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Start Your Story: Molly Rezich
Jun 10 2014 9:00 AM
Molly Rezich
Molly Rezich plans to start an organization to bring live music to children’s hospitals, nursing homes and other places that will benefit. A music performance and German double major, Rezich believes a business minor from the College of Business Administration will help her achieve her goals. » Full Biography
Start Expanding Your Ideas: Jifeng Yu
Jun 10 2014 9:00 AM
Jifeng Yu
Dr. Jifeng Yu, assistant professor of management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, finds strategic management research exciting – particularly when analyzing problems yet to be fully explored. His enthusiasm has led to eight papers accepted for publication in the past three years alone. » Full Biography
Start Impacting the World: Charles McClendon
Jun 10 2014 9:00 AM
Charles McClendon
When Charles McClendon met UNL Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs James Griesen in 1991, his college decision became much easier. An Omaha native, McClendon wanted to leave the state, but all that changed with one opportunity. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Mike Dunlap
May 13 2014 3:00 PM
Mike Dunlap
When Mike Dunlap began his academic career in the early 1980s at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, he wanted to be an engineer. He quickly discovered his greater talents were in business. More than 30 years later the success Dunlap discovered in an early accounting class has materialized into his position as executive chairman of the board at Nelnet – a company he co-founded in 1996 which provides innovative educational services in helping students plan and pay for college. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Sara Benning
Big Potential: Sara Benning
May 13 2014 3:00 PM
Sara Benning
When Sara Benning visited University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration to learn more about the actuarial science program, she was inspired to move from Brookfield, Wisconsin, to Lincoln, Nebraska, and pursue her college degree. Four years later, she is graduating and plans to take the inspiration she cultivated in college to Denver, Colo., as she starts her actuary career at Cigna, a health insurance company.
  » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Donna Dudney
May 13 2014 3:00 PM
Donna Dudney
In her 17 years at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, Dr. Donna Dudney has served in numerous roles from lecturer to finance professor to assistant dean. In her latest position as director of the CBA Honors Academy, she oversees the newly created academy and also teaches the required finance course to the academy students. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Chris Spanel
Big Potential: Chris Spanel
Apr 8 2014 1:00 PM
Chris Spanel
Lincoln native Chris Spanel used a combination of personal connections and UNL College of Business Administration resources to start his career. Set to graduate in May, the finance major landed a job with Credit Suisse in Chicago as an investment banking analyst. Credit Suisse is one of the world’s leading banks committed to delivering financial experience and expertise to corporate, institutional and government clients. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Jack O'Holleran
Big Impact: Jack O'Holleran
Apr 8 2014 1:00 PM
Jack O'Holleran
“We now have a customer list that includes many top Fortune 500 Companies. We raised over $10 million in venture capital and have offices in Tokyo, New York City and San Francisco,” he said. “What makes me most proud though is to have been a part of a team that took something from an idea to reality.” » Full Biography
Big Impact: Kara Lambrecht
Mar 11 2014 3:00 PM
Kara Lambrecht
Kara Lambrecht graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration in 2011 with a degree in international business that immediately brought her new challenges. She secured a position as a consultant with Cerner Corporation, a health care company in Kansas City, Mo., where she also interned in college. After a year at Cerner applying what she learned in college to her career, she was hit with an even bigger challenge.
  » Full Biography
Big Potential: Armando Becerril
Mar 11 2014 3:00 PM
Armando Becerril
Armando Becerril has reaped the rewards of being a risk-taker. The senior accounting major from York, Neb., was born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. with his parents when he was 5-years-old. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Richard DeFusco
Mar 11 2014 3:00 PM
Richard DeFusco
Finance Professor Richard DeFusco shares his expertise in financial markets and investing through teaching, research and service to the state. A member of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration faculty since 1985, he was also appointed to his third term on the Nebraska Investment Council by Governor Dave Heineman in January 2013.
  » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Jenna Pieper
Feb 11 2014 3:00 PM
Dr. Jenna Pieper
If you consider yourself a talented and productive worker with value to your employer, Dr. Jenna Pieper, assistant professor of management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, has good news for you. You will likely be rewarded for your efforts at companies that offer pay-for-performance incentives and your employer could be rewarded too. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Kevin Thor
Feb 11 2014 3:00 PM
Kevin Thor
Not one to shy away from adventure, Kevin Thor experienced the study abroad program of a lifetime in the fall. The junior management major from Stanton, Neb., was enrolled in the fall 2013 Semester at Sea program and fulfilled his goal of traveling the world. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Roland Madison
Feb 11 2014 3:00 PM
Roland Madison
As a 20-something Ph.D. student from West Virginia, Roland Madison didn’t realize the profound effect his Nebraska experience would have on the rest of his life. When he graduated in 1978, he knew he was a “better person” because of his University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration education. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Stanislava Nikolova
Dec 3 2013 12:00 PM
Dr. Stanislava Nikolova
Dr. Stanislava (Stas) Nikolova, assistant professor of finance, was recently awarded the 2013 Economic Research Award by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). She is the second recipient of the award. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Erin Bass
Dec 3 2013 12:00 PM
Eron Bass
A trained ballet dancer from Calgary, Canada, Erin Bass performed in the United States for nine years. Unfortunately the life of a ballerina does not last forever, and Bass saw she could apply her life experiences to a new career by enrolling in the Ph.D. program in management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Cecil Walker
Dec 3 2013 12:00 PM
Cecil Walker
Cecil L. Walker ’59, former chairman and CEO of Gannett Broadcasting in Virginia, was named the 2013 CBA Master. While on campus for Alumni Master’s Week, Nov. 13-15, he spoke to classes, student organizations and faculty, and shared his insight of managing a major corporation in the broadcasting industry.
  » Full Biography
Big Potential: Sarah Cast
Sep 17 2013 3:00 PM
Sarah Cast
Sarah Cast came to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration from the small town of Princeton, Mo., which boasts a population of 1,166. In just a few years she has made a big transition – working in the Chicago area this past summer on an internship at Allstate Insurance Company. The internship experience has helped Cast start building a successful career while still in college. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: LaDonna Thornton
Sep 17 2013 3:00 PM
LaDonna Thornton
Sometimes a life-changing conversation happens with a complete stranger on an airplane flying from point A to point B. Such is the case for LaDonna Thornton, assistant professor of management in supply chain management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. She was at a career crossroads and didn’t know which path to take – should she start her own business or apply to a Ph.D. program. The answer came from the person sitting in the seat next to her. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Ella Wirtz
Sep 17 2013 3:00 PM
Ella Wirtz
Ella Wirtz always saw herself in a career that connected computer science and business. As an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, she studied computer science and mathematics in the Raikes School of Management and Computer Science and minored in business. She continued her education by earning a master’s of business administration from UNL College of Business Administration. This combination of education gave her the tools necessary to establish her technology startup Boutique Window. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Josiah Hood
Aug 19 2013 9:00 AM
Josiah Hood
Josiah Hood did not have to travel far to attend the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, but he believes his experiences and opportunities at the college will take him a long way after graduation. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Faith Larson
Aug 19 2013 9:00 AM
Faith Larson
For Faith Larson, a 2002 finance graduate of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, it wasn’t a straight shot from undergraduate to businesswoman. She earned her juris doctorate and masters of business administration with career stops in healthcare, business, law and international trading. This well-rounded experience in business and law makes her ideal in her role as managing director of Straight Shot, a 90-day accelerator for e-commerce and software as a service (SaaS) startups based in Omaha, Neb. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Chris Tuggle
Aug 19 2013 9:00 AM
Chris Tuggle
The opportunity to teach at a Big Ten business school drew Dr. Chris Tuggle to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration last fall. The prospect of having a blank canvas for his research was intriguing to the assistant professor of management.  » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Sam Allgood and Kathleen Farrell
Jun 20 2013 8:45 AM
