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September 17, 2013

Donde's Point: September 2013

Dean Donde Plowman

Dean Donde Plowman

It was such an honor this month to host donors who help make this college the nationally ranked school that it is. On Friday, September 6, scholarship donors had lunch with student scholarship recipients, got their pictures taken with each other and listened to two scholarship recipients thank donors on behalf of all students. It was a first in CBA and a truly great moment. That evening, faculty who hold chairs or professorships dined with respective donors, getting to know each other and using the opportunity to say thanks. What a great day. On behalf of our entire college, we thank each and every donor for your commitment and sharing your resources with CBA.

This past Friday, 13 CBA advisory boards met and spent the day working with various college leaders to make the college better. These board meetings and conversations are critical to us being able to create the kind of future we want. It was an honor to deliver the State of the College address to more than 140 board members. The enthusiasm in the room was palpable. When our partners share their resources, whether it is time or money, we advance our goal of raising the stature and visibility of the college.

And, finally, our tailgate on Saturday – with 275 people attending – was so much fun and the icing on the cake of a great month for CBA. Standing on the site of the new building, we all celebrated the future we are building.

It is a privilege to be leading the college at this historic time. Good things are happening. We have Started Something big.