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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

National Center for Research in Economic Education

National Center for Research
in Economic Education

National Center for Research in Economic Education


If you seek assistance with research and evaluation projects in economic education, we provide resources that work for you. From research and publications to training and development of data sets, strengthen your work through the National Center for Research in Economic Education.

Research and Publications

The National Center conducts research studies, evaluates programs, conducts surveys and consults with organizations on special projects. This work advances our understanding of economic education.

The National Center helped develop the widely-used Test of Economic Literacy for high schools, the Test of Economic Knowledge for middle schools, the Test of Understanding of College Economics (TUCE) for principles courses, and the Basic Economics Test for elementary schools. These tests are published by the National Council on Economic Education. The National Center also conducted national surveys on economic literacy and entrepreneurship in association with The Gallup Organization.

Results from National Center investigations are presented at professional meetings, described in research reports and released to the public. National Center studies have been published in the Journal of Economic Education, the Journal of Economic Literature, the American Economic Review and other scholarly journals.

The National Center made major contributions to scholarly books such as Econometric Modeling in Economic Education (1987), The Principles of Economics Course (1990), Effective Economic Education in the Schools (1991), An International Perspective on Economics Education (1994), Secondary Economics and Business Education (1996), Teaching Undergraduate Economics: A Handbook for Instruction (1998), and Reforming Economics and Economics Teaching in the Transition Economies (2004). Findings from National Center studies have been reported in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Time, U.S. News and World Report, and other newspapers and periodicals.

Information and Reviews

The National Center serves as a resource for those seeking answers to research questions. We respond to requests for information and helps make connections with other researchers who are working on similar projects.

Development of National Data Sets

The National Center archives and prepares data sets of national importance for advancing in economic education.

Education and Training

The National Center provides a unique opportunity for M.A. and Ph.D. students in economics at Nebraska to specialize in economic education as part of their program. There are benefits to the nation from these experiences because these graduates then make contributions to economic education at other institutions (See the Department of Economics webpage for information on the economics graduate courses).

The National Center participates in national programs and workshops to improve the economics teaching of college faculty and graduate students. For information, see the Teaching Innovations Programs (TIP) in economics at the website for the Committee on Economic Education of the American Economic Association.


The National Center was established in 1984 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It is a unit of the Economic Education program and the Department of Economics in the College of Business. The National Center is affiliated at the state level with the Nebraska Council on Economic Education. The National Center is affiliated at the national level with the National Council on Economic Education. The National Council formally designated the National Center to serve as its specialized center for research and evaluation for its network of 50 state councils and 275 college and university centers for economic education.

For additional information on economic education at the national level see the EconWeb.


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