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Teachers cannot teach what they do not know

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The Nebraska Council works to make sure teachers have the training, resources and support to confidently and effectively teach the next generation of Nebraskans. When teachers are successful in the classroom, their students will be successful in life.

To this end, the council offers economic and financial literacy training to teachers throughout the state by utilizing our established workshop, seminar and post-graduate educational programs. Sponsored and staffed by our regional Centers for Economic Education, these programs are held on college campuses, government facilities and private venues. The council also developed online training modules to ensure the benefits of these activities are available to teachers regardless of location or resources.

The council and its centers also support pre-service educators, methods instructors and mentors for tomorrow’s generation of K–12 educators. By providing new teachers with the materials and support they need to succeed in their classrooms from day one, the council helps ensure a quality experience for both students and teachers.