Dr. Sam Allgood and Dr. Kathleen Farrell
Dr. Sam Allgood, Edwin J. Faulkner Professor of Economics, and Dr. Kathleen Farrell, senior associate dean and State Farm Professor of Finance at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln College of Business Administration recently published a research article in the Journal of Corporate Finance that examined compensation packages for more than 1,400 CEOs over a 14-year period. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Grant Essink
Jun 20 2013 8:45 AM
Grant Essink
Grant Essink knew he wanted to be a dentist before he arrived at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. The next question he needed to answer was what to choose as his major, so he consulted people already working in the medical profession. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Eddie Brown
Jun 20 2013 8:45 AM
Eddie Brown
When Eddie Brown enrolled at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 1995, he dreamed of becoming a medical doctor. This dream guided his path to attend college but there was a minor flaw with his plan – he hated science. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Bill Jackman
May 15 2013 10:00 AM
Bill Jackman
Everything Bill Jackman needed to know about success began on a hardwood floor in the small, southwest Nebraska town of Grant. Standing a mere 6’9” tall by the time he graduated, there was really no question he would play basketball. It was ultimately a question of how successful he would become. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Laurie Miller
May 15 2013 10:00 AM
Laurie Miller
Dr. Laurie Miller, assistant professor of practice in economics at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, recently had her paper “Caregivers, Firm Policies and Gender Discrimination Claims,” published in the Review of Economics of the Household. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Elaine Ji
May 15 2013 10:00 AM
Big Potential
Elaine Ji grew up in Shizhou, China and came to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration to study marketing. Ji's parents supported her in her decision to broaden her horizons abroad and were able to come to Nebraska this spring for her graduation ceremony. Ji gained much of her real world experience by working in the CBA Communications and Marketing office. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Yijia Lin
Feb 13 2013 10:00 AM
Yijia Lin
Dr. Yijia Lin, assistant professor of finance at the UNL College of Business Administration, has published numerous articles in the area of risk management since joining the CBA faculty in 2007. She currently has three forthcoming articles in the Journal of Risk and Insurance. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Murphy Larson
Feb 13 2013 10:00 AM
Murphy Larson
Murphy Larson, a junior finance and marketing major, currently manages the Daily Drip and plays a major role in efforts to fund non-profit organizations through the student organization Enactus. Larson's project is called the LisaMom Foundation which funds nannies for families who have moms with cancer. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Marc LeBaron
Feb 13 2013 10:00 AM
Marc Lebaron
Recently inducted into the Nebraska Hall of Fame, Marc LeBaron is the chairman and CEO of Lincoln Industries. The company, located in Lincoln, Neb., is a national supplier of products requiring high-performance metal finishing, has 500 employees and operates 24 hours a day. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Mihdi Vahedi
Nov 27 2012 10:00 AM
Mihdi Vahedi
Mihdi Vahedi decided to pursue a dual MBA and juris doctorate degree through the UNL College of Business Administration and the College of Law, because the unique program allowed him to study both tax law and human rights. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Theresa Welbourne
Nov 27 2012 10:00 AM
Theresa Welbourne
Dr. Theresa Welbourne, director of the UNL College of Business Administration Center for Entrepreneurship and FirsTier Banks Distinguished Professor of Business, received the 2012 Academy of Management Distinguished HR Executive Award earlier this year. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Mark Hasebroock
Nov 27 2012 10:00 AM
Mark Hasebroock
Mark Hasebroock, a 1982 graduate of the College of Business Administration, was named the 2012 CBA Master. While on campus for Alumni Master’s Week, November 8-9, he spoke to entrepreneurship classes, student organizations and faculty, and shared his insight on starting and growing companies. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Jeff Johnson
Sep 20 2012 3:00 PM
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson, a marketing Ph.D. candidate at CBA, has received the 2012-2013 Presidential Graduate Fellowship from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The fellowship includes a stipend that will allow Johnson to pursue research projects full-time during the current school year. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: John Anderson
Sep 20 2012 3:00 PM
Dr. John Anderson
Dr. John Anderson, Baird Family Professor of Economics at CBA, was featured at the Legislative Economic Summit sponsored by the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce. The event was held at the Strategic Air Command Air Base Museum and 500 people attended, including the entire congressional delegation from the state of Nebraska. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Nick Kepler
