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March 21, 2014

Hartline Recognized by Regents with University of Nebraska Kudos Award

David Hartline, IT manager at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, is the recipient of the University of Nebraska Kudos Award “for going above and beyond” his expected job duties. He was presented the award at the Nebraska Board of Regents meeting, March 21.

“I do my best to be of service to CBA and the fact that it was noticed by others means a lot to me,” Hartline said. “To be officially recognized by the regents is a real honor.”

He was nominated for the Kudos Award by winning the 2013 Distinguished Service Award presented to the outstanding staff member at CBA. In winning the Distinguished Service Award, he was praised for his ability to “maintain patience, stay calm and treat everyone he helps with respect.” Nominations also noted his attention to “drop what he is doing to help out anyone in CBA.”

“Most memorable for me was the time a student had a medical emergency outside my office and I was able to call 911, stabilize the person and stay with them until the paramedics arrived,” he said. “I appreciate that was mentioned in my recognition.”

David Hartline

David Hartline (left) works with faculty at CBA

Hartline, who began as a student worker at the college in 2007, was promoted to IT Help Center supervisor in 2011 as part of a reorganization plan that occurred between UNL and CBA. After one year, he was named IT manager.

“I gradually absorbed additional responsibilities at CBA beyond managing the Help Center,” he said. “I tried to bridge the gap between IT operations and facilities management. Though those are two very different things, they often come into contact very quickly.”

Hartline now works on resolving IT logistics problems at the college, responds to physical and digital signage needs and works closely with faculty and staff at CBA to prepare for the new college building facility which will open in 2017.

“Every day we’re talking about plans for the new facility. It’s exciting to talk with faculty and find out what they need in terms of classrooms in the new building. I’m looking forward to being part of the planning process and creating a terrific learning environment for our students.”

Hartline manages his eight person staff with a do-as-you-see-fit style. He believes in trusting them to do their jobs and verifying the results.

“By following those principles, we’ve been able to build a strong student-run organization with technician specialists who have the skills to help faculty, staff and students.”