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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Undergraduate Certificate Program in Sales Excellence

Undergraduate Certificate
in Sales Excellence

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Sales Certificate Program


Learn how to sell yourself to anyone, pitch your ideas and influence others. The coursework enables you to be more productive and influential, no matter what career path you choose. You will hone the skills employers seek, such as the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, make decisions and influence others. The certificate in professional selling on your résumé indicates you’re a strong candidate for jobs and helps you sell yourself when applying for jobs or starting a business as an entrepreneur.

Top University for
Professional Sales Education

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The Nebraska Undergraduate Certificate Program in Sales Excellence contributes to the success of students and business partners.

The program has been named a "Top University for Professional Sales Education" each year since inception in 2014-15.
Gain a Competitive Edge in Any Major

Business Majors
  • Whether you are in accounting, actuarial science, agribusiness, economics, finance, management, marketing or supply chain management, there is some form of selling in every job.
  • Sales communication training develops skills desired by employers and increases your market value.
  • "There are a lot of brilliant people in business who cannot communicate with others. When they attempt to become managers, we have to replace them with the kind of people who can communicate.” –CEO of a California corporation
Non-Business Majors
  • Sales is a crucial component of every industry. Regardless your chosen profession, sales skills are a tremendous asset that can give you a distinct competitive advantage throughout your career.
  • As a non-business major, this is a great set of skills to list on your résumé.
  • Completing a Certificate in Sales Excellence proves to potential hiring companies you have strong communication skills, good relationship-building abilities, and that you will be an influential contributor.


Earn your Certificate in Sales Excellence completing 15 credit hours of required coursework. An Advanced Certificate in Sales Excellence is also available for students who complete an additional 3 credit hours of relevant coursework. Any and all majors are welcome to apply for admittance to the program by taking the first course in the program, Sales Communication – MRKT 257, which is an ACE 2 class.

Both certificates complement your existing major/minor and serve as a formal recognition that you satisfactorily completed the course requirements listed below. Certificates will not be listed on the student's transcripts. However, given the value of the certificates' curricula to prospective employers, you will benefit by mentioning these certificates on your résumé.


Required Coursework

Sales Communication (MRKT 257)
(3 credit hours)
ACE 2 Designated Class
This is the first course in the certificate program and provides an introduction to the fundamentals of sales communication including, verbal, listening, and written skills. You will learn the various components of the selling process, develop a written selling plan, and gain experience in executing each step of the selling process through role-play exercises.

Advanced Professional Selling (MRKT 357)
(3 credit hours)
Prereq: MRKT 257 and admission to Center for Sales Excellence
This course will build on the concepts in MRKT 257. You will learn advanced professional selling theory and practice, sales processes, planning and delivering sales presentations, and dealing with ethical sales issues. Professional selling practice and individual feedback for improvement are a core component of this course.

Sales Practicum I (MRKT 371)
(3 credit hours)
Prereq: Admission to Center for Sales Excellence
This course will help you develop your personal brand. You will learn about business etiquette, networking, negotiations, and career strategy. You will also be exposed to the organizational culture and opportunities provided by the Center for Sales Excellence Partners and learn what they look for in potential employees.

Customer Relationship Management and Sales Technologies (MRKT 457)
(3 credit hours)
Prereq: MRKT 257 and admission to the Center for Sales Excellence
This course focuses on customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force technology. The course will teach you how to use CRM systems in sales and use them to identify good prospects, improve customer retention, and maximize customer value. You will also get hands-on experience using a CRM system to successfully plan and execute a sales plan.

Sales Force Management (MRKT 458)
(3 credit hours)
Prereq: MRKT 341 or admission to the Center for Sales Excellence
In this course, you will learn about tasks that a sales managers needs to perform in building, directing and leading a sales force. Topics covered include sales forecasting, designing and structuring sales territories, and issues related to hiring, managing, compensating and evaluating sales people.

Optional Coursework

Sales Practicum II (MRKT 372)
(1-3 credit hours)
Prereq: Admission to Center for Sales Excellence
This optional practicum course is for students who want to pursue a sales-related internship (highly recommended). In this practicum, you work with a professor on a one-on-one basis and learn how academic sales concepts apply to your practical internship experience.

Additional Coursework for Advanced Certificate in Sales Excellence

Key Account Selling (MRKT 460)
(3 credit hours)
Prereq: MRKT 257; MRKT 357; MRKT 457; and admission to the Center for Sales Excellence
Teaches how to segment key accounts, how to identify high-margin business opportunities, how to sell to complex enterprises, and how to manage a Key Account team. Students practice key account presentations through role-play exercises and make actual calls and presentations to businesses in the region.

Learn By Doing

You will use state-of-the art facilities located in the Center for Sales Excellence role-play lab. With seven role-play rooms equipped with one-touch recording technology, class assignments put you in a setting to role-play, review and revise your work, which helps develop selling skills.

The sales labs also provide a means for professors to view and evaluate selling skills and techniques. As a student, you can also download role-plays for personal use, digital résumés and videos as samples to share with potential employers.

Sales Scholarships

Thanks to the support of generous donors, students in the undergraduate Certificate of Sales Excellence program can benefit from multiple scholarships.

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Join a Community

Join a Strong Community

As part of the Sales Center program, students enjoy the tight-knit community that develops from being in the same classes and participating in the same sales projects.

We work in collaborative groups and the students really bond in this program to where you know everyone in a closer way than normal classmates.
--Kathleen O'Toole '17 Marketing Major

In-Demand Skills

Learning how to build relationships, communicate and persuade effectively will help you advance more quickly. Seven soft skills employees are looking for are:

• Acting a team player
• Flexibility
• Effective communication
• Problem-solving and resourcefulness
• Accepting feedback
• Confidence
• Creative thinking

Build Real-World Skills
Realize Opportunity

Realize Opportunity

As a sales center student, you will connect with companies who are recruiting for talent and provide a variety of opportunities for internships and full-time careers. Networking events on and off campus will also help introduce you to the talented people behind world-class sales organizations.

I started the Chapin scholarship program with the Sales Center because I believe in the sales profession. When I speak to students I explain a good sales person never wants for a job.
--Richard Chapin, Nebraska media pioneer

Competitions and Events

The center hosts a number of events that connect students and our corporate partners, challenge your sales skills, and celebrate your accomplishments. Students in the Certificate for Sales Excellence program also earn the opportunity to represent Nebraska at national and international sales competitions.

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Connecting to Employers

The Center for Sales Excellence works closely with corporate partners who provide generous support to the program and our students. These partners not only help support the mission of the center, but also contribute to your professional development by attending events, participating in course projects, mentoring and regularly speaking in the classroom.

Center for Sales Excellence


Sohi, Ravi
Executive Director of the Center for Sales Excellence
HLH 335 D
Garewal, Robin
Assistant Professor of Practice in Marketing
HLH 335 F
Mardesen, Chad
Associate Professor of Practice in Marketing
HLH 335 Q
McLeod, Laura
Assistant Professor of Practice in Marketing
HLH 335 H
Runnalls, Blake
Assistant Professor of Marketing
HLH 335 M