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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

About Us

Business Career Center Mission, Vision and Diversity Statements

Mission Statement

The Business Career Center delivers innovative services and programs to develop confident, professional, and connected business students for lifelong career success.

Vision Statement

The Business Career Center will be a national leader in preparing business students for lifelong career success.

Diversity Statement

We connect with each student by creating an inviting environment that empowers students of all identities to develop confidence in managing their lifelong career potential.

We commit to ongoing education and development of our staff to deepen our understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, which is demonstrated in our coaching, classes and employer interactions.

We promise to provide equitable access to information and resources relevant to students’ intersectional identities and a forum with open dialogue for students to address identity in their career. We strive to educate and support employers who provide equitable and innovative hiring practices that create opportunities for students.

As we continue to learn and grow, we look to the future and encourage you to be an active collaborator to create an inclusive environment for all.

Meet Our Team

Timm, Chris
Director of the Business Career Center
HLH 141
Caldwell, Paula
Associate Director of Career and Professional Development of the Business Career Center
HLH 141
Patel, Megan
Assistant Director of Internship and job Search Strategies of the Business Career Center
HLH 141
Sandin, Mikki
Assistant Director of Professional & Life Skills
HLH 141 S
Koonce, Kadina
Assistant Director of Career Development and Planning
HLH 141 R
Stowers, Roxanne
Project Assistant of the Business Career Center
HLH 141

Student Team

The Business Career Center highly values its student staff. Student positions include employer relations intern, marketing intern, and peer career coaches.

Peer Career Coaches are College of Business students who coach, advise, and assist in a teaching capacity to help students to become confident, professional, and connected individuals.

Marketing Interns support and strategize communication and outreach efforts including weekly newsletters, event promotions, and digital signage.

Employer Relations Interns support employer outreach and relationship building initiatives including Employer in Residence and other on-site employer events.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Career Services Network

The Business Career Center collaborates with UNL to provide students and employers opportunities to connect through:

• Student Publications

• Job and Internship Postings

• Campus Interview Software

• Career Fairs and Events

• Career Services Coordinating Board

University Career Services