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November 27, 2012

Big Potential: Mihdi Vahedi

Mihdi Vahedi
Mihdi Vahedi decided to pursue a dual MBA and juris doctorate degree through the UNL College of Business Administration and the College of Law, because the unique program allowed him to study both tax law and human rights.

Originally born in New Delhi, India, Vahedi’s parents were forced to flee Iran during the 1979 revolution. The tumultuous events scattered his family members throughout the world and led him to focus on ways he could make a difference.

He moved to the U.S. with his sister and earned an undergraduate degree in computer engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. While working at Allstate Insurance, he became interested in tax policy.

“Allstate had to keep three sets of books and one had to do with taxes. I saw how complicated tax issues have become. It’s like studying history when you look at how tax law evolved,” he said.

This interest led him to search for graduate schools.

Mihdi Vahedi with Dr. Donna Dudney

Mihdi Vahedi with professor Dr. Donna Dudney

“I visited the people at the University of Nebraska and spent a few months thinking about it. I knew if I didn’t come to Nebraska, I would regret it,” he said.

In the classroom, Vahedi has already had his expectations confirmed.

“In the business college, there is so much focus on students collaborating with each other. Some of the best experiences I’ve had so far have been working with other students,” Vahedi said.

Fellow students in the graduate program also introduced him to new areas of interest.

“Before I came to Nebraska, I wasn’t interested in agriculture at all,” Vahedi said. “Now that I’m more aware of how tax policy can strengthen industries like agriculture, I’m envisioning how I might make a difference by creating opportunities between India and the United States.”