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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

About the Center for Sales Excellence

Advancing the Practice of Sales Excellence

The mission of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Sales Excellence is to shape the future of personal selling and sales management by providing advanced instruction to students, creating mutually beneficial relationships within the business community, and generating high-caliber sales research for the benefit of our partner companies.

Educational Goals
  • Provide rigorous and relevant sales education to undergraduate students, graduate students, and working professionals
  • Integrate the classroom with the real world through applied sales classes
  • Connect with alumni and local business professionals to create mentoring and coaching opportunities for students
  • Provide students with a network of sales professionals for professional and personal advancement
Business Partnership Goals
  • Partner with local, regional, and national companies that are interested in hiring trained sales graduates
  • Incorporate practitioner guidance through the Sales Advisory Board
  • Provide on-site education and consulting for local businesses
Research Goals
  • Conduct research that has academic rigor and practical implications
  • Collaborate with companies to obtain data and research resources
  • Create a presence in the top academic journals
Teacher and students in sales lab

Sales Laboratory

The Center has state-of-the art facilities located in the College of Business Center for Sales Excellence role-play lab. With seven role-play rooms equipped with one-touch recording technology, students have the ability to role-play, review, and revise their work, which helps them apply and practice their selling skills.

The sales labs also provide a means for professors to view and evaluate selling skills and techniques. Students also have the ability to download their role-plays for personal use, and can include digital resumes and videos to share with potential employers.

In addition to student use, these facilities are available to our corporate partners for training and development purposes.

students in the sales lab