Sep 20 2012 3:00 PM
Nick Kepler
Nick Kepler joined Wells Fargo Bank nine days after graduating from CBA in 2004. Today Kepler is vice-president in Wells Fargo’s Corporate Banking Group in Chicago, serving clients throughout the Midwest who generate annual revenues in excess of $500 million. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Emily Phillips
Jul 31 2012 11:00 AM
Emily Phillips
Emily Phillips, a junior actuarial science major at CBA, is spending the summer exploring future career options by interning at Lincoln Financial Group in Omaha, Neb. Phillips chose the internship even in the face of other tempting offers. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Eric and Stephanie Dinger
Jul 31 2012 11:00 AM
Eric and Stephanie Dinger
Four former UNL College of Business Administration grads were included in the Lincoln Journal Star's inaugural Lincoln's 20 under 40 section, which highlighted 20 of the top local business leaders under 40 years old. Two of the awardees included CBA grads Eric and Stephanie Dinger. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Carlos Asarta
Jul 31 2012 11:00 AM
Carlos Asarta
Dr. Carlos Asarta, associate professor of practice in economics at CBA, came nearly halfway around the world to study and eventually teach at Nebraska. Now part of his major focus at CBA is to make sure other children have the same opportunities that he had through ground breaking research in the area of financial literacy. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Ravi Sohi
May 8 2012 6:00 PM
Ravi Sohi
The road to recognition in academic research is a long one. Yet the necessity of time makes it all the more meaningful to Dr. Ravi Sohi, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research at the UNL College of Business Administration, who recently was awarded the 2012 Louis W. Stern Award by the American Marketing Association. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Jocelyn Robertshaw
May 8 2012 6:00 PM
Jocelyn Robertshaw
Jocelyn Robertshaw has always tackled new adventures and projects whether she was ready or not. When she decided to move back to Nebraska and start a business, it was no surprise that she named her wedding store just that – Ready or Knot. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Jiri Tresl
May 8 2012 6:00 PM
Jiri Tresl
Jiri Tresl, a finance Ph.D. student at the College of Business Administration, has covered a lot of distance in his academic pursuits. Tresl has lived in three countries and attended a variety of schools, but perhaps nowhere has his academic success flourished as it has at Nebraska. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Emily Koopmann
Mar 2 2012 2:34 PM
Big Potential
Emily Koopmann came to the UNL College of Business Administration from a graduating class of 64 students in Raymond, Neb. She's accomplished much during her time at CBA including being named Homecoming Queen last fall. Now she's being featured in a UNL video spotlight. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Peter Sam
Feb 15 2012 4:33 PM
Big Potential
When Peter Sam moved to Gothenburg, Neb., from Los Angeles he experienced culture shock. A sophomore in high school at the time, Sam liked to blend into the crowd -- but his collegiate success at CBA is making it harder for him to go unnoticed. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Misam Ali
Feb 7 2012 4:33 PM
Big Potential
Many prospective students know Misam Ali before they even visit the UNL College of Business Administration. Ali has shared her undergraduate opportunities in several UNL recruitment videos and soon she will also appear in the CollegeBound campaign for the University of Nebraska System. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Chuck Bates
Feb 7 2012 4:33 PM
Chuck Bates Promo
Steven “Chuck” Bates ’97 learned a lot on the move. A military brat, his family lived in Watertown, S.D. until his father was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue. When he was 10, his family relocated to Belgium, where Bates graduated from high school at the NATO base. Then he moved back to Nebraska to attend the UNL College of Business Administration. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Colleen Jones
Feb 7 2012 4:33 PM
Colleen Jones Promo
Dr. Colleen Jones has seen more than 200 students participate in the Melvin W. Jones Scholars Learning Community since it began eight years ago. Under Jones’ leadership, the learning community was recently awarded a $5,000 grant from the Target Foundation, which donates 5 percent of its income weekly to schools and nonprofit organizations. The grant will provide student awards, scholarships and general program support. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Tyrone Fahie
Oct 11 2011 2:51 PM
Big Impact
"The best thing that prepared me for the real world was my internship. It applied my classroom knowledge in the real world. I would recommend that every student pursue an internship to enhance their experience as a student. Several employers have great respect for current students and graduates from the UNL College of Business. I would say to take advantage of the career fairs and the career center that Carol Rogers and Tom Allison manage." 
