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May 5, 2011

IT Services Team Release Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey

The 2011 CBA IT Services customer satisfaction survey results are now available. A total of 71 people participated in the survey including faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students. We encourage CBA employees to review the data not only to get an idea of how their co-workers rank the IT Services group efforts but also to get an overview of more detailed information regarding topics such as data storage, mobile device trends and security software issues.

Although the overall ratings were positive and encouraging to the IT Services team we do value all input we receive and try to gear our services to the professional needs of those employed at CBA. The rapid evolution of technology requires regular input from our users and we welcome any additional comments that may not have been covered directly by the survey.

Results of the survey included:

  • The vast majority of respondents consistently rated their experience with CBA IT Services as either Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the services they have received.
  • Most users are currently storing their computer data on server drives. Users generally responded favorably to backing up data on a server drive rather than having data stored solely on their computer hard drive.
  • Although most users are not currently doing a lot of work on mobile devices this is an area that the IT Services team will continue to track as mobile device usage expands and continues to become an even bigger part of the CBA student experience.
  • Users were somewhat satisfied with their security software but there also were many users that did not have much awareness regarding computer security issues.  This may indicate a need for additional training or information sessions on computer security issues.

Action items based on the 2011 survey include:

  • Migrating CBA file storage to increase storage space and ensure regular backups.
  • Work with UNL to improve MyRed user experience.
  • Reorganize CBA IT Services website so users can better find information current services.
  • Improve overall communications to better inform users of available services.
  • Thanks for participating in the survey and contact us anytime with additional feedback or concerns.