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MS in Business Analytics

The MS in Business Analytics will enable you to advance your career by strengthening your skills in quantitative business methods, tools, and software. This degree is designed to build on any background, and will have broad appeal for employers. Through this program, you will master skills that are transferable to any industry where interpreting and applying data leads to better decisions.

The MS in Business Analytics program consists of 30 credit hours, capable of being taken in one year. Courses are offered completely online in five 8-week sessions, along with College of Business MBA coursework. The coursework focuses on developing a foundational understanding of analytic decision-making tools, as well as an understanding of the role of data in contemporary business. The coursework also provides exposure to relevant tools and applications. Methods courses include data management and organization (including database management and SQL), predictive modeling, data mining, and risk and simulation modeling. Applications will be exposed through coursework in business foundations. Advanced modeling tools will be covered through elective courses such as econometrics, advanced descriptive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

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MBA Specialization

The MBA@Nebraska allows you to add a specialization to your degree. A specialization sends a signal to employers that you’ve acquired a solid set of skills, adding to your credibility and giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

The Supply Chain Management concentration provides exposure to the key concepts, tools and technologies needed for a successful career in supply chain management. The coursework covers a wide array of important topics, including strategic supply chain design, supply chain planning and forecasting, sourcing and procurement, logistics, distribution and inventory management, and lean management principles.

Students completing the Business Analytics concentration will develop their critical thinking skills and learn how to analyze data in order to develop solutions to specific business problems and improve performance. The critical skills taught in this program have broad appeal for employers and provide an edge in today’s competitive job market. The methods and tools introduced in the business analytics coursework are applicable in any industry for which interpreting and applying data are critical skills.

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