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James Fairchild Receives Dean's Coin Recognition

James worked for UNL ITS for over a year before joining CBA full-time this fall as the software development specialist. During that time, the university introduced a new web template and the head designer on the CBA website redesign left the University to work in the private sector. With the deadline for converting to the new template pending and no designer on the creative team, James stepped up and took on additional duties, not only on the technical side of the website, but also on the design side.
Sheri Irwin-Gish, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing said, “James has created interactive design components for the website that we hadn’t thought possible. He has worked around the clock to meet pressing deadlines while continuing to address ongoing website needs and other projects. He listens to suggestions and problems, and comes back with solutions that are well thought out and designed. He is a key leader on our creative team.”
David Hartline, said, “James has been a great addition to our team at CBA. He brings a rare combination of technical expertise alongside great interpersonal skills with a desire to expand his knowledge and meet the needs of clients. With the continued growth of CBA and the increasing presence of IT in the college, James has been able to not only keep web development moving forward, but continue to make CBA a technological leader at UNL and throughout the college and university community.”

James Fairchild was awarded the Dean's Coin on May 1.
Published: May 1, 2014