin Glenwood, IASRMarketing
Stanton, Makenna Lincoln, NESOManagement
Starck*, Braden Glen Carbon, ILJRFinance
Statz, Mary Kate Sioux Falls, SDSRMarketing
Steel, Adam DLakeville, MNFRBusiness and Law
Stege*, Avery GLincoln, NESOFinance
Steger, Alison MEagan, MNSRManagement
Steinbach, Trenton Lincoln, NEJRActuarial Science, Finance
Steinke*, Cole MLima, OHSOActuarial Science
Stenger, Brea Omaha, NESRAccounting
Stephan, Ella JWoodbury, MNSRMarketing
Stephens, Andrew JAthens, OHJRAccounting
Stewart, Jack WLincoln, NEJRBusiness Administration
Stinnette, Chase Lincoln, NEFRFinance
Stoneburner, Katherine MOmaha, NEJRBusiness Administration
Straley, Charlotte CClay Center, KSSRActuarial Science
Strand*, Kelli Ann Challis, IDFRAccounting
Strauser, Taylor MAlbuquerque, NMJRBusiness Administration
Strawhecker, Kaleb Kearney, NESREconomics
Streifel, Connor CMadison, WISRActuarial Science
Studley, Jacob Hastings, NEJRMarketing
Sueker, Hadleigh Minnetrista, MNJRManagement
Sukstorf, Kalley SCedar Bluffs, NEJRBusiness Administration
Sullivan*, Savannah AHighlands Ranch, COSOBusiness Administration
Sullivan, Bradley SElkhorn, NESRInternational Business
Sullivan, Teghan Lincoln, NESOManagement
Svoboda, Caden MAurora, NEJRFinance
Swaney, Dylan Omaha, NEJRFinance
Swansen, Gabe Johnston, IASOManagement
Swanson, Cade SPapillion, NEJRActuarial Science
Swartzbaugh, Carson AOmaha, NESRAccounting
Swofford, Cole Pleasant Hill, MOJRActuarial Science
Szwanek, Adam JOmaha, NESRAccounting, Finance
Szymczak, Haley JBartlett, ILSRAccounting
Tadiparthi, Ashvin Omaha, NESRFinance, Economics
Tan, Zhang Xuan Shah Alam, SLJRManagement
Tangen, Andrew Lincoln, NESOSupply Chain Management
Tarkian*, Amir Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Taubenheim, Luke Lincoln, NESOFinance
Taylor*, Cooper Lincoln, NESOFinance, Management
Taylor, Grant Ainsworth, NEFRBusiness Administration
Taylor, Jarett DEden Prairie, MNFRMarketing
Taylor, Rachel Bennington, NESOBusiness Administration
Taylor, Tristan JLincoln, NESREconomics, Management
Teh, Song Hann Shah Alam, SLSOMarketing
Templeton, Alex Omaha, NESREconomics
Teravest, Matthew Allegan, MISRFinance
Terlson, Jayla Papillion, NESOBusiness Administration
Teschner*, Madison RSaint Joseph, MOSOMarketing
Thaw, Blut NOmaha, NEJREconomics
Thelander, Trevor Omaha, NESRAccounting
Thiebauth*, Megan Elkhorn, NEJRFinance
Thomas*, Christian Omaha, NESOFinance
Thomas*, Logan MYutan, NESRFinance
Thomas, Kyran MLincoln, NEJRAccounting
Thomas, Sophie Lakeville, MNJRMarketing, Management
Thompson, Courtney EAurora, NESRSupply Chain Management
Thompson, Grant DAlvo, NEJRMarketing
Tighe, Andrew JElkhorn, NESOEconomics
Tillisch, Taylor MOmaha, NESRManagement
Timm, Aaron MChanhassen, MNJRSupply Chain Management
Tobey, Jacob Lincoln, NESRBusiness Administration
Tobin, Taegen Casper, WYSRMarketing
Todd, Zane MWichita, KSSRActuarial Science
Tollefsen, Olivia Lincoln, NEFRBusiness Administration
Tomlin, Ian Cambridge, NEJRAccounting
Tomlinson, Ethan NBellevue, NEJRActuarial Science
Tomlinson, Evan DBennington, NEFRMarketing
Toomey, Grace MLincoln, NEJRMarketing
Tramel, Ethan Wheaton, ILSOFinance, Management
Tran, Alvan Lincoln, NEJRFinance, Accounting
Tran, Vi LLincoln, NESRFinance
Tretheway*, Brody Bennington, NESRFinance
Trilling*, John Sun Prairie, WIJREconomics
Truong, Khanh Vy HO CHI MINH, HCMFRMarketing
Tuell*, Maren BWindsor, COSOSupply Chain Management
Tuttle*, Kayla Valley, NESOMarketing
Tuttle, Ahna East Lyme, CTSOFinance
Twesme*, Ethan HMonument, COFRFinance, Economics
Tyrcha, Jacob Omaha, NEJRFinance, Economics
Underhill, Natalie RBolingbrook, ILSRMarketing
Ur Rehman*, Hammad Hyderabad, SDFRAccounting
Utech, Connor LBennington, NESRAccounting
Vahle, Nathan JLincoln, NESOAccounting
Van Ampting, Kaylee Wahoo, NESRMarketing
Van Brocklin, Noah EFirth, NEJRFinance, Marketing
Van Cleave*, Adam Columbus, NESOAccounting, Finance
Van Ness, Abigail TEdina, MNJRManagement
Van Osdel, Rachel JEllicott City, MDJRBusiness Administration
Vande Griend*, Gracie Holland, NESRManagement
Vander Woude*, Tyler JLincoln, NEJRMarketing, Management
Varghese, Adam CVernon Hills, ILSRAccounting
