February 13, 2013

Sean Fisher Helps Huskers Get to 300 Academic All-Americans

Sean Fisher knew he wanted to do two things in life – become a doctor and play football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Upon arriving at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln he discovered that majoring in business would be another important piece to achieving his goals.
Fisher, a senior linebacker from Omaha Neb., will graduate this May with an undergraduate degree in business administration, as well as completing the pre-med coursework he needs to enter medical school. In the meantime, he has already accomplished a major milestone by becoming an Academic All-American in football. The award helped put Nebraska over 300 recipients all-time, which is the most of any school in the country.
Fisher believes the two tracks of medicine and business have complemented each other perfectly, and helped feed the success he had academically.
“I always knew I was going into medicine,” Fisher said. “I want a career in private practice medicine, so I decided that business would be the best fit for the goals I wanted to accomplish. I knew having the background in accounting and general business would be beneficial in my own practice.”
Fisher said the College of Business Administration gave him opportunities that might not be possible with the typical track that many pre-med students pursue.
“The education at the College of Business Administration as a whole really stood out to me,” Fisher said. “You think about becoming a doctor and studying the sciences like biology, but at times your education can be limited if you go for the obvious track. Having the business experience gives me a different perspective and ultimately will help me more in my career.”
Fisher wants to eventually specialize in surgery.
“There’s just something inside me that wants to help other people and make a difference in their lives,” Fisher said. “The technical aspects of surgery have always interested me, and as a surgeon you’re really making the important calls. That fits with my sports background, particularly wanting to be a leader and be on the front lines.”
Sean Fisher

Sean Fisher lines up for the Huskers

Fisher said it was an honor to walk down to the Lewis Training Table and see the pictures of the Academic All-Americans from the past like Rob Zatechka and Grant Wistrom.
“They were great athletes and great students as well. It’s an honor to be included in that group,” he said.
Fisher is currently applying to medical schools for next fall and is excited about discovering the possibilities that await. He is also happy to reflect on his time at Nebraska and the dreams that were fulfilled over the past several years.
“My dad played football here in the 80’s, so I came down here a lot as a kid to watch games. The tunnel walk was always my favorite part of the whole deal – getting here early so we didn’t miss that. Having a chance to end up doing the tunnel walk myself is really one of those experiences I just tried to soak in every time. That will always be what I remember as a Husker.”