Tyrone Fahie
    UNL MBA Graduate
» Full Biography
Big Potential: Julia Menez
Oct 3 2011 8:00 AM
Julia Menez Promo
The UNL Actuarial Science program and the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management have both been recognized for outstanding student achievement. Senior Julia Menez is currently taking advantage of both areas of excellence by majoring in actuarial science while simultaneously participating in the Raikes School curriculum. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Brandon Lockhart
Oct 3 2011 8:00 AM
Brandon Lockhart Promo
Dr. Brandon Lockhart, assistant professor of finance at the UNL College of Business Administration, has recently had his paper, “Shareholder Returns, Trade Credits, and Operating Constraints” recognized by the Financial Management Association (FMA) Conference as a semi-finalist for top corporate paper among those to be presented at the annual meeting in Denver during October 19-22, 2011. In addition, the FMA’s journal, Financial Management, accepted another of his papers, “Shareholder Returns from Supplying Trade Credit” for publication. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Ashlie Hadden
Oct 3 2011 8:00 AM
Ashlie Hadden Promo
Starting a retail business in downtown Lincoln is nothing new. What’s often missing is having the vision to utilize a business and marketing strategy to succeed. Ashlie Hadden, a marketing graduate from the UNL College of Business class of 2009, is hoping her foresight and planning will make all the difference in opening Embellish, a new downtown boutique at the corner of 13th and P Street. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Shannon Cummins
Jul 20 2011 7:59 AM
Shannon Promo
Shannon Cummins, a marketing Ph.D. student at the UNL College of Business Administration, was recently awarded a 2011-12 Presidential Graduate Fellowship by the University of Nebraska. Cummins, who has been recognized for excellence in teaching and research, plans to use the award to assist her ongoing research which examines how board member ties between companies influence those firm’s marketing strategies and performance outcomes. » Full Biography
Big Impact: Colby Thomson
Jul 20 2011 7:59 AM
Colby Promo
When a fellow high school student handed Colby Thomson ’04 a packet about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management, Thomson was intrigued. The program included a full scholarship, a unique combination of business and computer science with practical leadership skills, and close proximity to his girlfriend and sick grandmother who lived in Kansas City, Mo. » Full Biography
Big Ideas: Emre Unlu
Jul 20 2011 7:59 AM
Emre Promo
Dr. Emre Unlu, assistant professor of finance at UNL, has been building a reputation for excellence in corporate and international finance research. Unlu, who came to the U.S. about 12 years ago from Turkey after completing his undergraduate studies at Middle East Technical University, was awarded both the college’s Distance MBA Teaching Award and Best Paper Award in the spring. » Full Biography
Big Potential: Jacob Daberkow
Jul 1 2011 12:00 AM
Jacob Promo
"Growing up in a household where neither of my parents attended a four-year university, I always had the motivation to do what they had not, to not only reach my full potential, but also to make my parents proud. This in itself is more than enough motivation to make sure I reach my goal of graduating from UNL and fulfilling my potential."
Jacob Daberkow
Undergraduate Student
Business Admin / Marketing
Madison, NE
» Full Biography
Big Potential: Lindsey Eastwood
Jul 1 2011 12:00 AM
Lindsey Promo
"This summer, I began an internship with Gallup in Omaha that has allowed me to gain exposure to the global management consulting company and learn about its approach to the HR/talent management fields that I am most interested in -- selection, recruitment, and development."
Lindsey Eastwood '10
MBA Student
Lincoln, NE
» Full Biography
Big Impact: Amber Epp
Jul 1 2011 12:00 AM
Amber Promo
"The marketing faculty’s dedication to hosting the Mittelstaedt Symposium is just one indication of their strong commitment to and support of the Ph.D. program at UNL. The faculty created a culture that celebrates and cultivates student success on all fronts, and they trained us to be good colleagues through both practice and example." 
Amber Epp '08
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
UNL Ph.D. Graduate
» Full Biography
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