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Reiser Economic Educator of the Year

This award is given by the Nebraska Council on Economic Education (NCEE). It is intended to recognize teachers and other educators who have made a major impact over the years on the teaching of economics and personal finance in the state of Nebraska.

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Mary Lynn Reiser was an Associate and Director of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Economic Education for 29 years. Her workshops and other teacher outreach activities are extensive and legendary. She started the Banks in the Schools program in Nebraska, and was instrumental in the creation of an economics magnet elementary school, which she supported for many years by providing professional development for teachers and curriculum materials. She provided guidance and materials for the Center's website, EcEdWeb. She was also active in the international outreach programs of the Center, and hosted teachers from newly emerging market economies, such as Ukraine, to help them prepare to teach economics to children in their countries.

Reiser is also widely known and beloved national leader in economic education. She was a board member of the National Association of Economic Educators (NAEE) and served as its president. She served as a national board member for the Council on Economic Education (CEE). She initiated the CEE/NAEE pre-conference program for working with new center and council directors to help them efficiently develop and organize successful programs in their home states.

Mary Lynn Reiser
Mary Lynn Reiser
Award Recipients
2022 Jeff Gustafson Millard North High School
2021 Terrell McKinney Nebraska State Senator
2021 Julie Slama Nebraska State Senator
2020 Josh Hinrichs Lincoln Southwest High School
2019 Barry Thomas Omaha Public Schools
2018 Melissa Schram Millard West High School
2017 Bonnie Sibert Nebraska Department of Education
2016 Laurie Janicek Mary Lynch Elementary School
2015 Trent Goldsmith Waverly High School

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