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Marketing is an exciting, broad field and is one of the largest areas of employment in business today. From marketing research to sales management, professionals in this industry create value in a variety of roles by generating demand for products or services and determining consumer preferences.

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As a marketing major, you’ll earn 6 credit hours of core marketing courses and 15 credit hours of marketing classes of your choice. Course options span a broad range of topics such as communication, analytics, sports, retail, consumer behavior, agriculture and supply chain.

View the list of required and elective courses in our Catalog and Four Year Plan.

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Choose Your Area
Jobs will always be available in marketing – it’s an integral part in the sale of any product. Marketing involves more than just sales or advertising. Many marketers are hired by a variety of organizations around the world.

Marketing Management

Marketing management is a good choice if you have a general interest in marketing and hope to establish your own business or want to rise through the ranks.

Who Pursues a Career in Marketing Management?

If you enjoy leading others and making important decisions, then becoming a marketing manager might be right for you.

When looking for a person to fill a marketing manager position, businesses seek individuals who are a competent in many areas. They should have knowledge about each aspect of the marketing process and possess key leadership skills to build and unite teams. Additionally, a marketing manager must be able to:
- Develop pricing strategies.
- Manage products or brands.
- Identify, develop and evaluate marketing strategy.
- Evaluate the financial aspects of product development.
- Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote products and services.
- Direct the hiring, training and performance evaluations of marketing and sales staff.
- Negotiate contracts with vendors and distributors.

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Every day, you’re exposed to marketing messages – whether watching TV, surfing the web, reading a magazine, checking social media, seeing a store sign or any of the numerous ways marketers communicate with you.

Who Pursues a Career in Promotion?

Marketing communications encompasses elements such as promotions, public relations and creating advertising materials for print, online, radio and television. With such a wide range of activities, this career requires a creative individual who can translate ideas into concrete messages meant to attract consumer attention. Individuals interested in this area should possess strong computer and communication skills.

If you decide to specialize in marketing communications, you can choose from a wide variety of career paths including advertising, public relations, digital marketing, media planning and development. Promotion may interest you if you want to work in advertising agencies, media or marketing departments of manufacturing or retail firms.

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Today, over 20 percent of jobs in the U.S. economy come directly from retailers. Retailing spans the spectrum from large retailers to small business owners.

Who Pursues a Career in Retailing?

Retailing is a highly sophisticated business with operations and opportunities around the world. It provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own business, with the potential to grow. Retailing similarly offers opportunities in franchises and franchise management, which is a rapidly expanding area of business. If you have an entrepreneurial mind and enjoy providing quality products to consumers, then you might want to consider a career in retailing.

Management positions in retailing include store management, buying, operations, financial management, accounting, human resources, advertising, retail design, global product sourcing, supply chain management and logistics.

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Selling and Sales Management

Careers in sales and sales management are usually the gateway to a variety of marketing and management positions.

Who Pursues a Career in Selling and Sales Management?

Employers, both local and national, look to hire Nebraska students for sales positions because of their skill set, self-motivation and understanding of business strategies necessary to succeed in a sales career. Possessing these skills makes sales a great career option.

A position in selling and sales management involves monitoring customer preferences to determine how to focus sales efforts, identifying prospects and selling to them, determining price schedules and discount rates and supervising salespeople. Graduates who succeed in sales are not only well-trained and well-compensated, but are exposed to a wide variety of business functions within their own organization and interact with customers across a variety of industries. These deliverables at entry-level positions are among the many reasons in which careers in sales provide a gateway to future opportunities and interests.

How Can I Prepare?

The Center for Sales Excellence offers a certificate program that will help you develop powerful sales skills. The program requires 13 hours of coursework. Because local companies collaborate with the Center for Sales Excellence, earning this certificate is a good way to develop your network and attract future employers.

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Market Research and Data Analytics

All marketers use information sources and research of various kinds to select target markets, estimate sales and determine if an advertising program or new product will make a positive return on investment. Along with a myriad of other tasks, some marketers are specialists in market research, which involves planning and collecting and analyzing data to answer crucial questions about the marketplace and consumers that drive business decisions.

Who Pursues a Career in Market Research?

If you have an analytical mind and a desire to study the effectiveness of the impact of data on marketing campaigns, then becoming a market research specialist or marketing analyst might be a good fit for you. In this field, there are several types of specialists. A few include:
- Qualitative Researchers explore qualitative information such as focus groups, consumer observation or competitor analysis.
- Quantitative Researchers examine quantitative information from customer database surveys, experiments and perform analyses.
- Database Analysts specialize in the use of marketing databases to understand aspects such as customers and product demand.

Typical entry-level jobs involve preparing questionnaires or analyzing data. High-level positions can be account managers or vice presidents for research, sometimes with profit and loss responsibility, who sell research to corporate clients and manage teams of researchers.

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Develop Your Network. Expand Your World.
From day one, you can join the American Marketing Association (AMA) Collegiate Chapter to connect with faculty and marketing practioners, compete in case competitions and learn from guest speakers, forums and company visits. You’ll be paired with a mentor from the Lincoln AMA Professional Chapter to help you gain a broader and deeper understanding of marketing. You can also enroll in a special projects class where you’ll engage in real business projects for industry professionals.

Student Organizations

Earn a Certificate in Sales Excellence
Learn how to sell yourself to anyone, pitch your ideas and influence others. The certificate coursework enables you to be more productive and influential, no matter what career path you choose. You will hone skills like the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, make decisions and influence others. Adding this certificate to your résumé will show that you have the skills employers commonly seek.

Undergraduates of any UNL major can apply to this program.

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Transform Your
Education with a Minor

Adding a minor can expand your expertise and give you a competitive edge.
The marketing minor is available to all business students. As a marketing major, we encourage you to supplement your degree with a minor. Many of our students choose to minor in advertising or textiles, merchandising and fashion design. Make an appointment in MyPlan to meet with an academic advisor and declare your minors.