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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Research Centers

Economics Center

As a Nebraska student, you have the opportunity to work with one of our several active research centers that provide research and work opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students.

Bureau of Business Research (BBR)

Dr. Thompson with students

The Bureau of Business Research is an applied economic and business research entity of the College of Business at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Located in the Department of Economics, the BBR provides relevant information and insightful data on economic conditions as a general service to individuals and businesses in the state while providing economists with practical opportunities to conduct applied economic research and trains students of economics and business.

Under the leadership of Dr. Eric Thompson, the Bureau attracts substantial grant funding that supports a broad range of policy oriented and scholarly research. Faculty members take the lead on projects, but graduate students form the core component of the teams. This approach provides the students essential training in the conduct of applied and scholarly research.

Upper division students typically work on projects and grants that are likely to result in scholarly publications. This has resulted in numerous reports and articles co-authored with graduate students.

BBR Grad Student Research

Central Plains Federal Statistical Research Data Center (RDC)

Dr. John Anderson

Under the leadership of Dr. John Anderson, Nebraska and its consortium partners (University of Nebraska Medical Center, Iowa State University, University of Iowa, and University of South Dakota) have established the Central Plains Federal Statistical Research Data Center. The RDC provides a secure environment for access to federal restricted-use data provided by the Census Bureau, NCHS, BLS, NCES, DoT, DHUD, IRS, and other federal sources. These restricted-use micro data sets are an invaluable tool for scholarly researchers in the social, behavior, health and life sciences and will make Nebraska a magnate for such researchers. The RDC provides restricted access to these data in the secure facility located in the Whittier Research Center on the Nebraska campus.

For graduate students, the RDC will offer direct funding opportunities as research assistants to work with faculty in various disciplines on research projects and to assist in supervision of research conducted at the center under the direction of the Census Administrator. Additionally graduate students will have unique opportunities to access detailed longitudinal and other data for their own research and to participate in funded research projects generated by ongoing grants associated with the RDC.

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National Center for Research in Economic Education


Under the leadership of Dr. William Walstad, the National Center for Research in Economic Education was established at the University of Nebraska in 1984. The National Center conducts research studies, evaluates programs, develops tests, conducts surveys, and consults on special projects with national organizations such as the Council on Economic Education. The Journal of Economic Education is housed and edited at the National Center. Studies from the National Center have been published in the Journal of Economic Literature, the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Education, and other scholarly journals.

The National Center provides a unique opportunity for graduate students to specialize in economic education in a department that is consistently ranked in the top 5 in the country. Students work as research assistants in the Center and often receive funding for dissertation research through the John T. and Mable M. Hay Fellowship.

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Nebraska Council on Economic Education

Nebraska Council on Economic Education logo

Under the leadership of Jennifer Davidson, the Nebraska Council on Economic Education works very closely with Nebraska K-12 school districts, Educational Service Units, and the Nebraska Department of Education. The overarching mission of the NCEE is to act as a catalyst and lead a statewide initiative to advance economic and financial literacy. NCEE believes that students should develop economic ways of thinking and problem solving that they can use in their lives as consumers, savers, investors, members of the workforce, responsible citizens, and effective participants in a global economy. To achieve this goal NCEE strives to ensure that all students from kindergarten through high school have an ongoing education in economics and personal finance.

In partnership with state Universities and Colleges, NCEE supports five centers for economic education located across the state at UNK, Nebraska, UNO, Chadron State and Wayne State. In partnership with its Centers, NCEE provides ongoing and regular professional development seminars and workshops to enhance teachers’ understanding of economics and personal finance and their ability to teach these important concepts. NCEE also provides direct to student programing through statewide academic competitions.

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Lincoln Center for Economic Education

Dr. Tammie Fischer with students

Under the leadership of Dr. Tammie Fischer, the Lincoln Center for Economic Education continues to increase the quantity and enhance the quality of economic education. The center was established in 1963 at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

The Center serves as a teaching, research, and service unit of the Department of Economics and the College of Business. As part of its mission, the Center provides teacher professional development, instructional services, curriculum development, and direct to student programs to all schools in Lincoln and surrounding areas.

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