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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Central Plains Federal Statistical Research Data Center

Central Plains Federal Statistical
Research Data Center (CPRDC)

Welcome to the Central Plains Federal System Research Data Center (CPFSRDC) - Dr. John Anderson


We are the first FSRDC to serve the Central Plains region with a point of access to restricted-use versions of important datasets maintained by the US Census Bureau and other federal agencies. The center hosts a secure computing lab where qualified researchers with approved projects can conduct research using restricted-use microdata. Our goal is to support and enhance research using federal restricted-use data.

This website provides a list of resources for anyone interested in starting a project with the CPRDC. It is designed to introduce researchers to the center’s unique computing environment and to assist them with the application process. In addition to these resources, please feel free to contact the CPRDC administrator or the executive director.



FSRDC Network Map

FSRDC Network Map