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The Nebraska Council on Economic Education is classified as a 501 c(3) non-profit organization. The Council’s federal identification number is 47-6036149. We are supported by the generous contributions of private citizens, businesses, civic groups, public agencies, and direct and in-kind support from the Universities that host and sponsor our Centers for Economic Education. If you would like more information about the Council, would like a Council member to speak to your group about economic and financial literacy education, would like to contribute to the Council, or would like to sponsor a program please contact us at the numbers listed below.


The mission of the Nebraska Council on Economic Education is to act as a catalyst and lead a statewide initiative to advance economic and financial literacy.


We believe that students should develop economic ways of thinking and problem solving that they can use in their lives as consumers, savers, investors, members of the workforce, responsible citizens and effective participants in the state, national, and global economy.


To ensure that all students from kindergarten through high school have an ongoing education and programming in economics and personal finance. Further, we work to enhance teachers’ understanding of the subject matter and their ability to teach economics and personal finance concepts.

From The Chair

Recently, Nebraska became one of only a handful of states in the country to require learning about personal finance in high school. NCEE has been leading the statewide initiate to advance economic and financial literacy for decades and is able to provide immense resources for students and educators. NCEE works to equip educators with tools and curriculum that make learning about economics and personal finance both fun and practical, such as the annual Stock Market Game, Personal Finance Challenge and Econ Challenge. NCEE also provides hundreds of Nebraska educators with professional development resources so they can effectively teach economic and financial literacy in their classrooms.

The important work of NCEE helps students build a strong financial foundation on which to construct their adult lives and the multi-generational impact of that education cannot be overstated. An investment in NCEE is an investment in the future of Nebraska. By sustaining and growing the work of NCEE you are helping to equip generations of Nebraskans with practical and broad economic and financial literacy knowledge, and the results, much like interest, will compound exponentially.

Best regards,

Brett Ebert, Executive Chair
Nebraska Council on Economic Education
Ball, Loudon, Ebert, & Brostrom, LLC

Brett Ebert, Executive Chair

Brett Ebert, Executive Chair


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Associate Professor of Practice in Economics, Nebraska Council on Economic Education President and Nebraska Bankers Association Faculty Fellow
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