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Why Nebraska Business

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We encourage our students to write their own story. No matter their major, they push to learn more than just the basics. Our students dive deep and explore the concepts that shape the current landscape of business – all while discovering how they can form the future.

Six Ways You Can Achieve Success at Nebraska

Make Meaningful Connections

In the College of Business, you have direct access to successful alumni as well as local, regional, national and international employers. By connecting you with alumni and employers, you’ll be able to combine your strengths with those of others.

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Make Meaningful Connections

Experience Community, Not Cutthroat

There’s a place for you here at the College of Business. Our industry-leading faculty and programs will challenge you to become the best at what you want to do. You’ll find professors who care about you, peers you can rely on, and people you can work with to create great things – before you even graduate.

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Experience Community, Not Cutthroat

Leverage Your Strengths

We’re all about strength. And no, we don’t mean weightlifting. We’re talking about your personal strengths – what drives you, where you excel at, what makes you “you.” As part of your leadership development, we’ll help you discover your natural talents and determine how you can build them for success. As a first-year student, you’ll be given a CliftonStrengths® assessment and your own personal, peer coach to help you build an individualized plan for your career goals, academic pursuits and personal well-being.

Clifton Strengths Institute Professional Enhancement Program

Leverage Your Strengths

Chart Your Own Course

We know everyone takes a different path. No two students are the same, so why should they take all the same classes? We believe in giving every College of Business student the power to mold a major that matches their unique passions – which is why we offer 11 majors, 12 minors and 34+ additional programs to mix and match together.

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Chart Your Own Course

Learn by Doing

You won’t just sit in a classroom being lectured. You’ll have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and learn business by doing business.

Hands-On Opportunities

Leverage Your Strengths

Begin Business Now

There’s no need to wait or fill out additional applications. We’re unique among other Big Ten schools in the fact that once you’re enrolled, you can start taking business classes immediately.

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Chart Your Own Course
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Our Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

At Nebraska Business, we believe in the power of every person. This belief is at the core of everything we do and is at the center of our commitment to fostering a more inclusive community. We believe in fully embracing diversity in all forms seen and unseen, making inclusion a top priority, promoting equity across our policies and practices, and ultimately ensuring that excellence is inclusive.

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Co-Create Your Experience

You’re going to college to learn so you can do stuff in the future you can’t do now. Nebraska Business offers several opportunities to help you get the most out of college, develop skills and experience, and prepare for the future. Beyond your normal classroom, there are at least 34+ ways to co-create your experience here. Some programs, events and opportunities include:

Learn Business By Doing Business

Nebraska Business courses integrate hands-on learning opportunities so you can gain insight and experience by rolling up your sleeves and learn by doing.

But, what does this mean for you? It means no two days of class are the same. You’re learning through case studies, projects for actual clients, company visits, simulations, in-class activities, role-playing and guest speakers.

1-on-1 Support Means You Are Our Focus

By believing in the power of every person, we do big things together at Nebraska. We prioritize providing you with 1-on-1 support throughout your college experience.

What does this mean for you? From day one, you have access to free tutoring for business courses through the Teaching and Learning Center. Faculty host office hours where you can get help or ask questions. Dean Farrell also hosts weekly office hours where you can stop by, introduce yourself and talk about an idea you have or your future plans. When exploring majors or planning classes to take, you meet with an academic advisor who helps you graduate on time and also connects you with opportunities and resources to set you up for success. Additionally, the career coaches in the award-winning Business Career Center guide you in preparation for internship and job searches through the Professional Enhancement Program and 1-on-1 career coaching appointments.

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Visit With Us

Whether you meet with us virtually or in-person, you can experience Nebraska by seeing the tools and resources that will fuel your future. You can also schedule a Husker Weekday visit and request an academic session to meet our college recruiter and see Hawks Hall.

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