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Business Minors

Turn Your Degree into a Career with a Business Minor

Let a business minor take you exactly where you want to go. Adding a minor can give you the flexibility to open doors as in the law profession, work in a global setting, use analytical skills, be an entrepreneur or give you the keys to a variety of other careers that might not otherwise be possible. Explore the business minor options available at Nebraska.

Business Minor Options for Non-Business Majors


Available to: undergraduate non-business majors across the university

The business minor delivers an overview of accounting, economics, business law, finance, management and marketing. Taking classes either online and on-campus, you earn a valuable skill set for the professional world that sets you apart from your peers.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major who apply and are accepted into Clifton Builders program

Offered for students selected into the Clifton Builders Program, this minor enables you to pursue a blend of management and entrepreneurship courses. You gain the confidence and tools to help develop your strengths and leadership skills. Three possible tracks – business builders, team builders and community builders – allow you to tailor your minor to the type of impact you prefer to achieve.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major

Creatively strategize and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start your own business, work at a startup or lead growth for an established company. Two available tracks allow you to tailor your minor according to your experience in business coursework. The track for business majors emphasizes core entrepreneurship courses, and the track for non-business majors covers basic business courses with an entrepreneurship core.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major except those majoring in international business

Become a global citizen prepared to lead in a culturally complex world. You can impact your future employer by identifying global opportunities to create, expand or re-energize organizations and initiatives. The minor offers specialized coursework and hands-on experience through participation in an approved study abroad program.

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Available to: undergraduates of any UNL major

Taught by College of Law professors at the College of Business, the law and business minor prepares you for jobs requiring some knowledge of the law. These include the growing fields including human resources, accounting, procurement, technology consulting, policy analysis, financial services, environmental regulation, health care and real estate. The courses also allow you to explore a possible career in law while an undergraduate.

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How to Enroll

Students interested in enrolling in either minor should do so through MyRED.



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