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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Career and Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes

Each year, the Business Career Center publishes a Career Outcomes report, sharing the statistics of students’ post-graduation plans. The data presented is based upon survey responses and information from other legitimate sources, such as faculty and LinkedIn, offering a more comprehensive view.

Points Of Pride

Student Outcomes for College of Business Undergraduates 2018-19

Post Graduation Plans

86% of students secured employment or continued education within six months of graduation.
67% accepted employment
18% committed to further education
1% serving in the military/long-term volunteer program


Starting Salaries

$49,328 average full-time starting salary based on 397 reported salaries.
Does not include those employed in post-graduate internships or fellowships.


Signing Bonuses

$3,982 average signing bonus based on 106 reported signing bonuses.

Act Sci Career Fair

Hourly Rate by Major for 2020-21 Interns

Major Hourly Rate
Accounting $16.98
Actuarial Science $20.78
Agribusiness $15.83
Business Administration $13.80
Economics $14.97
Finance $14.80
International Business $14.24
Management $14.94
Marketing $14.07
Supply Chain Management $15.52
All Majors Average $15.18