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AMA Sheth Doctoral Consortium

AMA - Sheth Doctoral Consortium

The American Marketing Association (AMA)-Sheth Doctoral Consortium is an event that brings together one doctoral candidate in marketing from each of the leading universities in North America and some from beyond. Outstanding, emerging and established marketing faculty are invited as Consortium Faculty to interact with these Consortium Fellows. Approximately 50-60 leading faculty and about 90 doctoral candidates attend.

The objectives of the 4-day event are to:

  • Expose doctoral students to established, as well as emerging scholars/teachers.
  • Provide the students with an opportunity to network with other students in their cohort as well as with the doctoral consortium faculty from leading institutions around the world.
  • Expose the consortium fellows to cutting edge research topics and ideas that can strengthen their dissertations and provide impetus for future research.
  • Provide the students with information about alternative career choices and universities that will help them in their job selection process.
  • Sensitize doctoral students to the multiple facets of an academic career, including research, teaching, getting started, and career strategies.

The first AMA Doctoral Consortium was held in 1966 and has been held annually since that time. The recent addition of 'Sheth' to the Consortium title recognizes the generosity of Professor Jagdish Sheth and his commitment to finance part of the Consortium on an ongoing basis through the Sheth Foundation.

Department of Marketing AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Participants
Year Department Participant
2023Durgesh Pattanayak
2022Carissa Kim
2021Ravi Agarwal
2020Shilpa Somraj
2019Matthew Hall
2018No Participant
2017Aditya Gupta
2016Arvind Agrawal
2015Lynn Phillips
2014Jenifer Skiba
2013Joseph Matthes
2012Jeff Johnson
2011Justine Rapp
2010No Participant
2009Shannon Cummins
2008Mike Krush
2007Clinton D. Lanier, Jr.
2006Amber Epp
2005Risto Moisio
2004Avinash Malshe
2003Lynne (Susie) Pryor
2002Fleura Bardhi
2001Athinodoros Chronis
2000Ahmet Ekici
1999Suraj Commuri
1998Cara Okleshen
1997Mike Tippins
1996Tim Burkink
1995Stacey Baker
1994Madhavan Parthasarthy
1993Mary Martin
1992Suresh Subramanian
1991Steve Schulz
1990Gary Ko
1989Ann Walsh
1988Bob Stassen
1987Young Lim
1986Tom Parker
1985Terri Rittenburg
1984Hal Koenig
1983Les Carlson
1982Darrel Muehling