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June 7, 2016

Donde's Point: June 2016

Donde Plowman
Donde Plowman
In May, we saw over 500 business students receive their undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. Although sad to see these talented young adults leave campus, it is also an exciting time as the leave prepared to begin their next chapter. One of our  goals has been to expand opportunities for our students, and even though things quiet down a little over the summer, it is also a time when some of our most exciting programs take place.

Last month we held our fifth annual Employer Partners Day at Innovation Campus. Anyone who has followed the growth of our Career Services at CBA program has seen the transformation it has made at our college. Employer Partners Day is our biggest event and we were excited to welcome 79 employers representing 52 companies to give and receive feedback about how to best connect students and employers. In the past year, Career Services at CBA scheduled appointments with 2,000 business students and taught nearly 3,000 in our Professional Enhancement Program courses. These efforts improve the stature of jobs our students secure after graduation.

We also want to provide our students with options to work anywhere in the world, so over the past year we have revamped our international business program with guidance from Dr. J.K. Osiri, our new director of international business. In addition to enhancing our curriculum, we added study abroad programs critical to our continuing mission of developing global business leaders at Nebraska.

Our newest adventure begins in July and takes students to France and Spain, where they spend the majority of their time in Valencia, and compete in an activity called the Husker Race. Student teams must track down historic, economic and socially significant locations, where they will photograph and video themselves with locals while also speaking the language. Oh, and in all their spare time they develop a business plan and present it to executives of a skin care company. This is the kind of practical experience we want our students to get while having fun abroad.

The 28th annual Nebraska at Oxford Program also gets started in July. Oxford is our longest running program and most popular program at UNL. During the four-week trip, students take two lecture courses covering British political and economic policy. You might think students would be gazing out the window looking at the English countryside, but to the contrary, year after year Nebraska students say how fascinating it is to learn from Oxford professors. Of course, they also participate in a variety of social activities from horse racing to boating to theater and even have tea. 

Providing all these opportunities and more for students is one way we hope to help them START SOMETHING meaningful in their lives. We hope you are as inspired as we are by their activities and actions. Please take time to share with us what you are starting this summer -- whether it’s a new business, something new in your family or just taking time to start something fun and enjoyable this summer, we appreciate your support and want to hear from you

To find out what we are starting with our new CBA building this summer, visit our building webpage.