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Faculty and staff work to make Nebraska Business a place of ongoing personal discovery for all. From undergraduate and graduate students to our faculty, you’ll find a dedicated and energetic community of scholars continually striving for research excellence.

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Jimmy Downes

Downes Research Clarifies Cash Flow Hedge Derivatives on Balance Sheet
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John Anderson

Nebraska's Anderson Leads Research Study to Help Revive Detroit Economy
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Wang Explores Corporate Bond Offering Pricing Process
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jenna pieper

Study IDs How Business Turnover Unfolds Amid ‘Unit-Level Shocks’
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Knitting’s Resurgence Reflects Women’s Desire to Confront Inequality
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Supply Chain Management
Lan Wins Chan Hahn Best Paper Award
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The Impact of COVID-19 and Associated Policy Responses on Global Food Security
Journal(s): Agricultural Economics
Published: November 4, 2022
CoB Author(s): Edward Balistreri
This research considers the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated government policies on the global trading system and its ability to deliver food to impoverished people. Income and price shocks are considered as they impact the ability of low-income households to acquire food. We estimate the impact of the pandemic on food security in 80 countries. We find increased food insecurity predominantly driven by income rather than price shocks.
Gender and the Dismal Science: Women in the Early Years of the Economics Profession
Journal(s): Columbia University Press
Published: July 5, 2022
CoB Author(s): Ann Mari May
Gender and the Dismal Science examines the role of women in the economics profession from the late nineteenth century to the postwar period. Drawing on material from the AEA archives and novel data sets, she exposes the challenges that women faced in the early years of the discipline -- revealing the historical roots of the homogeneity of economics and shedding light on why biases against women persist today.
Prep School for Poor Kids: The Long-Run Impacts of Head Start on Human Capital and Economic Self-Sufficiency
Journal(s): National Bureau of Economic Research
Published: December 16, 2020
CoB Author(s): Brenden D. Timpe
Children who receive education from Head Start, a federally-funded preschool program for disadvantaged kids that prepares them for success in elementary school, find improved chances of having financial independence in adulthood. Research also shows this greatly decreases the odds that those children require public assistance from federal programs, ultimately generating revenue, rather than costs, for the government.
Does Eviction Cause Poverty? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Cook County, IL
Journal(s): Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper No. 2186
Published: July 21, 2019
CoB Author(s): Daniel Tannenbaum
While eviction has its negative effects on a person, research shows the extent of its consequences are minimal compared to the financial strain experienced years leading up to the eviction. Alongside that, the study showed minor impact from evictions on debt in collections, residential mobility or neighborhood poverty.
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