April 12, 2016

Start Your Story: Tessa Lane

Tessa Lane
Tessa Lane’s interest in international relations and business made her a natural fit for the international business major program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. Now, as an English teacher working in France, Lane’s passion shines through in her work.
“I've always been interested in international relations, loved my high school business classes and was very involved in DECA when I was in high school,” Lane said. “I honestly couldn't have picked a better major for myself.”
Once she got to UNL, Lane became involved in CBA by volunteering as a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) American conversation partner, joining CBA Ambassadors and studying abroad for six weeks in France and four weeks in England.
Lane walking in Lincoln Railyard with other CBA students
Lane (left) walking in Lincoln Railyard with other CBA students
“Being part of CBA Ambassadors was a major highlight for me. It allowed me to enhance my presentation and networking skills. I worked several Red Letter Days where I had potential students’ parents offer me career and professional advice, as well as opportunities following the information sessions,” she said. “I was even able to get to know Dean (Donde) Plowman and the advising office through my involvement with the group, which is something I will always be grateful for. Seeing how well-spoken and passionate they were inspired me to want to be the same.”
Lane credits the business faculty, her professors abroad and the international business curriculum with challenging and encouraging her to work hard to achieve her goals.
“If the coursework seems intimidating or daunting, don't let that scare you,” Lane said. Get involved and get to know your peers from other countries. The hard work will pay off and you'll have so many valuable, amazing experiences along the way.”
The international business major, along with a French minor, empowered Lane to take on a year-long program as an English teacher in France. It is a venture she hopes will pay off with a career.
“Though there aren't incredibly large cultural differences between France and the U.S., I have learned a lot from the small, everyday differences,” she said. “I hope to use my French later in my career and have been researching companies and job opportunities where I’ll be able to continue using the language regularly in a business environment.”
Becoming fluent in French opened the door for Lane to teach overseas. While learning a new language makes the program more challenging, Lane said, the payoff after leaving campus is worth the work.
“One thing I really love about the international business program is it requires you to learn a language,” she said. “Since English is so universal, it's easy and very tempting for native English speakers to brush off learning another language, but it makes you more marketable, more likable and demonstrates your willingness and determination to go the extra mile.”