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Microsoft Exchange Labs Coming For UNL Students

The University of Nebraska will be migrating student email accounts this summer to a new Microsoft hosted environment. The new system will utilize Microsoft Exchange Labs and will retain much of the look and feel of the typical Microsoft environment. Some benefits include being able to access email from appropriate mobile devices, utilization of Microsoft Instant Messenger, and the ability to use collaborative tools online that will allow you to share documents and other projects.

The new email domain for UNL students will be You will be able to retain this address even after you leave the university. Bigred email accounts will be discontinued although the university will attempt to transfer data to your new account. For those students using other types of email accounts such as Gmail you will be able to forward your email from the university system to your current account.

The email service will be hosted by Microsoft allowing students instantaneous access to updates and improvements made by Microsoft to its Live@edu services. Additionally, no advertising will be associated with your account as long as you remain a UNL student.

Stay tuned for futher updates and alerts regarding this exciting transition in UNL's student email services.

Published: June 1, 2008