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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Meet Your Academic Community

Begin Business Now

At Nebraska, you don’t have to wait to take courses relevant to your future. We’re unique among other Big Ten schools in the fact that once you are enrolled, you can start taking business classes immediately. Here, you’ll leverage your strengths and forge your own path through coursework and involvement to a rewarding career. You can take advantage of all that our Big Ten business school offers – from interactive classes taught by faculty who are devoted to your success to distinctive programs enabling you to pursue your passions and collaborate with students and faculty alike.

Future Undergraduates

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Lay a Solid Foundation for Your Career

Through your coursework, you'll prepare for a career by exploring concepts that shape the landscape of business. Customize your degree by pursuing your passions and collaborating with students and faculty.


Lay a Solid Foundation for Grad School

Your academic experiences will prepare you for graduate school by sharpening your critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills. Customize your education through programs like the law and business minor, which is taught by law school faculty, or International Business Select, which offers special research opportunities.

We're Here to Help You Shape Your Future
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Collaborate 1-to-1 Through Research

Dive deep to examine big ideas alongside faculty. You can create a strong foundation for graduate school by choosing from a number of research-focused programs, including the university’s undergraduate research program, Bureau of Business Research scholars who do economic research, and the International Business Select program, to name a few.

Connect With Your Professors

Professors at Nebraska Business don’t just give lectures – they inspire, encourage and challenge you. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to connect 1-to-1 with them as you work toward your goals.

We're Here to Help You Shape Your Future
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Apply the Skills You Learn in Class

At Nebraska, you won't have to wait until graduation to apply the skills you learn in class. Through internships, you can take what you've learned and start making advances toward your chosen career path. Not only will internships help you stretch your strengths through real-world experience, but they will also help your application stand out when applying to your first job or a graduate program.

Experiences Expanding Beyond the Classroom

You can get the most out of your academic experience by getting involved outside of the classroom in clubs and organizations.


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