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Corporate Involvement

Corporate Involvement

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The Center for Sales Excellence works closely with corporate partners that provide generous support to the program and our students.

Our partners not only help support the mission of the Center, but also contribute to the professional development of our students by attending events, participating in course projects, mentoring, and regularly speaking in the classroom. In return, our Partners build strong relationships with our sales students and also have the opportunity to engage in custom research projects with our faculty members.

Partner Companies and Advisory Board Members

The Center for Sales Excellence Advisory Board is composed of select business leaders from a variety of impactful companies in the Nebraska community. Board members provide invaluable support in helping to shape the program and give students maximum opportunities to learn and grow in the sales profession.

If you are interested in learning more about Corporate Partnerships, please contact Chad Mardesen.

If you are interested in learning more about Custom Research, please contact Ravi Sohi.

View Advisory Board Members

LRS Healthcare
NRC Health
Pacific Life
Sandhills Publishing
Workforce SA


Sohi, Ravi
Executive Director of the Center for Sales Excellence
HLH 335 D
Mardesen, Chad
Associate Professor of Practice in Marketing
HLH 335 Q