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Development Opportunities

a professor teaching a course.

Cultivating Exceptional Teaching

The Teaching and Learning Center in the College of Business equips faculty and instructors with the tools and resources they need to be successful in the classroom. Through the opportunities outlined below, the TLC offers short- and long-term programming to meet the needs of all instructors.

All faculty and staff listed as the instructor of record for a College of Business course are eligible to apply for a TLC grant.

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General Programming and Support

Meet Our Instructional Designer

Instructional Designers collaborate with instructors to promote inclusive, innovative, research-informed, and effective teaching for all students. Faculty can schedule a meeting to develop ideas and strategies to implement in their courses, whether online or in person.

Course Grants

The college offers two types of course grants twice a year to enable you to advance one of your courses.

Course Innovation: Identify a change to make in your classroom and partner with the TLC to develop a solution.

Compensation: $1,500

Course Review: Complete a developmental review process for one of your courses.

Compensation: $500
Learn About the Course Review Process

Anticipated Timeline: 1-3 months

Applications due January 15 and June 15

Seacrest Teaching Fellowship

Complete a research project on a teaching innovation or intervention that improves student outcomes.

Compensation: $6,000-$7,000
Anticipated Timeline: 1-4 years

Applications due June 15
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Linde, Kasey
Director of Teaching, Learning and Accreditation
HLH 014
P.O. Box 880405
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