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Employment Readiness Certificate

Employment Readiness Certificate

Employment Readiness Certificate

International Student Employment Readiness Certificate Program

The Employment Readiness Certificate (ERC) program is a zero-credit, nine-week career preparation course for international students. Discover and develop skills early in your college years to help increase confidence, build professional, social, and academic connections, and prepare for your career pathway. Upon completion of this resume enhancing program, students receive an Employment Readiness Certificate from the College of Business Career Center.

Typically offered in the spring semester
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This is a zero-credit hour course

ERC Students

Who Should Apply

Any international student enrolled in College of Business classes who:

  • Is an undergraduate student
  • Aims to develop skills and strategies to pursue internships and jobs through taking advantage of opportunities to make the most of your campus experience
  • Wants to showcase your potential through increased community involvement and resource development

If you answered "YES" to these statements, you should apply for the Employment Readiness Certificate.

What You Will Do in the ERC Program

ERC students will have multiple opportunities to gain skills through:

  • Career Development Workshops: Learn internship and job search strategies, employer research tips and ways to enhance your professional branding and marketability
  • Career Coaching Appointments: Participate in one-on-one appointments with a career coach to discuss job search strategies, review and improve resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters and more
  • Get Involved: Serve the community through a group service project
  • Success Skills: Develop elevator pitches, increase networking skills, and gain confidence in interviewing
  • Cultural Competency: Learn how to communicate unique cultural skills and experiences as benefits to future employers
International Students

In this class, we delved into the realm of international exposure, exploring diverse cultures and seizing global opportunities. Moreover, the class provided extensive resources for career development. From resume-building to networking opportunities, we were equipped with the tools necessary to navigate the global job market with confidence. Guest speakers from different industries shared their insights and experiences, offering invaluable advice on how to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

I cannot stress enough how transformative this class has been for me personally and professionally. It has broadened my worldview, expanded my network, and equipped me with the skills needed to thrive in a globalized society. I wholeheartedly encourage my fellow mates to seize the opportunity to enroll in this class.

Sunny Gupta, international business major


Sandin, Mikki
Assistant Director of Professional & Life Skills
HLH 141
P.O. Box 880405
Lincoln, NE 68588-0405