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November 26, 2012

New Speakerphone added in CBA 109 for Teleconferencing

The interdepartmental conference room on the first floor, CBA 109, has been upgraded to include a speakerphone for teleconferencing purposes. This room now joins the ranks of CBA 139D, CBA 214D and CBA 222 in teleconferencing ability.


The Polycom speakerphone is wireless, so it can be unplugged from its charging cable and brought to the center of the room when needed, and returned when not being used. The phone works like a normal phone (its number is 472-5447). If calling outside of UNL, one simply needs to dial 9 to get out.


If more than two connections are needed for the teleconference, UNL Telecommunications will be happy to assist in setting up a conference call at  472-3434.