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CBA IT Services Preps Interns for Careers in Information Technology

Broden Collins and Collin VanLoon gained hands-on, pre-collegiate experience utilizing their technology skills with a paid summer internship in IT Services at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. The interns were mentored and challenged to develop their talents at CBA through the college’s participation in 1st Job-Lincoln, a project sponsored by the Lincoln Human Resource Management Association’s Workforce Readiness Committee.
“We had a great time working with both Collin and Broden throughout this internship program,” said David Hartline, information technology manager. “They both brought a lot to our institution, and we were able to help them grow professionally and hopefully prepare them for future academic success.”
The interns did most of the same duties as a collegiate CBA IT technician student worker. They helped CBA faculty and staff with technical issues, investigated and resolved hardware and software problems in the college and more. They also learned working in information technology heavily involves working with people.
“The best part about working at CBA was meeting so many awesome people. Coming into this job, I knew almost no one at the university, and I was very shy at my job,” Collins said. “But now, my confidence has increased by leaps and bounds. It has been a pleasure working with everyone.”
Both interns completed special projects for the renovation of student computer labs and the setup of the new Graduate Programs office and Honors Academy/MBA student lounge.
Broden Collins

Collins working with Davis Podany of CBA IT Services

“The interns have had a lasting impact on CBA. With Collin’s assistance in the setup of the new Graduate Programs office, the staff were able to quickly resume their work of preparing for this school year. Broden impacted our students’ learning experience with his assistance in the student computer lab renovations,” said Hartline.
1st Job-Lincoln provided a mutually beneficial experience for both the interns and the college, which was one of nine participating local employers in the program. 
“This internship program provided such an all-around win-win. CBA could support high school students in using newly learned technical skills in a paid position, and at the same time hire for hard-to-fill summer student worker positions in CBA IT Services,” said Deb Eisloeffel, human resources manager.
VanLoon returned to Pius X High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, to complete his senior year. Collins has begun his freshman year as a computer science major at UNL.
Published: August 28, 2014