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Business Analytics Minor

Business Analytics Minor Classroom


Enhance your degree and gain an edge in today’s competitive job market by adding a minor in business analytics. Open to all undergraduate business students, the minor is the perfect complement to any major and is designed to have broad appeal for employers. You’ll develop your critical thinking skills and learn how to analyze data to develop solutions to specific business problems. The cutting-edge methods and tools introduced are applicable in any industry for which interpreting and applying data are important.

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As big data and new computing technologies continue transforming all aspects of business, there is growing demand for employees with experience managing and analyzing data, and for those who have the ability to use business data to make decisions and predictions that add value to the organization. You’ll prepare to work collaboratively with information technology and statistical specialists to collect, maintain and analyze data in support of decision-making. You’ll also gain a strong foundation for future academic endeavors by learning how to process and analyze data.


The business analytics minor is a 12-hour program.

SCMA 350 (a required College of Business core course) is a prerequisite to all 400-level SCMA courses listed below.

Required Courses
  • SCMA 335 - Supply Chain Decision Making Models (unless an SCMA major*)
  • SCMA 451 - Introduction to Predictive Analytics
  • SCMA 452 - Database Organization and Management

* No student may double count any courses. Thus, accounting students cannot count ACCT 308 or ACCT 309 toward the business analytics minor. Supply chain management students cannot count SCMA 335, SCMA 437, or SCMA 450 toward the business analytics minor if they are included in their major. Marketing students cannot count MRKT 345 or MRKT 355 toward the business analytics minor if they are included in their major. Economics students cannot count ECON 417 toward the business analytics minor if it is included in their major.

Elective Courses

Choose one (two if a supply chain management student) of the following directed elective courses:

  • ACCT 308 - Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT 309 - Accounting Systems
  • ECON 417 – Introductory Econometrics
  • MRKT 345 – Market Research
  • MRKT 355 - Marketing Metrics
  • SCMA 437 - Supply Chain Risk Management
  • SCMA 450 – Data Modeling and Computing

Business Analytics Careers

• Financial Analyst
• Business Analyst
• Marketing Analyst
• Business Consultant

• Supply Chain Analyst
• Data Analyst
• Risk Manager
• Business Intelligence Analyst

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Batur, Demet
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics
HLH 511 J
P.O. Box 884114
Lincoln, NE 68588-4114