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Sales Excellence Scholarships

Supporting Future Sales Professionals Now

Thanks to the support of generous donors, students in the undergraduate Certificate of Sales Excellence program can benefit from multiple scholarships.

Mike Hays Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to the top students who graduate from the Certificate in Sales Excellence program and have done a sales internship. Recent honorees received $4,680 as tuition credit.

Students are nominated by the program's faculty and final selections are made by the donor.

Zach Cutler
Riley Efaw
Zoie Malesker
Brendan Roberts

Andrea Curnes
Olivia Dohmen
Amanda Fuechtmann
Jacqueline Graves
Jordan Kuhn

William Jacobs
Abby Nelson
Cole Ruff
Bonnie Schuerman

Maddie Bartlett
Clara Dargy
Brooke Hagel
TJ Hansen
Taylor Hauger

Alex Hoffman
Allison Weber
Ryan Kalkwarf
Jenna Zeleny
Kayleen Mourey
Hannah Krajicek

Justin Clark
Brody Cleveland
Jacob White
Amber Kohmetscher
Jonathan Meyer

Past Recipients

Richard W. Chapin Scholarship

Recipients earn this annual scholarship based on performance excellence in the Certificate of Sales Excellence program and participation in a sales internship program. Each honoree receives a $2,000 scholarship as tuition credit upon completion of the program.

Students are selected by the program's faculty.

Gavin Cross

Kevin Jacqmein
Maureen O’Hara
Natalie Underhill

Camryn Self
Lindsay Van Ryckeghem

Connor Boyens
Noah Hoefer
Kelby Roberts
Grace Wierus

Hannah Krajicek
Allison Weber
Ryan Kalkwarf

Michael Bebout
Logan Lewis

Cory Adamson Jr.
Michael Martin
Kathleen O’Toole
Trevor Willenborg

Aaron Docter
Colton Jones
Cole Weer

Past Recipients

NRC Health Rising Stars Scholarship

This $2,000 scholarship is exclusively for juniors and seniors interested in sales, business development, marketing or entrepreneurship-focused careers. Applicants must also have a 3.0 GPA or higher, and a track record of leadership and achievement.

The applications for this annual scholarship open each fall. It requires a resume highlighting relevant experience; achievements and leadership roles; and 1-2 page essay explaining career plans following graduation.

Application opens in 2024

Ava Risch
Lilianna Dennenbring

Rory Trager
Maureen O'Hara

Hunter Bergman
Lauren Lewis

Sydney Long
Bradley Martins

Kayla Brumley
Noah Lukz

Nathan Netz
Conrad Shiu

Trevor Willenborg
Amber Kohmetscher

Shayne Arriola
Joshua Nelson

Audrey Pawol
Matthew Sleister

Brendon Henning
Samantha Areman

Justin Peet
Eric Reznicek

Emma Vavricka
Yanghui (Elaine) Ji

Danielle Tucker
Hans Christensen

Past Recipients

NRC Health Diversity Focused Sales Explorer Scholarship

This private scholarship provides an opportunity for racially or ethnically diverse students to explore a career in sales by offering a tuition credit for the Sales Communication (MRKT 257) course at UNL. MRKT 257 is applicable to all students, as the class fulfills the ACE 2 – Communication Competence for all students at the university. Up to five $1,000 scholarship recipients are selected per academic semester. Applicants must be: a racially or ethnically diverse student; planning to register for MRKT 257; in good academic standing; and a U.S. citizen or hold a permanent resident visa card.

Applications are accepted by the donor each semester, and scholarship recipients receive an award notification in time to register for the next semester's classes. This scholarship is not a stackable scholarship for recipients of the Nebraska Promise Scholarship.

Apply Now

Spring 2024
Isaac Langman
Zixuan Shi

Spring 2023
Bree Bell
Sruthi Ravella

Fall 2022
Corey Nguyen
Tram Ngo
Yasmin Ramirez

Spring 2022
Derek Branch
Maya Elias
Jacquie Paul
Naree Philavanh
Emily Vuong

Summer 2021
Ambi Anuh-Ndumu

Spring 2021
Mattheows Ginting
Austin Jablonski
Eduardo Mora
Michelle Saqui Cortes

Past Recipients

NRC Health Diversity Based Sales Career Scholarship Program

The NRC Health Diversity Based Sales Career Scholarship is an opportunity for racially or ethnically diverse students with sales potential to obtain a Certificate in Sales Excellence. The scholarship is renewable if the recipient is a member of the Center for Sales Excellence (CSE) certificate program and maintains a 3.0 or higher GPA within the CSE. This private scholarship was created to encourage racially or ethnically diverse students to pursue a career in sales. One scholarship recipient is selected per academic year. Applicants must be: a racially or ethnically diverse student, admitted to the CSE program; interested in and show an aptitude for a career in sales; in good academic standing; and a U.S. citizen or hold a permanent resident visa card.

Sales Career Scholarship recipients receive a tuition credit up to $3,800 for a Certificate in Sales Excellence once admitted into the program. NRC Health will provide an additional $1,000 of tuition credit if a recipient chooses to obtain an Advanced Sales Certificate.

Apply Now

Chris Chavez

Rayn Craver

Enrique Martinez

Matt Ginting

Past Recipients


Learn how to sell yourself to anyone, pitch your ideas and influence others. The coursework enables you to be more productive and influential, no matter what career path you choose. You will hone the skills employers seek, such as the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, make decisions and influence others. With the certificate in professional selling on your résumé indicates you’re a strong candidate for jobs and helps you sell yourself when applying for jobs or starting a business as an entrepreneur.

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