August 12, 2015

Donde's Point: August 2015

Dean Donde Plowman

Dean Donde Plowman

The new school year is almost upon us and around here that means we’re getting ready to celebrate with our third annual Back to School Bash. It’s not too late to RSVP and join in the fun. The CBA Bash will be held on the west side of the College of Business Administration building on Friday, August 21 from 3-6 p.m. Everyone from students and their parents to alumni, business partners and faculty/staff are invited and we are planning to make it our biggest celebration yet. UNL has even updated the sidewalk for us this summer.

In July we hosted our fourth annual DREAM BIG Academy, sponsored by ConAgra. The academy is designed to mentor diverse high school seniors-to-be on key leadership principles, as well as immerse them in the college experience. I was amazed at this year’s group. It was not only our largest group yet with 52 students, but the way the students bonded and collaborated on their research and development project with ConAgra staff demonstrated they are acquiring the skills needed to succeed in college and beyond.

Summer is also when many of our students participate in one of our six CBA Study Abroad programs. Students often tell me these educational adventures are the most lasting memories they have while in college. Our newest CBA offering occurred earlier this summer when students spent three weeks exploring southern Brazil while experiencing both the culture and business of South America. The trip was highlighted in a student blog by Bailey Fairchild, a junior management major from Lincoln. Our most popular study abroad trip, Nebraska at Oxford, is happening right now and you can read about it in a blog by Ashley Quiring, a junior accounting major from Henderson, Nebraska.

Also in July, Shawn Eichorst and I presented at the Big Ten Development Conference hosted by the University and the Nebraska Foundation. Our presentation addressed the importance of collaboration between academics and athletics to meet our goals. We shared with them some of the ways CBA and NU athletics are collaborating.  It was well received by our peers in the Big Ten and Shawn and I had a great time sharing information about our work together.

Dean Plowman, Rik Barrera and Plowman's father at construction site
Our Actuarial Science program received notification that we are still one of the 16 designated Centers of Actuarial Excellence in the U.S. by the Society of Actuaries. This honor was first bestowed in 2009 and will now run through 2020. It underscores the consistent excellence our program is having in preparing students to meet the professional demands of their chosen field. Congratulations go out to our actuarial science faculty, staff, students and alumni for this esteemed honor.

Finally, I hope you will remember that each of us has the opportunity to Start Something and make a difference in the world every day. I was fortunate enough to have my father visit me in Lincoln recently for his 91st birthday. What a day that was for me to share the CBA experience with him, including showing him the current construction going on at our new building site at 14th and Vine. Keep in mind you can also watch the project progress online. I appreciate all the ways each and every one of you has helped us Start Something at Nebraska.