August 8, 2017

Fernando Embodies “Big Red” Spirit in Business and Journalism

Fernando Embodies “Big Red” Spirit in Business and Journalism
Fernando looks forward to spending his last year at Nebraska in the new College of Business building
Alex Fernando, a senior business administration and broadcasting major from Jefferson, South Dakota, fulfills his dream of being a Nebraska Husker every day on campus. His enthusiasm for all things Big Red, combined with his initiative to fill each day with new experiences, gives him the spark to motivate others to follow in his footsteps.

“Nebraska has been my dream school since I was born,” said Fernando. “My mom is from Nebraska and raised me to be a huge Husker fan. Being able to accomplish my dreams of being a Husker has been special.”

Fernando’s list of involvement on campus exemplifies his passion for his school. His work with both Campus Hosts and New Student Enrollment (NSE) lets him make connections with both prospective students and students who have already enrolled at Nebraska.

“Technically, they are part-time jobs, but it doesn’t feel like work because it’s so much fun showing students around Nebraska. I’m involved with a lot of recruitment efforts such as showing prospective students around campus with Campus Hosts. I’m the lead stadium tour guide, so I give tours for football recruits on game days. At NSE, I show students what college is all about so they can be successful as start their college careers. I help incoming freshmen get accustomed to life at Nebraska and help them select classes,” he said.

Fernando DJing at the College of Journalism and Mass Communication.
Fernando DJing at the College of Journalism and Mass Communication.
Other activities Fernando enjoys include directing social events as vice president of external relations in the Student Alumni Association, being a member of the student advisory board for the College of Journalism and Mass Communication and coordinating student fan activities for the Iron N. He recently received a nomination for Homecoming royalty because of his involvement on campus.

In the classroom, his double major in business administration and broadcasting work together to enhance his future career goals. Originally in the athletic training program at Nebraska, Fernando quickly found a creative outlet in the College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and knew right away he wanted to combine it with a degree in business.
“There’s a big network between the two colleges which I see helping me find the right jobs and internships. The applicability between the degrees allowed me to start my own film company with a couple friends. It allows me to mix film and video editing with being the primary business representative of my company called O-City Films,” he said.

Although he considered entering the business minor program, be believes his decision to major in business administration gives him the best opportunities going forward. He also is excited to spend one year in the new College of Business building.

“I love the business administration path because it lets me diversify in all areas of business. I’ve learned practical skills about handling and managing money. I take upper-level courses in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and supply chain. It gives me a broad spectrum of everything I need to run a business after I graduate. I’m excited to take classes in the new business building during its first year open. The College of Business reflects the growth of the entire University and that’s what I get excited talking to new students about every day,” said Fernando.

Matt Geyer, academic advisor in Business Advising and Student Engagement, sees how Fernando makes a difference at NSE. Geyer believes the receptivity in Fernando’s approach is contagious.

“Alex is always there with a smile and a wave,” said Geyer. “He sees the power of being open and friendly to whoever he’s around, whether it’s one person or a group of 25. He makes the experience meaningful and memorable for each visitor whether it’s the students or parents. He’s a lightning rod for showing what it means to be a student at Nebraska.”

Fernando plans to explore many different avenues in his career after graduating next May. He would like to stay around Nebraska if possible, although one of his dream jobs is to host ESPN College GameDay at Memorial Stadium.