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Seacrest Teaching Fellows

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Cultivating Exceptional Teaching

The Seacrest Teaching Fellows program supports instructional faculty who propose new projects to conduct research on a topic of interest or explore a teaching innovation and evaluate its effectiveness. With a focus of igniting students' passion for learning and providing high quality classroom experiences, the Fellows engage in both indivudal projects and community-building activities for the College of Business during their year-long appointment.

Application and Selection Process Program Eligibility Program Participants

2022-23 Seacrest Fellows

Past Program Participants

2018-19: John Geppert, Laurie Miller, Uche Jarrett
2019-20: John Geppert, Laurie Miller, Uche Jarrett, Amanda Gonzales
2020-21: Laurie Miller, Uche Jarrett, Amanda Gonzales
2021-22: Uche Jarrett, Amanda Gonzales, Rob Stein, Sam Allgood
2022-23: Amanda Gonzales, Rob Stein, Heather Clemens, Bob Mackalski


All instructional faculty in the College of Business are eligible to participate in the Teaching Fellows Program. There are two types of Fellows:

Teaching Fellows

Instructional faculty propose new project(s) to conduct research on a topic of interest or implement a teaching innovation and evaluate its effectiveness. Teaching Fellows are eligible for financial support of $6,000 per year for up to two years per project.

Senior Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows who have completed two years in the program may move into a mentorship role. They are still eligible for continued financial support of $7,000 per year for up to two additional years while continuing their research and innovation in teaching, which should lead to publications in teaching journals or presentations at teaching conferences.

Apply to Become a 2023-24 Seacrest Fellow

An ad hoc committee of relevant stakeholders will review and select from new applications each year.

Apply by June 15

Send the following applicaiton materials to Kasey Linde

Research or Innovation Proposal (250-500 words) describing teaching innvovation or research project, timeline, how you will disseminate results, and how project outcome will affect quality of teaching in the CoB.


Teaching Statement (250-500 words) sharing your beliefs about how people learn and how invovlement in this program will cahllenge you as a teacher and assist you in engaging more fully with students.


Letter of Support from Department Chair detailing how your invovlement in this research or innovation will support the Department's teaching mission.


Share your current CV inluding teaching, publications, presentations, and research interests.


Linde, Kasey
Associate Director of the Teaching and Learning Center and Program Coordinator for Inclusive Business Leaders
HLH 014
P.O. Box 880405
Lincoln, NE 68588-0405