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Development Opportunities

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Cultivating Exceptional Teaching

The Teaching and Learning Center in the College of Business equips faculty and instructors with the tools and resources they need to be successful in the classroom. Through the opportunities outlined below, the TLC offers short- and long-term programming to meet the needs of all instructors.

All faculty and staff listed as the instructor of record for a College of Business course are eligible to apply for a TLC grant.

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Meet the TLC Staff

Instructional Designers collaborate with instructors to promote inclusive, innovative, research-informed, and effective teaching for all students. Faculty can schedule a meeting to develop ideas and strategies to implement in their courses, whether online or in person.

Allgood, Sam
Faculty Director
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Linde, Kasey
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Associate Director
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TLC Services

The Teaching and Learning Center offers a variety of services and resources that are always available to instructors in the College of Business. Listed below is a sampling of structured services, but faculty and instructors are welcome to reach out to TLC staff with questions or concerns.

Teaching Observation

Teaching observations provide an opportunity for instructors to get an outside perspective on their teaching. The teaching observation is a light-weight version of those previously offered as grants. Instructors will record 2-3 class sessions of their choosing and provide the recording links for review. Observers may be instructional designers, TLC staff, and Seacrest Fellows. Feedback will be compiled from observers anonymously and given to the instructor.

Observers will look at all elements of the course during the observation, and we ask instructors to provide 1-3 guiding items they wish to specifically be informed by the observation and feedback. These guiding items can be:

  • Student engagement.
  • Student experience. (How active or inactive are the students?)
  • Teaching style and effectiveness.
  • Teaching materials and tools.
  • Suggestions for pedagogy, technology use, student engagement, materials, accessibility, etc.

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Canvas Course Review

Instructional designers will examine your Canvas course for course design and information, digital accessibility, content and assessment, and interaction. The broad items the review seeks to inform are course functionality, the user experience, and how well the course supports learning. The instructional designer and the Teaching and Learning Center can then guide and assist the instructor for any remediation. Check the Canvas Review document for the specific items being reviewed. This document can also be used for instructors to self-check their course.

Inclusive Teaching Review (IEAB)

The Inclusive Teaching Review is a resource that walks through a variety of teaching strategies that can be implemented in your course. Instructors should review the form and identify which strategies are already in use and which ones might be worth adding to your course. The TLC staff can provide additional resources and support to implement the changes.

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Teaching Technologies

In addition to general UNL academic technologies, the Teaching and Learning Center offers a variety of teaching tools available for free to all instructors. Tools include:

  • ActiveClass a collaborative discussion board
  • Perusall a social annotation platform
  • Slido a synchronous, polling response tool
  • Design Tools a Canvas plug-in to build high-quality courses

Teaching Grants

These grants are intended to be completed the semester prior to teaching the course. For example, if you receive the January grant, the changes should be made during the Spring semester with the course being taught in the following Summer/Fall semester.

New Course Development Undergrad & Grad | $500-$1,000

The New Course Development grant is for instructors who are teaching a new undergraduate or graduate course. The course needs to be new to the department or an established course that the instructor is teaching for the first time and would like to make significant revisions. Instructors will work through a course development process with TLC staff to outline course objectives, design, and assessments.

Recipients designing a new course will receive a $1,000 award and those revising an established course $500.

New Teaching Practice | $500

The New Teaching Practice grant supports instructors who are looking to make a substantial change to their teaching that requires additional support and or resources that could be provided by the TLC. Examples of changes could include:

  • Adapting to a flipped or hybrid classroom environment
  • Revising all or majority of course assessments (e.g. adapting for AI)
  • Implementing or revising group work/projects
  • Incorporating case studies or other experiential learning opportunities

Grant recipients will work directly with the TLC staff to make the proposed change(s) and provide documentation to show that the changes were successfully incorporated into their course and used during the next instructional period.

Learning Community: AI in Education | $500

The Learning Community grant is for instructors who share a common interest in a pedagogical topic. The focus for the Spring 2024 community will be incorporating generative AI into the classroom. Participants will meet several times as a group throughout the semester as well as at least one individual meeting with TLC staff.

Faculty will learn about AI, refine a plan to incorporate AI and make the necessary changes to add it into the syllabus.

Anticipated Timeline: 1-3 months

Applications due January 15 and June 15

Seacrest Fellows

The Seacrest Fellows program is for faculty who are interested in completing a scholarly project around teaching innovation and/or effectiveness. Fellows will spend two years collecting data, often from their own classroom(s), and sharing the results through internal workshops, pedagogical conference presentations and/or journal publications.

Fellows receive $3,000 per year, for up to two years, to complete their project. There is a possibility for an additional third year depending on the length and scope of the project.

Anticipated Timeline: 1-3 years

Applications due June 15
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Linde, Kasey
Director of Teaching, Learning and Accreditation
HLH 014
P.O. Box 880405
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