Vaughn, Jake Elkhorn, NEFRFinance, Accounting
Velez Lopez, Andrea Pereira, -JRFinance
Versaw, Danny CBennet, NESREconomics
Vetter, Jackson La Vista, NEFRBusiness Administration
Villamonte*, Luis Lincoln, NESRAccounting
Vincent, Sidney LSargent, NEJRAccounting, Agribusiness
Vinken, Bennet Lincoln, NEJRManagement
Vinkenberg, Levi JAurora, NESRManagement, Marketing
Vitacco, Gina RCarpentersville, ILSRMarketing
Vogt, Anna LWaconia, MNFRActuarial Science
Vollbrecht, Jacob Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
Vontz, Hailey Ayr, NESOBusiness Administration
Vorderstrasse, Drake CHastings, NEJRFinance
Vu, Minh Lincoln, NESOEconomics
Wackel*, Claire MLincoln, NEJREconomics
Waggoner, Mikaela SOklahoma City, OKSRFinance
Wagner*, Emma LGrimes, IASRActuarial Science
Wah, Tutu Lincoln, NEJRAccounting
Wahl, Samantha JOmaha, NEJRBusiness Administration
Waite, Gracia MLincoln, NEJRMarketing
Walker, Madison NFort Collins, COSRManagement
Wallace, Mikayla Sioux Falls, SDJRAccounting
Wallinger, Morgan Stuart, NESRAccounting, Agribusiness
Walsh*, Claire Grand Rapids, MNSOEconomics
Walters, Max Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Wanda, Thomas RLibertyville, ILJRAgribusiness
Wanless, Kaylee Victoria, MNSOMarketing
Wanninger*, Faith CLincoln, NESRAccounting
Warfield*, Lauren PWheaton, ILSOFinance
Waring*, Eli Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Watkins*, Ava KSioux Falls, SDSOFinance
Watson*, Eva Omaha, NEJREconomics
Watson, Zayne LLincoln, NESRFinance
Weber, Nate Gilberts, ILJRAccounting, Finance
Weigand, Peyton JNorth Aurora, ILSREconomics
Weiner*, William RSterling, KSSRActuarial Science
Weiss Salles*, Bruno Lincoln, NEJRFinance, Accounting
Wellman, Andrew JWaco, NEJRAccounting
Welsch*, Kellen JAnkeny, IAJRBusiness Administration
Wenquist*, Alex Broken Bow, NEJRFinance
West, Morgan CLake City, MNSRManagement
West, Trevor MOmaha, NEJRMarketing
Westenbroek*, Jordan Longmont, COJRManagement
Westerman, Ryan Lakeville, MNSOMarketing
Whalen, Olivia Omaha, NESRManagement
Wheatley, MacKenzie Waterloo, NESOMarketing
Whisenhunt*, Matthew Alexandria, VAFRFinance
Whiston, Jacob Lincoln, NESOManagement
White, Madelyn JWayzata, MNSRManagement
Wieck, Chloe Covington, LAJRMarketing
Wiese, Justina Omaha, NEFRMarketing
Wilbeck, Trey Omaha, NEJRFinance
Wilcox*, Danielle JBurnsville, MNSRMarketing, Management
Wilcox, Maggie Surprise, AZJRFinance
Wilcox, Shannon Omaha, NESOFinance
Willers, Ryann Lake City, MNJRBusiness Administration
Williams, Cady Henderson, NVJRFinance, Economics
Williams, Divyn AOmaha, NEJRManagement
Williams, Dywan Omaha, NESOAccounting
Willie, Regan CYorkville, ILFRAccounting
Wilson*, Evan Englewood, COJRBusiness Administration
Wilson, Peyton Lincoln, NEFRMarketing
Wilson, Rohit BEden Prairie, MNFRFinance
Wilson, Taggart Lavista, NEFRBusiness Administration
Wilson, Trenten WAnna, TXSRFinance
Wilwerding, Tyler Omaha, NESRBusiness Administration
Witucki, Camden Grand Blanc, MIJRManagement
Wolstenholm, Owen Overland Park, KSSOMarketing, Management
Wong*, Adam Folsom, CAJRActuarial Science, Finance
Wooden, Will Kansas City, MOSOAccounting
Woracek, Jackson Papillion, NESRFinance
Works, Grady Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Wright*, Tiffany JColumbus, NEJRActuarial Science
Wulf, Tiffany Lincoln, NEJRBusiness and Law
Wullenwaber, Whitney Bennington, NESRAccounting
Wurtele, Shannon KOmaha, NESREconomics, Finance
Wynegar, Paul MOmaha, NESRAccounting
Wynne, Alasia Omaha, NEFRAccounting
Xu, Xingcheng Alliance, NEJRAccounting
Ybarra*, Tia RMontgomery, ILSOActuarial Science
Yeatts, Austin DPapillion, NESOFinance
Yelick, Reagan Omaha, NEFRAccounting, Finance
Yost, Evan Omaha, NESOFinance
Yost, Lydia TGretna, NESRMarketing, Management
Young, Carter Hutchinson, KSJRAccounting
Young, Isaac FMerrill, WISRActuarial Science
Yunker, Ty CElkhorn, NESOAccounting
Zabawa, Alyssa RLa Vista, NESRMarketing, Management
Zaborowski, Ethan Lincoln, NEJRFinance
Zahl, Devan WMonument, COFRFinance
Zamarripa*, Jaime LGrand Island, NESREconomics
Zavadil, Ryan Valley, NESOFinance
Zegers, Ethan JMilford, NESRActuarial Science
Zehr*, Jordyn ALincoln, NEJRMarketing
Zink, Carter RBrookings, SDSRAccounting