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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Clifton Strengths Institute

Clifton Strengths Institute

Clifton Strengths Institute


At Nebraska, we invest in learning about your strengths because you succeed when you focus on what you’re strong at instead of what’s wrong. You’ll discover and develop your natural talents and determine how you can build them for success. Any UNL student who is enrolled in at least 6 credit hours may apply.

A National Model for Strengths-Based Education

Clifton Strengths Institute Summer Conference

Strengths Based Development: From Start to Finish

Are you building a strengths-based mindset on your campus? Are you passionate about strengths-based sciences in your workplace or startup? Are you eager to share your story and learn best practices from talented students, faculty and staff? Join us for our Clifton Strengths Institute Summer Conference as you deepen your knowledge, learn from others and advance your strengths practices.

July 25, 2023
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Five-Year Impact Report, 2020

Become Your Best By Using Your CliftonStrengths

On the campus where strengths-based psychology first started, you’ll see the power of understanding and using your top five CliftonStrengths. As a student, you’ll take the CliftonStrengths assessment in the Investing in Strengths (BSAD 111) course and receive one-on-one coaching to achieve individualized academic, personal and professional success.

About CliftonStrengths

Clifton Builders Program Students

Investing in Strengths (BSAD 111) Course

First-year business students learn how to develop and apply their strengths for success in college and beyond in this interactive course. After identifying their strengths through the CliftonStrengths assessment students learn how to leverage their strengths for specific outcomes including academics, major and career awareness, and engagement and well-being in college.

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Student Strengths Coaches

Selected for their ability to develop others, student strengths coaches mentor first-year business students in Professional Enhancement I: Investing in Strengths (BSAD 111). The coaches lead team meetings of up to 10 students once a week and facilitate two one-on-one strengths coaching sessions tailored to each team member to help them recognize and maximize their potential.

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Clifton Builders Program Students
Clifton Builders Program Students

Clifton Builders Program

Selected for their high leadership and entrepreneurial potential, Clifton Builders are challenged to create, disrupt and manage effectively. By choosing to pursue a Clifton Builders management major or minor, students learn how to build successful businesses, teams and communities and achieve higher levels of employee engagement to apply in their future positions of leadership.

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Clifton Strengths Institute Giving Fund

Support the academic, professional and administrative activities of the Clifton Strengths Institute.

Gallup Program Fund

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Clifton Strengths Institute
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