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Economists study choices. They explain why economic phenomena occur, how markets work and how government policy influences the economy. Skills sharpened with economics are applicable to many jobs including investment banker, statistician, budget analyst, trade specialist, economic analyst and more. Their valuable insight to economic theories qualify them for careers in business as well as government, law and teaching.

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“Economics affects every part of your life. Most students think it’s just prices and money, but what they don’t realize is we study choices households, businesses and governments make under scarcity. We use quantitative methods to show how we could make those choices.”

–Dr. Laurie Miller, Associate Professor of Practice in Economics

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May’s Book Examines Gender Roles in Economics

Ann Mari May, professor of economics, published her groundbreaking work in the book, "Gender and the Dismal Science: Women in the Early Years of the Economics Profession." Exploring the role of women during the formative years of the economics profession from the 19th century through post-World War II, the book blends rich historical detail with extensive empirical data to examine the structural and institutional factors that excluded women from graduate education, academic publishing and higher education hiring practices.

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Department Chair, K.H. Nelson College Professor of Economics and Director of Bureau of Business Research
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